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A few years ago, my college's Muslim Student's Association was planning an event on women in Islam. Another complaint I hear more commonly is that the sister who is speaking would be a temptation to the men sitting in the audience. I would like to say that these comments only exist on the internet, but they are implemented in real life. We were looking to invite a female speaker, because it kinda makes sense for a Muslim women to talk about women in Islam. A comment I saw in response to another lecture given by a sister was that the video should have been audio only, because men would have a hard time lowering their gazes. I'm not saying that we should have female imams or that men and women should start praying next to each other.

There were hardly any female Islamic speakers we knew from the top of our heads like we know Yasir Qadhi or Hamza Yusuf. There were so many stereotypes about women I learned from male speakers, that I only realized were not true until I was married.
We shouldn't be so anxious over potential attraction that we close doors to legitimate opportunities and communication. There have been plenty of female leaders in Islamic history who were active in their communities and have taught men and women. As long as a woman dresses and acts according to Islamic standards, what is wrong with her sharing her knowledge with both genders?
She did well presenting the topic, but had a hard time answering some tough questions, because she didn't have a formal education in Islam.

Maybe we should begin using the talents and skills of the women in our community, instead of being an impediment to them.
It made me wonder why we were in a situation where Muslim woman leaders are so hard to find.
I can think of a few more female Muslim speakers who have gained some prominence since then, who I would have loved to have invited to the event, but they are still a tiny minority.

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