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If a prize were awarded for companionship among dog breeds, the bulldog would win the gold. In an online chat with readers on April 1, Chander Madan, CEO of eAge Software Services addressed reader queries on how to improve English language skills, both spoken and written. When it comes to breaking up, we're usually of the opinion that the person doing the dumping should at least have the decency to do it in person. But the breakup texts in the slides below are so funny, we may have to reconsider our stance. Tell us which breakup text is the best (and by "best" we really mean most awful) in the comments, then click through the slideshow below for 15 hilarious autocorrect fails from Damn You Autocorrects.
A friend of mine was watching Lucy while I was on vacation, and she said the dog wouldn't come when she was called.
They will do anything to make you laugh, and they are wonderful with children and the elderly.
It's not that Lucy isn't smart (however, this is definately questionable), it's actually her stubborness shining through.
Lucy didn't want to come because she was too busy being lazy and didn't want to go outside. However , it is important to practice everyday with a friend or relative to get better at English!
If you are looking for a full-time body guard, however, it's probably not the right breed for you. The idea that the bulldog is lazy probably developed because of their exaggerated features. My house was broken into once when I wasn't home, and Harley was laying on the couch, unmoved by the strangers who had broken a window in the living room and trashed all the bedrooms.
Vacoblary is also good but the fear of loss of words at the appropriate time makes me uncomfortable Chander Madan answers, Hi Chandokraj, I suggest you join an online course to just practice communication skills. There are fair bit of options available on internet or course on the phone , in case you dont have a tutor available in your area.

Chander Madan answers, Practice with a friend or relative everyday for 45 minutes for at least six months.. Alternatively, you can search for an English communication class where you can learn to communicate online . You can try to search "How to Improve English by learning Online" on google and you will find quite a few options.
If you would like to improve spoken English, you need to practice english with someone everyday. Please tell me how to improve.Chander Madan answers, You need to practice talking to someone every day. The last point is most importan BADIBAHOORANI asked, Sir i bougth rapidx english bookChander Madan answers, Rapidex book is good start but need to practice English everyday.
Search for "How to improve english with online tutor" on google and you will get few sites you can refer to Arvind asked, hi, is it useful to join speaking courses??
Chander Madan answers, Hi Arvind, The courses that focus on communication aspect are very good to join. Chander Madan answers, You should listen to news on BBC and CNN and watch English movies with subtitles.
Comics Read paper if he can Listen to English news pavan asked, Hi, My English is reasonably alright. So the question here is not so much about improving my language but more about keeping it intact!
You need to keep practicing with an online tutor as you might be busy to go to an Institute. You can also join Inlingua if both these are not available, try to join an online english tutoring site.
Chander Madan answers, Both or equal you need to take where you are going Queen asked, What a child studying in std. 2 should do to learn and speak english ?Chander Madan answers, read lots of story books in English and watch English cartoons umed asked, hi, what are methods to improve MTI in english speaking.Chander Madan answers, There are course in voice and Accent training that you can take up.

Chander Madan answers, Practice your interview with a friend, colleauge or in front of the camera..
Chander Madan answers, Hi Sangita, you need to practice English everyday with a colleague or friend. Practices speaking everyday for 45 min Perumal asked, Hi everybody, I just struck with the words at the time of speaking, how can I improve?
Chander Madan answers, practice everyday with an online English tutor..You can do this from your home! Are there any Good apps available to imporve your spoken english ?Chander Madan answers, Try SpeakingPal . Try to search for "How to improve english by learning online" on google and you will find some good sites. Chander Madan answers, Dear Yeshwant, you need to practice everyday : You can join an interactive online English speaking course that can help you improve yeshwant asked, sir kindly let me know the tips about how i improve my communications? Books, Magazines, Articles, Newspaper OU asked, sir,how i can speak english easylyChander Madan answers, practice speaking with a friend, colleague or a teacher every day. How I can improve on theseChander Madan answers, Practice by joining an online spoken enlgish course. Try online options if there is no Institute in your area Satpal asked, How much approximately online tutor charge?
It's monthly basis or a lumpsum amount.Chander Madan answers, Hi Satpal, For an online course the fee ranges between 4500 to 5000 for three months. Try online options if there is no Institute in your area himmatwala asked, SirMadam please help me because the girl is speak very good english but because of the poor english I cannot get her very easily how to capture her easily with your course.Chander Madan answers, practice speaking with a friend, colleague or a teacher every day. You can also join eAgespoken English facebook page for daily tips MAHESH GHOSALKAR asked, I read the English paper daily still having problem ?

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