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I was there myself-I had spent so many days and months and years building up my brand and my business that the very idea of handing off any part of it to someone else absolutely appalled me. Have you ever sat down to design an album, or plan a styled shoot, or been on your way to a session with a client and not been able to concentrate because you are thinking about your to-do list?
By having a virtual assistant on your team, you will begin to break free of the constant check list in your head. Almost every photographer I know is in a constant battle to get to the fabled “inbox zero.” This is a great thing in terms of current business, but it can be harmful to business growth.
Imagine a week where you didn’t have to search the internet for relevant content to tweet, blogs to write a guest post for, or businesses to network with. Your virtual assistant will free up hours each week for you to be more productive in your business. We’ve already discussed this major element, but it bears repeating: the faster potential clients are responded to, the more likely you are to book them. Even if you are not quite ready to let the actual blog post writing go, think of how much time is spent preparing the post, researching, styling, and promoting it. If you’re looking into a new training or workshop, considering an equipment upgrade, or looking for some background information about a potential client, your virtual assistant can help save you hours of time by completing your online research for you, and forwarding you the results.
Virtual assistants can be a great resource for writing and mailing holiday cards to clients, sending thank you notes or booking gifts and information packets, or keeping in touch with booked wedding clients monthly to help build a relationship.
Even the most organized photographer can miss a deadline or let an appointment slip his or her mind.
This could be a 20-30 minute a week timesaver, and is a fairly automated task your VA can take on for you. I remember many of my very successful photographer friends would have so little free time, that they couldn’t even keep their website and portfolio up-to-date with their latest and best work. Now that you’ve seen what a virtual assistant can accomplish in an hour or less, the next questions are what is the cost, and is it worth it? Many virtual assistants charge between $25 and $50 per hour, depending on their experience and services. Now that you know all of the amazing ways a virtual assistant can help you save time and money in your business, where can you find one? While every virtual assistant has different processes, a common way to store passwords and other sensitive data is in a password protected Excel or Word Document, or Google Drive.
Instead of handing over your own passwords, you can also set your virtual assistant up with access via their own account.
A third option is to use a site such as LastPass to keep all of your passwords secure, while still giving your VA access to the accounts they need.

The best way to train your virtual assistant is by Skype or some other video conferencing method, or by phone.
One person cannot realistically do everything that is necessary for a business to survive and thrive, nor should they try. About Alyssa JoshnonAlyssa Johnson is a Virtual Assistant specializing in helping wedding vendors and creative professionals book more clients, save money, and get their life back by taking care of marketing and administrative tasks. Sample Photography Business Plan – 5 Critical ElementsA solid business plan is simple, effective, and fits onto one piece of paper.
How to Start a Photography BusinessGet seven detailed steps to start a photography business from business plan to building a client list. Effective Marketing that Gets you ClientsSmart marketing techniques for your photography business to get new clients and increase sales. Legal OverviewThis is a knock-your-socks-off overview of legal forms, contracts, copyright considerations, and photo rights needed to protect your photography business. Top Photography Contest WebsitesSee 10 great places to submit your photography for a chance at winning. Mounting and Framing PhotosLearn mounting and framing techniques including sizing and cost considerations. I spent day after day marketing, following up, emailing, doing bookkeeping, and of course meeting with clients and photographing weddings. I didn’t have any time to spend with our awesome dogs, take care of the house, or cook dinner.
In the end though, I think it could have saved my sanity if someone had just told me that I didn’t have to do everything, and it was okay to ask for help.
One of the things I remember as a photographer is my mind being bogged down with all of the administrative tasks I had to take care of when I was done with the fun stuff. The longer it takes to respond to an initial contact email from a potential client, the less likely you will be to book them.
You will be able to devote more of your time and focus to doing those tasks which only you can do, and getting them done more quickly.
You can work with your VA to establish guidelines for which emails you want forwarded to you and which are fine for them to follow up on. These are all tasks your VA can easily take over for you, saving 30 minutes to an hour or more per blog post. Your virtual assistant can learn your social media “voice” and by taking over your social media marketing, will help your brand become more consistent and meaningful with the content provided.
Let your VA help keep you on task, and remind you of important anniversaries or events as well.

This might not be a timesaver, so much as a task you don’t even have the time to do, that your VA can take on for you.
What may take a VA an hour to complete may take you 2 or 3 because of all of the distractions and other necessary tasks that need to be taken care of.
Many virtual assistants keep an eye on Twitter, specifically looking for folks who need help. This information can also be given over the phone to your VA for an added layer of security. This will not only help keep you informed, but will help your assistant stay updated on your needs as well.
Like any new employee, your VA will need time to get acclimated to your business and your style of communication. The quality of your work, and more importantly, your life, will suffer when you try to accomplish the work of 3 or 4 people. Offer digitals and lab-printed products, manage orders easily, and never pay a commission fee. I thought I had to be super woman and take care of everything, but that only left me completely burnt out and with a messy house. In fact, if it takes longer than just 5 minutes to return their email, the likelihood of booking them goes down 10x. Your VA can then take care of all of these emails, and only forward on to you the ones that are interested in pursuing you or setting up a consultation.
Bringing in outside help in the form of a virtual assistant can not only increase your productivity and leave you time to concentrate on creating, but also give you hours of your life back each month. You can also connect with her on Facebook and Twitter for more time saving and productivity tips. I was never really free to just create without a constant tumult in my head of the things I really needed to get done to grow my business. If your VA will be working on your WordPress-based website, you can create a separate admin account for them.
Go over things such as response times, how to handle inquiries, and things they should ask you about first before doing.  If you have pre-written documentation for your business processes or style manuals, those are helpful too. However, I’ve noticed that creative professionals hate to ask for help or delegate anything to do with their business.

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