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Home This Month Popular Are Anti-Depressant Drugs The Reason Why Many American Women Are So Fat?
25 percent of American women are taking psychiatric drugs, with the majority of those being anti-depressants.
As a personal anecdote, every single American woman that I’ve known that has used anti-depressant drugs has been at least moderately obsese (10 pounds or more over the healthy body weight limit), and many of them have been outright chunky landwhales, the mere sight of which would make you want to vomit. Why do so many American women feel the need to turn to drug use in order to cope with reality?
The fact is that American women are the most spoiled, pampered women on the planet and have an extremely easy life.
Antidepressants have been associated with weight gain since they were first used about 50 years ago, according to Psychology Today. One woman even reported that she went from petite to obese, gaining 100 pounds in weight after having started the usage of anti-depressant drugs.
One study even discovered that mothers that took antidepressants during pregnancy were four times more likely to have a baby that developed an autistic spectrum disorder.
There is also the troubling possibility that, in some cases, the causal arrow points in the opposite direction—obesity may exacerbate an existing tendency toward depression, creating a vicious cycle that is depriving the American man of dateable women.
In either case, a clear aspect of the problem is that American women have had such easy lives, never having experienced any real hardship or difficulty.
But as more and more men reject feminism and boycott marriage, American women will have no choice but to adjust their behaviors, change their bad attitudes, and lose some weight.
In case you’ve been napping from the fatigue beating a dead horse induces and haven’t heard, brace yourselves, because yet another article has surfaced, throwing Black women under the bus. And there she goes again…  Alice Randall has made a blanket assumption about a Black men, based on her experiences. For once I’d like to read an analysis about the issue of Black people’s (not just women) health and wellness, which advocates healthful lifestyles, but is supportive in its exploration while presenting carefully documented reasons and solutions. In his freetime, he enjoys playing World of Warcraft, watching anime, writing, and having fun with hot and submissive brown chicks, using his white privilege to his advantage.

As anti-depressant drug use has increased 350 percent over the past 10 years, it raises the question: Is anti-depressant drug use causing the massive increase of fat women in America? I work out 5 days a week, cardio and lifting free weights, and still the pounds keep coming. American women are not only damaging their own bodies with anti-depressant drug use, but also the bodies of their unborn children. Americans eating a standard diet are constantly being force-fed poison that makes it much more difficult to maintain a slim physique, and research is finding that what goes on in the brain is inextricably linked to what we put into our stomachs. As it stands right now, most American women are nothing but a bunch of spoiled little brat children who never grew up and learned how to function as adults, as women, instead of acting like an immature 12 year old girl.
We recommend you use it when communicating with fellow "thought criminals." You'll receive no more than one message a day concerning relevant news and articles. I said the word, “many,” there was no “all.” When I talk about, “want to be,” I use an example of husbands. Even when she attempts to personalize the article in her follow-up statement, to assert her own internal issues with her body, she seemingly projects it onto other Black women. The emphasis is always put on Black women and is often written by other women (who are just as culpable for trying to police female bodies). I’d like to read more commentary from licensed experts, who’ve done the field work and painstaking research.
In rural India, some women have to walk many kilometers each day carrying large pots of water on their heads. Any man that has travelled outside of America and met foreign women will tell you that women outside of America are much more mentally stable and much more likely to have a healthy body weight. And most of them certainly never learned to cook nutritious meals for themselves, instead relying upon eating processed slop that may actually lead to mental illness. In the heart of my hearts, when I think of strength and beauty, the first thought I have is of her.

Because honestly, these Bloggers, quasi-social scientists, and journalists playing couch-Physician while wagging their fingers at Black women for not “fitting-in” or to try to shame them into submission, is not the way. Through a couple of personal anecdotes and random stories about acquaintances, Randall surmised that most Black women are fat, because they want to be that way.
And yet women in India and Pakistan aren’t guzzling down anti-depressant drugs in record numbers.
And you do know that Black women are a monolith sans the capability of acting and thinking singly, right?
She was a brilliant, strong woman who ended up having grandchildren and great-grandchildren that went to Harvard and MIT and the like, to do big things. Try asking your parents what they looked like when they were your age, there might lie your answer.Some grow to be skinny and no matter what they eat or drink, they remain skinnyA  only to out of the blue gain a lot of weight.
Basically, I am doing all the shit necessarily for an emotionally healthy and stable life and it really frustrates me that I am still piling on the pounds. And it took a bit of work to learn to accept maintaining my body in its fullness, while shirking the opinions and judgement of others, who haven’t a clue about my well-being or social life. The way I get that work done is not sleeping much or taking time to exercise and take care of myself. Weight gain tends to spark feelings of panic and self-loathing and hopelessness, all of which can help me slip right into depression again.

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