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Since I wrote that first post I have actually been to a live horse race to try to better understand the whole lure of the nags.
The deaths of 2 horses in last year’s race was a stark reminder of the dangers of horse racing to both horse and rider. So yet again, I will not be partaking in the festivities surrounding the Melbourne Cup. But if it floats your boat, have a most excellent time. As you are taking in the colour and spectacle of the Melbourne Cup carnival I’ll be watching my baby girl take her first steps towards independence at her orientation visit at school.
Link up your post for some #imustconfess love and find out what everyone else is confessing this week. My kids have been raising the ethical questions about horses being injured while racing etc…which makes me feel guilty. I share home truths about caring for kids with special needs, being a working mother and staying (relatively) sane! It’s been such a nice change to have someone else here in the mornings to help wrangle the kids to school.
Goran Ivanesevic – the former Wimbledon champion would also be an entertaining guest. You know what, I could have sworn that you’d already covered the dinner party prompt. I had a rough day – I don’t think I was ready to be an adult with responsibilities today!!! I can completely understand your two minds … sometimes it is nice to have a break from daily life but then you really just want to get back to it being your life.

Submitting to the right section to make sure your post gets the right exposure it deserves! Of course everyone likes different things and I know of many friends who live for a day at the races but there really isn’t much at the races that interests me at all. While Kmart home wares are now considered funky & chic, Kmart fashion is not exactly track worthy.
I was personally horrified that two beautiful animals died because of their participation in this race. We are doing something for Melbourne Cup this year but it’s more about the food, wine and friends and less about the race.
For the past 18 years we have hosted a massive function here at my house and auctioned off the horses (I have won twice). I went to the Cox Plate a couple of years ago (another major Spring Racing Carnival event here in Melbourne) with hubby through his work, so it was a corporate event in a nice dining room. I remember while we were walking to the Cox Plate venue there were animal rights activists holding up placards right outside the venue- I felt guilty for my participation.
I was SURE I had already written to this prompt so I wrote this post instead (and planned to link to my original post in the linkup). She came down just after I injured myself (for my birthday at the beginning of August) and she’s been here, for the most part, ever since. I would to ask him about his tennis career, amazing serve and passion for his home country, Croatia.
So much so, that I convinced myself that I’d already tackled the prompt and I too an off prompt.

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Seriously, is the money, the fashions and the spectacle worth the lives of innocent animals? No other horse sport I’m aware of races horses at such an immature level of their physical development. The only friends I have who are really into the races are more into it because they can go and get drunk for the day {they don’t look pretty and dressed up at the end of the day believe me}.
We decided the hand the reins (pardon the pun) over to someone else and we are actually going to the cup – I am so excited. I used to enjoy having a special lunch with work colleagues and the fun of a the sweeps, but I’ve been working from home the past 3 years so it all just passes me by. I’ve been unable to live normally for over two months now. Who knew how necessary a working knee was to everyday life??? Maybe getting back to it will be like going back to school after the Christmas holidays where we (as kids) were dying to go back but after a day wanted holidays again. It’s a toughie- because I also get how much a part of our national psyche (whether you agree or not) the Cup is. Also my granddad passed away one year on Melbourne Cup day so that’s all it ever reminds me of.

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