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Joe Frazier Quote“I don't want to knock my opponents out, I want to hit him, step away, and watch him hurt. G-Unit head 50 Cent has offered up some words and informed the public on where he stands with his now-infamous feud with one-time ex-pal Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Despite talk of a potential face-to-face altercation going down, Fif admitted their feud is nothing more than talk right now. Sadness is emotional pain associated with, or characterized by feelings of disadvantage, loss, despair, helplessness and sorrow.
An individual experiencing sadness may become quiet or lethargic, and withdraw themselves from others; Crying is often an indication of sadness. Massachusetts was overwhelmingly won by Trump in the primary and he needs to understand that,” said Mary Lou Daxland, head of the conservative Massachusetts ?Republican Assembly.

Sadness is one of the “six basic emotions”, along with happiness, anger, surprise, fear and disgust. Sadness is a common experience in childhood.  Sadness is part of the normal process of the child separating from an early symbiosis with the mother and becoming more independent.
Every time a child separates just a tiny bit more, he or she will have to cope with a small loss.
Sadness was found to be associated with “increases in bilateral activity within the vicinity of middle and posterior temporal cortex, lateral cerebellum, cerebellar vermin, mid brain, put amen, and caudate.
Also there is a significant increase in activity, in the bilateral anterior temporal structures, however this was attributed to film-induced emotions.
When some individuals feel sad, they may exclude themselves, in doing so they take time to recover from this feeling.

People deal with sadness in different ways, and it is an important emotion because it helps to motivate people to deal with their situation. Massachusetts Republican Party spokesman Terry MacCormack said the party ?has a few targeted races but expects more after nomination papers are filed ?tomorrow.
The reason he is doing so well, in my opinion, is that he loves to govern,” said longtime GOP operative Ron Kaufman.

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