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With this, he carries a leadership aura to him, and being the head of the Baskerville family; they all listen to him. While tied up, his hair sticks up, leaving a good majority of the left portion of his hair to cover parts of his face. Stealth is a prime aspect of escaping capture, and even avoiding some terms of danger, and this is kept in mind well. It could be considered messy, but he pays no mind to it at all.His complexion is rather pale, for he never had much sunlight.
So, unless you were a stalker, you wouldn't be able to tell~His outfit doesn't vary, and he doesn't much need a change of clothing like humans do. From back when he existed, he still wears a white collared shirt, blue pants, as well as white boots. The man being strict, and power hungry in his own way; worked most of the Baskerville family in fear with his rule. The sleeves hang uselessly to the side, as the jacket lies on his shoulders, working as a cloak of sorts. The inside is red, and toward the bottom has a row of black diamonds on it, as the outside has the same pattern, their a white rather then black. Along with this, he wears a yellow bow on his neck, as well as wearing ribbons in various places.He has ear-rings and the such, with a tear like marking beneath his right eye, as well.

There was a girl whom he thought related to such a thing, Alice, and he locked her away in a tower.
Unlike in his natural form, the replacements for his missing limbs don't show, in fact he appears whole in this form.
It's powers currently are unknown, and untold, for it's seldom that does Glen does use the chain. He wears a tight collar, with similar material tied to it, and at the bottoms of his feet, there are shackles. The only reason why he kept interest in her was to figure out more about this 'Will of Existence' or rather, the 'Will of the Abyss'.
His agility is increased, and more so equivalent to the original animal's capability of running. Though, his teeth are more sharp then the average canine, and capable of puncturing even the thickest of metals. If angered to a point, the illusions won't merely be for distraction, they can be known to harm an individual.Also, being a dog, his claws are useless. Aside from protecting Glen.He chuckled, it was amusing, to see how it was so loyal, but so carefree.
He's the sort that'd keep to himself, but wouldn't hesitate to jump in on a crowd and start yelling about something or another.

Whether it be stating what he views right, and ends up pissing them off, or it's something off topic, and his oddity is amusing. He caught up to it, and held out one of his gloved hands and stroked it's side in one swift motion.
Especially being part of the circus business in his past life.When in reality, the whole yelling scheme of things only comes out when the mood strikes him so.
It closed it's large reptilian eyes, and cooed, accepting the sign of affection from it's contractor as a treat. Be it a group, or only a few people.Rarely is he provoked to the point where he's angered, but it does happen. They were near the outer gardens at this point, and in front of the Baskerville's meeting hall. Jabberwocky hissed, spreading it's wings and held it's claw towards the man, preparing to attack the intruder. Jack isn't the enemy," He stated, and the Jabberwocky leaned it's head so it was next to Glen's small (in comparison) body.

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