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admin | Ex Boyfriend Back | 03.03.2016
I had a feeling people would realise that there was something a little different about my face in my most recent video.
If you follow me on facebook, you would know that the past weekend I went to Sydney with my boyfriend Jack, my friend and her boyfriend for a 'weekend away'.
If you've been watching me for a long time, you might remember a video I did in response to Pixi2woo's Megan Fox inspired tutorial, I mentioned there that I wanted my lips done. I did some reasearch and it seemed that the reviews were split, there was no reason for me to think Juvederm was better than Restalyn.
I decided I might be able handle the pain and I trusted him so I said I wouldn't use the dental block. He began injecting the needle above my lip and put the restalyn into the top edges of my lips. The doctor advised me that I would need to massage my lips to spread out the restalyn and shape them a bit. We had already paid a $50 deposit so I paid $350 and the nice, but overly plastic woman at the reception gave us an icy pole tube to hold to our lips to prevent swelling. We walked around the shops a bit and headed back to the hotel, our boyfriends had gone to the gym so we settled in and had our showers and just relaxed. I had a nap while they all went to get some food, I woke at around six and my top lip was swollen quite a bit. We had a delicious dinner near the harbour in Sydney, the ability to eat isnt hindered much, I was just careful not to put any pressure on the top lip because it was very sensetive.
At about lunch time we headed into Bondi Junction mall to go shopping, I felt like buying heaps but didnt have much money after I'd paid for the injections the day before. I only bought one thing on our shopping trip; A pair of gorgeous Tony Biancos from Wanted Shoes. We were back in Canberra by 5.30pm and I relaxed in Jacks house before I had to ready to work on the door at a bar in the city. I was almost going to wait a week before uploading a video, I wasn't sure I wanted to tell you all about this, as it is obviously a very personal decision. It still feels slightly lumpy but it's barely noticable and my lips look very natural in my opinion. I can expect this fullness to last for 6-8 months, but they will never revert back to the way they were before.
We stayed in a nice apartment in the Fraser Suites and had a great time shopping - but the reason we went up in the first place was to visit Dr Drielsma in Bondi Junction. Generally, lip injections cost upward fo $600, and I just didn't think it was worth it, I always wanted to save for it, but it never happened.
I went first into the small 'surgery' room and lay on the bed while he prepared the needles.

I really didnt care that we were walking around with the icy pole to our lips because it felt soooo good to numb the area since it was hurting!
The boys got back and we told them all about our experience, Jack said he liked how they looked, but that's because the swelling hadn't really started yet!
I was still happy and almost wanted them to stay that big - but they were Rosie Huntington-Whitely sized! We wera also told not to drink alocohol because it will make the bruising much worse, so we stuck to mocktails. I noticed immediately how swollen and firm my lip felt, I went to the mirror and the top lip was HUGE! By this time, my lips weren't as swollen and looked a lot better than before, my friends however had bruised and looked a lot more swollen than mine! My friend didnt buy anything but Jack bought a little Hugo Boss wallet so he doesnt always have to carry his main one around. I was excited because I felt this would be me and my lips' first 'outing' together in public haha! When I was filming the 'Pinup with a Modern Twist' video I didn't mention it, but one of the first comments was someone asking if anything had changed about me. Its not painful any more but it still feels a bit strange to me and I definitely need to get used to it some more! When I got my tax return this year I thought 'that's it, I'm going to do it!'  So I did a lot of research to find a cheap and reputable clinic have a consult at. It definitely hurt a lot and I was paralysed with fear because the needles were actually in my face!
Later we headed back to the hotel, it was FREEZING, I took off my makeup and we went to bed.
I really think that Dr Drielsma mightnt have been as careful on her, because she had the dental block? I wore MAC 'Impassioned' lipstick and got so many complients on my lips, but no one suggested that they were fake! I of course explained what happened, I don't want to lie to anyone even though i think that I should be entitled to keeping some things to myself about my private life. The result of my lip augmentation was great but I did not enjoy the experience at his clinic.
I felt that I didnt look good with lip products on and often didn't even bother wearing lip products for this reason. I searched 'Canberra Cosmetic Surgery' and found the website of Dr Drielsma, who apparantly used to travel to Canberra to do injections. I booked in the date for the 20th of July at 1.30 for me and my friend, and paid a $50 deposit.

It wasnt an agonising pain, at all, but it was so uncomfortable, painful and upsetting because you can completely feel the needles being inserted and the product going in. I felt so confident when I was ready, I'd literally never felt prettier and used more lip gloss than ever, Jack was laughing because while it was swollen it looked really 'plastic'. I spoke to Jack a little bit about my lips, because I felt like he was acting funny; and realised I'd never asked him what he had thought of me getting it done.
I started panicking, thinking that  by now the swelling should have subsided, I was so worried they were going to stay that way! I was very happy by this time although they still felt tender and I could no longer 'roll' my lips together comfortably like I used to.
I knew some people would be against it and might be nasty about it but so far the response has been great. The woman told me that they had a 'SPECIAL' on and said that they could offer me 1mL of Restalyn for $400. He said that he never objected to my decision because he knew how much it meant to me, but he said that I looked so different and it would take some getting used to. Ive had my lips done an additional 3 times since this blog post and recommend Dr Ash, in Brisbane and Dr Sara in Melbourne at the VCI (video here). This was cheaper than anything I'd found so far, but had hoped to get Juvederm rather than Restalyn. He explained that this could be done, got us to sign a form explaining that we were aware of the risks, and asked if we wanted dental block. I remembered that Dr Drielsma said the swelling stays for over 3 days so I reminded myself this is surely temporary.
He tried to talk us out of getting the dental block because although it numbs your lip area, you can't talk properly for a number of hours and you have to get the initial injections anyway. I think I was very worked up but looking back I feel it was unacceptable that Dr Drielsma told me that it wouldn't hurt.
There is also anesthetic in the Restalyn too, so it shouldnt hurt too bad especially after he has begun injecting it. I see now in hindsight that I feel he probably didnt want to give me dental block because it would mean we would have to wait for it to set in and he was already so late with appointments.

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