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Remember Greece 2003, Poland 2004, Romania 2004…countries with by far stronger televoting power but they flopped hard. If you perform in an ugly, distracting outfit, whether it shows boobs or not, nobody will vote for you no matter how good your performance is otherwise. I can’t understand why anyone would throw this whole thing away over an ugly dress, but it seems like every year someone does. Go Trijntje, you have a great voice and a lot of the participants could wish they sing like you. What i hate though is that wiwiwblog and other blogs seem to copy eachother, just to get attention.
I think she is a beautiful woman and looks great in that dress.How darw you all make fun of her after voting for that freak show last year over our entry, which should have won if this SONGcontest was about music. The problem is not that she is showing some side boob, it’s that the dress is a hot mess. If seeing a pair of breasts automatically makes you think of breastfeeding AND this bothers you so much, I think that’s more of a problem with you than with the dress, guys. We all know now how she looks so we can focus on two other points, her lovely song and her amazing voice!!
I appreciate the dress for what it is (and she can totally wear it), but I don’t think a dress with that much dark sexual drama really works with the theme of the song.
I was very critical of that dress yesterday, but the comment of that “lercylicious” kinda made me see it differently.
Recent PostsEurovision 2016: Big 5 allocation draw held on Red Carpet Poll: Who had the best rehearsal on May 8 at Eurovision 2016? The Netherland’s Eurovision 2015 star Trijntje Oosterhuis made a splash during her first rehearsal yesterday when she revealed her dress — a hip-hugging black number with a very big cut-out that revealed her spilling cleavage. But when wiwiblogger Padraig spoke with Trijntje afterwards, she didn’t feel like elaborating. I’d love to see Trintje wearing it while singing other types of songs but Walk Along! The song is so casual and pleasant and a black breast revealing formal dress is incorrect for the presentation. A bearded woman or horror masks are ok, but when a woman with curves wears a tight dress and shows a little bit boob the whole ESC community gets a fit? Why cant you look past that dress and describe the rehearsal, there is more than only a dress. It’s like her official dress was arriving late so she grabbed the first dress she saw and started to cut shapes in it. There might be cultural differences at play here, but I really don’t see how she (or anyone) should deserve to be “reviewed” in this way.

Not many women with curves can rock it, like she CAN; Not many women at FREAKING 42 can rock a dress the way she does. We loved her vocals, but couldn’t stop thinking that she might stop and breastfeed her backing vocalists.
But I found it very unprofessional that they laughed at her (made fun of her) in the press center. And yes, this was only the first rehearsal, but #dressgate may point to something more important. Even though I am not a fan of overexposure, when seen from that point of view and in the eurovision context, I believe we should just let her alone.
But I am one of the people cheering for what she wants to wear even if it does or does not reflect much about her song.
She needs to change the gown, otherwise the viewers’ focus will shift from the good song to the bad dress.
And, if you note, we even suggest there is thematic significance to the cut-out, have comments from Trijntje AND comments from an Instagram user defending her. And if she wears it in SF1, she’ll have the opportunity to wear it again back in Amsterdam starting Wednesday afternoon.
I would say that the attention the dress has drawn is a result of a discrepancy between various elements of the staging as a whole, which is the reason why many don’t seem to understand why she is wearing it in the first place. Off course Trijntje didn’t say much about her dress to you, because the wiwibloggs interview was so uncomfortable for her.
This is also what the wiwi-team commented on yesterday and what their critique was directed towards: the dress, the veil, the outfits of the background vocalists, the colors on the LED screen, the veil, the one-shot, her motionlessness, the song, and so forth, and so on. In all the other interviews Trijntje was extremly open, authentic and sweet, but the vibe you were sending out was not positive and now this article. Not only that you are not neutral (ok, we all have our favourites, nobody really expects that), but you are actually bashing her so harshly and openly. What if Holland gets mad and doesn’t let you enter the next Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam? Trijntje has an amazing voice (maybe the best in the competition), is very professional and is the most sweetest en open minded person alive. There is no need for bloggers to disrespect an artist by making fun of her, with sardonic laughter, in the press center.
And off course it is possible that you don’t like the dress, but to make such a big point about it?

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