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And then comes the insider trading charges, the long trial at the tax payer's expense, and the fashion parade of Martha and her lawyers going in and out of the Manhattan courthouse. Here are a few of this morning's letters to The Times--which say exactly what I would have said if I was clever, insightful and funny enough. One of the jurors in the Stewart trial is quoted as saying the guilty verdicts were "a victory for the little guys." In my opinion, that statement should be sufficient to have the verdicts thrown out. I wonder how many people would not sell a stock if their broker called and said, "Hey, I just heard from down the pipeline that this security is going to drop like a rock. I’m Fran, aka Redondowriter, and my interests include family, friends, writing, reading, art, computers, storytelling, spirituality, photography, animals—and exploring the layers of everyday life. I'm the first one to make snide remarks about Martha Stewart and her gracious way of living 'cause my own life is about getting through the day any way that I can. None of us thought she would be convicted, and the backlash is coming for an unfair verdict.

Stewart is found guilty of conspiracy and obstruction of justice because she tried to cover up what, in essence, was a misdeameanor.
But the woman has made life a whole lot more pleasant for a lot of women--and men in spite of my cynicism.
Truth is, it's the little guys who have invested money in Stewart's company who potentially will lose their savings.--Donald Herbert, Lomita.
I like Martha's bedding and dishes and what-not in K-Mart and wonder if a little of her sophistication will rub off on us--the working class peons of the U.S--if we buy her stuff?
Hey, Martha, I'm no legal eagle, but your defense team screwed you, girl, for not putting you on the stand.
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I admit that I watched her TV show once and tried to make a little paper basket to put Easter eggs in she was demonstrating.

You would have said you were sorry, gotten a handslap, and you'd be back on the palatial farm. Harken Energy Corp.'s sham sale in 1989 of its own Aloha Petroleum subsidiary propped up Harken's share value long enough for Bush to cash ou $848,560 (nt disclosing the sale to the SEC until later).
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm pissed off that she might do jail-time when Ken Lay and the other Enronners, and the guys at Adelphia, Tyco, HealthSouth and World Com get off entirely or are given country club sentences. I like when they parody Martha on Saturday Night Live--but I like when they parody anybody there. I've never read her magazine, but I do buy it at Friends of the Library sales to rip up for collage projects 'cause the photos are classy.

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