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In today’s advanced technological world we rely on electronic gadgets to connect us to each other more than real life ever could [so this new generation says] and one thing that has even transferred from being done exclusively by voice to exclusively typing through text, BBM, email, whatsapp, ping chat, etc. I will be DEAD HONEST and say that that talking about sex in an extremely candid way with someone you really want to get it in with and who really wants to get it in with you too is SEXY as HELL.
One of the STUPIDEST things young men and women do when it comes to the pre-smashing convo is, in their desire to make the other person horny and recognize that they are talking to someone experienced in delivering pleasure, they go into too much specific DETAIL about what they are gonna do and how – but even WORST, they reveal their ACTUAL game-plan. I look at talking sh*t before I smash a woman for the first time, the same way a broker looks at his clients: Always underwhelm them with the potential results, so when things go better than you told them to expect, you look like a genius. Next Story → Ladies, If You Aren’t FULLY Aware Of What His Career Is, Why Are You Considering Seriously Dating Him? Agreed…Why don't more men understand how unsexy the sex-history interrogation is? I never got the second part..why would a dude want to know if another dude broke you off well??

Before we start blaming this all on the men, you ladies know that some of you brag about having the meanest head game ever and start gagging after 2 inches. Texting me nude pics of herself that weren't completely revealing and still left much to the imagination. Kazcie jej nie wychodzic z kuchni przez najblizsze dwa do trzech tygodni albo jezdzie na woodstock.
Me personally I would prefer to tell her over the phone how her nani is gonna soak through the mattress, but typing can also achieve a similarly SEXY result. But this also goes for women too – a true breastologist can tell a lot about your cleavage just from a few pictures and can tell you got a little booty based on hip to waist and lower back observations [yes, even if your picture is that one famous, one-a*scheek on the bathroom counter pose]. This is NEVER a good look, because if you are lucky enough to get to smash that person in the future, all the BIG-SH*T you said you were gonna do you now HAVE to do and if you like doing it in a specific order, she will be on to what’s happening next.
Lincoln wrote the hilarious and insightful book "You're Not A Victim, You're A Volunteer: How To Stop Letting Love Kick Your Ass".

This is where both parties actively discuss how much they want to bone, smash, get it in, etc.
You basically let her behind the scene’s of the magic show and told her all the tricks up your sleeve. He is also a public speaker who has sat on panels all over North America and the Caribbean. What so many people fail to realize, is that this is the stage where you can COMPLETELY ruin any potential sex you will have with that person based primarily on saying stupid sh*t you should keep to yourself.

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