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PC gamers are better in bed than gamers who play on Playstation and Xbox consoles, claims a new study. A young man was dubbed the most romantic man in Kazakhstan after he dressed up as his 17-year-old girlfriend so he could pass a school exam for her. Ayan Zhademov, 20, of Kazakhstan, wanted nothing more than to please his girlfriend, whose name has not been released, after she told him how frantic and worried she was about her end-of-school exam.
When he couldn’t calm her nerves as the exam date approached, the smitten Zhademov did the extraordinary by dressing up as his girlfriend so that he could take her exam in her place and pass it, Yahoo News UK reported.
The test, the Unified National Testing in Kazakhstan, is very important as it is the country’s national exam that students must take when finishing school in order to gain a place at a university.
Zhademov’s daring stunt involved wearing makeup, a black wig, and a white blouse and grey skirt that belonged to his girlfriend. However, before the exam, school administrators suspected something was a little off and took Zhademov into questioning.
Zhademov was fined 1,400 pounds ($2,170) for his actions, but he did gain a little notoriety as other students deemed him a hopeless romantic. Floyd Mayweather had been facetiming with Earl Hayes, 34, just prior to the shooting, reports TMZ. RIP Stephanie Moseley: Photos to Remember Slain VH1 StarStephanie Moseley from VH1's Hit the Floor has been found dead in a murder suicide with Earl Hayes, from Floyd Mayweather's entourage.

TMZ goes on to report that the shooting happened early on the morning of December 8 at a swanky Los Angeles apartment block called The Grove, located at West 3rd Street in the 6000 block. Everybody works out, everybody’s focused, everybody wants to do better, everybody wants to be harder. I know I have seen every episode and don’t remember seeing her once, she must have been in then background. Hi I know you get a lot of inquiries about this sweepstake it is really important to me and my family that we have a chance in winning this thank you and god bless. European you’re a typical idiot, that hides behind a computer to say the most ignorant comments possible. Wow your pathetic you dont kill people for cheating, you need help and you will probably end up in jail with pathetic thoughts like that!! Youre probably 10 years old, getting all excited from talking shit, trying to act like some tough scary dude, because you would Never say any of that bullshit OUTLOUD in front of actual human beings, LMAO!!!. Other races spend a lot of money and time to resembled a black person tanning, but implants, breastfeeding implant, they want larger eyes, bigger lips, guess every race want to be a monkey. It wasn’t his drag that tipped them off; rather, it was the fact that Zhademov’s undercover identity didn’t resemble the picture of his girlfriend on her identity card.
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KTLA reports that after shots were fired at the apartment complex, a full LAPD SWAT team responded. According to her official website, Moseley says that she worked for Britney Spears, Beyonce and Janet Jackson as a backup dancer. According to IMDB, Hayes and Moseley were featured in the Mayweather documentary 30 Days in May.
Stupid media will try to put a title to anyone as if being murdered doesn’t draw enough attention.
I Bet youre not even allowed to be on the Internet… you better hurry before mommy and daddy come and find you trolling, beat your ass, and upload it to Youtube!
No other race have the heart to stand up to us and say the shot your saying to our face yall hide behind your guns and the stupid as laws yall have to protect yall from going to the big house. Exactly how much Mayweather saw is unknown but TMZ says that the boxer was pleading with Hayes to calm down as his protege ranted about his cheating wife.
After cops entered the couple’s apartment, the bodies of Moseley and Hayes were found.

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