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Fray guitarist Joe King recently found out how supportive U2 can be when he sent his new single to the band. This entry was posted in bono, News & Rumors, Opening act, Songwriting, The Edge, U2360° Tour. People who suffer from vasovagal syncope faint after encountering a trigger, which can be something like seeing blood, being dehydrated, feeling stress, or experiencing pain. To determine genetic underpinnings, Berkovic and his colleagues recruited 44 families with members who shared a history of fainting.

The researchers gathered DNA samples and also asked the family members to answer questionnaires about their general health, the onset of fainting, and what triggers their swoons.
Six of these families had a large number of fainters, bolstering the researchers’ belief that fainting was genetic. After analyzing the DNA, the researchers found that six of the 44 families showed strong evidence of a genetic link.
But Berkovic believes that understanding why people swoon might mean researchers can someday prevent them, saving fainters from accidents—and embarrassment.

One family had 14 members who experienced vasovagal syncope and another had 30 individuals from three different generations.

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