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I figured I'd start with products that didn't work out because there are only a few of them this month. As I was looking back through my April posts, I was amazed at how many great products I discovered! Circa Beauty Lip Polish ($10), Powder Blush ($12) , and UltraSuede Cream Blush ($13) - Although this post was about more than one product, I fell in love with all three in a big way and will definitely be trying more from this line! Benefit Cheekathon Palette ($58)- This was my biggest splurge this month, but at the same time, it was such a bargain. Elf Total Face Palette ($8) - This cute little palette is the perfect match for my fair-light skintone. I also want to mention my favorite post for the month of April which was the BeautyKind coupon I gave out. I love getting comments from you and hearing about your experiences with the products, whether you agree with me or not. After having a nice visit over chicken biscuits, we ran into a nearby store for a piece of poster board. As the little girl continued to ask the same question, her left leg inched higher and higher over the grocery cart until it appeared she was going to get out herself. My child knew her face was one of the first sights I saw as I came out of a frenzied, joyless two-year period of my life. I’d just committed to turning off my phone and sticking it in a drawer at critical connection times like meals, bedtime, greetings, and departures. Instead of placing the phone in the glove box without telling anyone, I said, “I’m going to drive with my phone out of reach.
Rather than demanding all devices be kept in a communal area of our home with no explanation, I talked about Internet safety and why it was important to keep each other accountable and not to hide scary, hurtful, or confusing cyber issues we encounter. Talking to my daughter about the importance of having a time and place for technology became a way of life—just like talking about drugs and alcohol, puberty, body safety, bullying, and other critical topics.
Her eyes detect an important distinction between technology as a tool and technology as a barrier.
She is an almost-thirteen-year-old who uses her electronic device to communicate with friends and family near and far. She is an almost 13-year-old who loves to apply facemasks, wade in the river, and go antiquing. I don’t know if my daughter will retain these healthy boundaries with technology as she grows, but I do know she’s acquired a vital awareness that cannot be taken away. When I found our beloved cat lying by the open back door after an attack twelve days ago, I laid my head down on his body and cried. After taking Banjo to the vet and finding out he’d be okay, I prepared myself for my daughter’s arrival. After I finished telling her what happened, Natalie wiped away her tears and suddenly grabbed my hand. She knew exactly what I needed to hear and what my face looked like during that horrible moment. She is also choosing to stand beside others in pain, see Mother Nature’s beauty, anticipate falls, celebrate triumphs, cry for those who are ignored, comfort those who are abandoned, make eye contact, and embrace the good and the bad that comes with an eyes up, open-handed life.
Perhaps today marks the day you’ll see that beautiful face for the first time in a long time, and you will be thankful, so very thankful, you can see it now. Friends of The Hands Free Revolution, if you are interested in a wearable reminder to look up, let go, and choose love, click here to see the ONLY LOVE TODAY,  I CHOOSE LOVE, or LIVE HANDS FREE vintage wrist wraps in beautiful colors in leather and non-leather options.
Denver friends, I will be speaking in your area on Saturday, May 14 at Denver First Church’s Ladies Tea from 10am to 12pm.
Friends of The Hands Free Revolution community, you are my daily blessing and fuel my writing like nothing else. Whenever I see a new post from you, I always wonder what pathway it will illuminate for me in my life. About 3 weeks ago I embarked on a journey to remove a barrier that was coming between my 11 year old and I. I am following my gut, but I am going against what most of our society deems valuable, so I will continue on this journey alone for a long time, I am sure. Just wanted to chime in here to commend you for taking the brave step to raise your children to have real, authentic experiences in the real world, rather than get lost in an alternative reality. I have been told so many times we should give her an iphone shes deprived we are sheltering her too much, and I often questioned this myself. She told me recently how any relationship she was in she didn’t want it to be based on texting but real face to face conversation. I, too, have an almost 13 year old daughter ( and also a 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter). Thank you for the absolutely best post or article I have read regarding communication and technology.

