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We spend a lot of time building solutions based on what our customers or clients tell us they want.
I lead a small but dedicated team of industry professionals, with a laser focus on the intersection of the Oil and Gas industry and your revenue stream. We try hard to give them the product, service, or solution that will generate the business outcome they need. You might believe that he is a motivational speaker, and sometimes that is what he appears to be.
For our purposes here it’s worth noting that their are stakeholders that need to spend time with you because they desire a human connection.

For many of the people that we work with, the largest driver is their need for significance. How do you serve this part of their needs, the part that is outside the product, service, or solution that you sell? Not just conferences, expos, networking and trade shows but the “insider only” events where real business is done. He uses it to uncover what vehicles, or choices, they are making to meet those needs making it an extremely effective perceptual lens for our purposes. Some of us need continued growth, and more than a few of us have this is as one of our primary driving needs.

One of his companies Robbins-Madanes Training teaches psychologists, psychiatrists, and strategic interventionists to use the frameworks that he has developed to help their clients change faster. I once had a client who told me they didn’t recognize this needed any of their customers, until she told me about a man who was 45 years old but just embarked on his MBA.

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