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My daughter has officially entered the tween years– and Halloween just got a hell of a lot more problematic. In years past, her wishes to dress as a witch or mermaid or princess were pretty easy to fulfill. According to the costume manufacturers of America, once a girl child reaches double digits, it is officially time for the Halloween hoochification process to begin.
Cleopatra is a great costume option for your girl– at least until she hits the tween years. I’ve been writing about inappropriately sexy tween and teen Halloween costumes for years, but now that my daughter is actually old enough to wear some of them, the subject really hit home- particularly when I began comparing the child and tween versions side by side.
I realize that the teen costumes are even worse  — but I have a much bigger issue with sexy tween costumes.
Ten, eleven and twelve year old girls, on the other hand, have no real comprehension of the message they’re sending when they put on a sexy Halloween costume. Could we maybe even, if we’re feeling especially brave, use the widespread availability of these costumes as an opportunity to talk to our daughters about why they might be inappropriate for girls, even though MacKenzie and Harper and Terpsichord are all wearing them this year? I also have to talk to my early teen boys why these costumes are not necessarily appropriate for their female classmates.
I don’t know any feminists, including myself, who are in favor of the sexual objectification of any adult woman for the benefit of men. And I’ll bet everyone in your neighborhood loves you for being condescending, judgmental, and insulting to the children, rather than to the parents. My 10 yr old wouldn’t be caught dead in any of this- but I remember seeing some of my stepdaughters’ friends begin dress this way for Halloween around the age of 12- I was shocked when an eighth grader came over in a French maid costume, because WHY WOULD HER PARENTS LET THEIR 12 YR OLD WEAR THAT?! Part of the problem is what is seen on TV (slutty behavior, revealing clothing, sexual innuendo) AND that most school districts do NOT allow teachers to express opinions, i.e. As a father of twin 3 year old boys, the only issues I view as a tad inappropriate for a tween girl are the Dorothy from OZ, too much bare leg between stocking and hem showing, The skirt of Little Miss Muffet is a tad too short, and the entire costume for a French maid upon what appears to be an 8 year old, but just the posing model, but for any tween, unacceptable.

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Tell us which breakup text is the best (and by "best" we really mean most awful) in the comments, then click through the slideshow below for 15 hilarious autocorrect fails from Damn You Autocorrects. We went online, found a suitable girls’ costume that would be warm enough for a chilly night of Trick or Treating, and ordered it.
Your eleven-year-old will have to steal a few more dollars from the rich if she wants pants for her costume.
Teenagers, after all, have a growing understanding of (and preoccupation with) their sexuality. By wearing it, they become players in a game that they’re absolutely not ready in any way to play. We are firmly on board the Homemade Halloween Costume train, with exceptions given to store-bought costumes that include pants and a top that doesn’t come below the collarbone.
The sexual objectification of children is disgusting and last I checked, criminal, and has no place in a discussion about feminism.
I thinks I like her homemade costume that won’t cost me any money and keeps her body parts covered much better!
Instiling a simple fact that their brains and hard studies will lead them no where, just where scandalous clothing, attract a mate and just lay on your back.
Feel free to poke around-- and if you want to know more about me in particular, just click on the "Meet" tab at the very top of this page.

I believe that it’s normal for teen girls to want to experiment with dressing provocatively and Halloween is a prime opportunity for them to try to get away with it.
Better yet, what modest and enterprising mom out there wants to start a costume company that specializes in costumes that are fun, but modest for everyone? Which, contrary to what extremists on either end would have you believe, is the equality of men and women. These tracking tools will collect information on what parts of our websites interest you - in other words, your behavior or browsing history.
I did cave and let her get some goofy eyelashes, only because I know she’ll get sick of them as soon as she gets them on. My mom, who was buying a costume as a present, and my sister-in-law came up with a compromise – she got the costume, but she wore flat knee high boots, leggings, and a longer shirt under the costume. And this was YEARS ago… everything looked like even Brittany Spears would have trouble covering her body. You’re spot on about girls that age not having a CLUE about the messages their wardrobe choices send.
Moms AND Dads need to be involved with making healthy clothing choices all year… not just at Halloween. An actual problem known as oversexualizing children (which I was addressing by pointing out that teen pregnancy is perhaps precipitated by how provocatively society encourages young women to dress themselves). Please note that the choices you make are browser-specific-- so if you use a different browser, you will need to opt out again. You on the other hand returned fire with personal insults and obfuscatory ramblings about me not wanting people in my house (hardly the point, was it?) Why not stay on topic and control yourself when a comment makes your blood boil?

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