Reading this story really helped me to feel less stressed as I prepare for an upcoming family visit. Thank you for lifting my eyes up again, showing me I have a choice in how I run our lives and repurposing me. My family is crazy about National Parks as we continue our quest to visit 100 National Park sites as a family by 2020. When my kids were young, while my family visited Yosemite National Park, my parents purchased National Park Passports for my kids!
I was so excited last year when my dad told me that he found my National Park Passport from my childhood! My passport has many stamps including my trip to the amazing National Parks of the Colorado Plateau including Arches National Park. I love that I have stamps from 25 years ago to relive the amazing trip my family took in 1991. When looking through my passport I discovered that I also visited Shenandoah National Park.
I can still remember walking along this street and seeing the lava flow cross the street and the steam rising up from the Pacific Ocean from where lava was hitting the ocean water. One of the members of the National Park Traveler’s Club made this cool map that you can customize to show which National Park units you have visited. The National Park Passport Program is a great way to keep track of your National Park visits. Gregory NgGregory Ng is a content creator and a father of 3 on a mission to end hunger and be the best dad in the world. You can always send a check to say congrats, but why not pick out a gift that will be both practical and meaningful?
Even the best of us lose our keys … minimize their odds with a stylish leather key fod. Look up the hot restaurants and cute coffee shops in their new city and order a gift card. This pocket-sized streaming stick is portable, meaning they can stream away from home, whether that be at a buddy’s place or in a hotel. It's just over 5 years since my daughter and I (on the heels of Tim Burton's 200 million dollar Alice In Wonderland movie that has grossed a whopping $1,025,467,110 to date) self-published The Real Alice in Wonderland.
Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer ($44) - This is another product I really wanted to like since I love their powders so much. The lightest powder highlight borders on being too dark for my fair skin (forget about the darker one), and the one multi-stick that I could use as a highlighter is pretty much a dupe of the one I have from the previous Mulan collection. You get five full sized Benefit blushes for the price of 2 and they come in an adorable travel-friendly box.
The difference for me seems to be that this makes my lashes look amazing without as much work.
The people at BeautyKind let me know that hundreds of you ended up taking advantage of the $50 off a $75 purchase code and so many of you came back to tell me how much you loved the experience, from the fast shipping time to the generous samples, and also being able to choose the charity you wanted the 5% of your purchase to go to. My daughter, sensing the little girl was about to fall, quickly stepped next to the cart, preparing to catch her.
She began asking the same question once again, in hopes her mother might respond to her pleas.
I’d been saying yes to her invitations to “Watch me, Mama,” and her offers to “help” in the kitchen. I’d given her a table knife, and she’d carefully cut up carrots, cucumbers, and red peppers. By placing protective boundaries around special connection times each day, I was able to see, hear, and respond more lovingly to my family members. She’ll be happy to take your blood pressure, make you a glass of iced tea, or babysit your kids.
Should she veer off the path of choosing real life experiences and face-to-face conversations over those on a screen, she’ll know where the emptiness is coming from.
Be sure to see the hand-lettered prints like the Hands Free Pledge which was one of the first tools I used to look up and let go. If you think this message would be hopeful or healing to someone else, I would be grateful if you share it. Something I’ve been striving for more over the last several months, but still can definitely fall short. I really was reminded by the importance of presence and as the mother of two daughters (10 and 8) I could relate to those moments when you blink and they have changed. Sure, there are plenty of things to do, but you helped me to remember how much of a gift it is to spend time with people and simply SEE them for who they are and are becoming. Seems so simple, yet I seem to spend my life rushing from club to club, with speedy dinners and rushed bedtimes with our 3!

And while we are well on our way towards achieving our goal (currently at 59 units visited), I have already personally visited close to 100 National Park sites.
Now, as a father, I am excited to that I brought my family on a similar path last summer to the same places!
I have dry skin and usually need to use a body butter or oil to make my skin soft, but this lightweight lotion does it all. Standing in front of me was a not-so-little girl in stylish tribal print pants that were just a little long for her small physique.
She experienced the 21st century phenomenon of being invisible to someone while standing right in front of them.
She’s heard me speak my darkest truths about distraction’s grip—a grip that took away my smile, made a yeller out of me, and nearly cost me my life at a traffic light. Because today offers us all a chance to look up, let go, and love like we wish we had yesterday.
The Presence Pledge is also something I wrote to my daughters as a promise to build them up instead of break them down. Bring more presence, patience, acceptance, and grace into your heart and home using the 9 daily habits outlined in the book. It is so hopeful to know that with this awareness and a few small actions, we can remove the barrier and reach our people again. As a reformed Nintendo addicted teenager, I understand the pull that technology has over humans and I would like to postpone that temptation for as long as possible.
It was the first time I realized I had raised someone who grasped this even better than I do. But my exposure to National Parks as a kid was not limited to nearby National Park units like Independence Hall or the Liberty Bell. You can purchase your very own National Park Passport online here or at any National Park gift shop. It exfoliates with fruit acids, hydrates, protects with antioxidants, and firms your skin with caffeine. I was trying to look up more often and see glimmers of goodness in my day that were easily buried by life’s duties and distractions.
No longer dictated by the dinging demands of the device, my thoughts and actions were my own. She’ll combat the fear of missing out by putting down the device and going toward matters most. I know things will get harder as she gets older and starts to have power struggles, tantrums, etc.
My family did quite a bit of travel around the country and the National Park Passport was a great way to track my visits. I feel like just curling up on the couch with some ice cream and bad Lifetime movies all day. It reminds me of Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume and you're right, the scent lasts all day. But the way she smiled at me, as if there was no place in the world she’d rather be, was what brought me to my knees. They currently love outside in any weather over inside, they play cards and guessing games, and live in their imaginations but am I handicapping them? Such excellent words and such a powerful reminder to put our focus, time and energy … and our LOVE!, into the people, NOT THE THINGS, that matter!
I hope I can always look at her wonderful face and remind myself of what a ray of light she is in my life and treasure it always. I want to be like that around people before we even had all these devices to stop and listen and be present. Again, I feel strongly about this, so I just wanted to commend you and applaud your choice. As my First Grader struggles with the concept of double digit subtraction, having access to math apps would definitely make the subject more fun.
It didn't bother me all that much but I can see how the stronger scent would definitely annoy some people.
But after I used it wet for a few times, the product somehow softened and it can be used dry, too!

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