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So, Hernandez’s lawyers are trying to find out exactly what she is getting immunity for.
Charged with perjury, Jenkins possibly has a deal that would include resolving the charges in exchange for testimony against Hernandez. Hernandez’s attorneys have filed a motion with the presiding judge seeking an order requiring the prosecutors to “disclose forthwith all promises, rewards, or inducements” made to Jenkins.
Last week, the Globe reported that Jenkins had a confidential meeting with prosecutors and her lawyer, which suggested that she possibly will be negotiating an agreement to testify against Hernandez. Shedding a tear over the news Michael Phelps is settling down with girlfriend Megan Rossee?Well, dry your eyes, because the sexy and single Ryan Lochte revealed some exciting news to E!
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Laywer April Joy Balano, Surigao del Norte provincial election supervisor, said similar technical glitches were also reported in some municipalities in the province. She also assured the public that the Comelec had enough technicians to address the technical glitches, while contingency measures have been put in place in case the VCM errors persist.
John Vincent Sitoy, 19, a first time voter, said he was thankful he completed the process in under three minutes. Presidential candidate Senator Grace Poe said she has turned to God for help ahead of the election day. Poe, who is running for president, said she was a bit nervous just like when she first ran for the Senate in 2013. Poe said her father, the late action king Fernando Poe Jr., was one of the many reasons why she decided to run for president. Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte makes his way to his polling precinct in Davao City to cast his vote here. DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Monday afternoon cast his vote at the Daniel R.
The tough-talking mayor was the last presidential candidate to vote after his rivals trooped early to their polling precincts to cast their vote. Prior to his voting, Duterte took time to rest after he capped off his 90-day campaign on Saturday in Luneta, Manila.
NAGA CITY—Even under the summer heat, vice presidential aspirant Leni Robredo stayed calm throughout a near two-hour ordeal in her voting precinct. Robredo had to endure the heart inside the crowded Tabuco Elementary School here as the vote counting machine (VCM) in her precinct broke down and had to be replaced. Instead of of leaving her filled-in ballot to the volunteer teachers, Robredo opted to go back outside and wait in line. Just like the rest, Robredo stood in line with some voters asking her for pictures while waiting. Even with the delay, Robredo remained positive pointing out that only her precinct out of the several had a malfunctioning VCM at Tabuco Elementary School. Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, who is running for a Senate seat, has cast his vote in his home turf of southern Sarangani province. He is the Philippines’ most famous athlete and among the wealthiest sports celebrities in the world. Pacquiao is running under the ticket of Vice President Jejomar Binay but he has also been endorsed by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the front-runner in the presidential race. Presidential aspirant Grace Poe urged the public on Monday to guard their votes and not allow a repeat of the 2004 elections which were allegedly marred with massive cheating. Poe made this call when sought for comment on reports that the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) had received information that vote counting machines (VCMs) had been found at the Novotel in the Araneta Complex owned by the family of her rival, former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas.
She admitted that she had some apprehensions that cheating could happen again in this year’s elections.
Liberal Party presidential candidate Mar Roxas poses with pictures of grandfather former president Manuel Roxas, father former Senator Gerry Roxas and brother Dinggoy at their ancestral home in Roxas City, Capiz. Die-hard supporters of his friend-turned-nemesis Rodrigo Duterte vowed to launch protest if the leading presidential candidate, whom they said will lose only by election cheating, loses the race. Just as Roxas cast his ballot, an unconfirmed report that several vote-counting machines were found inside the rooms of the upscale Novotel Hotel located at the Araneta Complex in Cubao, Quezon City. Roxas’ spokesperson Barry Gutierrez questioned the timing of the release of the reports. Visibly relaxed, Roxas greeted supporters and gamely posed for photos with his fellow Capiznons before casting his vote in his hometown, which has about 500,000 registered voters, on Monday.
Roxas’ current state was in contrast to the scene earlier at the Rufina Andrada Memorial School.
At one point, Roxas asked photographers and cameramen to give some space for ordinary citizens voting beside him.
Wearing a yellow shirt sans the ribbon, the ruling party’s symbol, Roxas quietly shaded his ballot as broadcaster Korina Sanchez, also in yellow, watched and took photos of her husband. Outside the precinct were his supporters trying to get a glimpse of their province mate vying for presidency.
Like in his previous pronouncements, Roxas said he is confident of winning the presidential race. If Roxas wins, he will be the second Capiznon president after his grandfather Manuel Roxas. The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has discredited the claim made by Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) chair Henrietta de Villa that some vote counting machines (VCMs) were being stored in rooms at a hotel in Cubao. In a press conference, Comelec commissioner Rowena Guanzon said that De Villa’s claim that some VCMs were stored at the 7th floor of the Novotel is not true. She said that she had asked Comelec National Capital Region director Temie Lambino about the allegation and was told that the information was false.
She also hit those who believe in false information in order to foment a culture of fear during the elections. Different camps assailed the reported existence of the VCMs in the hotel because the family of presidential aspirant Mar Roxas developed the Araneta Center where the hotel is located. Reports also said that Comelec chairman Andres Bautista personally went to the said hotel on Monday afternoon.
Vice President Jejomar Binay (right) and son, dismissed mayor Junjun Binay, fill up their ballots at the San Antonio High School in Makati City. Are the allegations against the family of presidential aspirant Jejomar Binay enough for the people of Makati City to turn their backs on them? The 2016 elections will put to test the love affair between the people of Makati City and the Binay family. Outgoing Representative Abby Binay, daughter of presidential aspirant Vice President Jejomar Binay, is seeking to reclaim the city hall against Kid Pena, who became mayor after her brother Junjun was dismissed by the Ombudsman in 2015. Vice President Binay and Junjun were indicted by the Ombudsman for graft, malversation and falsification of public documents for purportedly rigging the bidding for the allegedly overpriced Makati car park building.
The Binays were also the subject of a year-long Senate investigation into alleged kickbacks from overpriced deals in Makati. Mark Anthony Santiago, who has lived in Makati for 23 years, does not share the opinion of many of the others living in the city. Vice Presidential bet Bongbong Marcos poses with wife Lisa and son Sandro after casting their votes. In a press conference in Mandaluyong after casting his vote in Ilocos Norte, Marcos expressed confidence that he will win the vice presidential race, but noted that he has already been a victim of alleged cheating in the past. Describing the final stretch of the campaign period as the “beginning of tampering or mind-setting that raised suspicions,” the son and namesake of the late dictator said his team will “keep a close eye on what’s happening,” particularly reported cases of vote-buying. The senator also urged the public to go out and exercise their right to vote before polling precincts close at 5 p.m.
Marcos has been leading the vice presidential race in preference surveys, in a statistical tie with administration bet Camarines Sur Rep. As many as 1,731 attorneys out of a total of 6,605 aspirants were added to the ranks of the legal profession when the Supreme Court released on May 3 the results of the 2015 bar examination. With a passing rate of 26 percent—high compared to the 19-percent passing rate last year—the bar examination is considered the most difficult professional licensure examination in the country, which explains the prestige and mystique of the profession. Filipinos who aspire to join the association of companeros and companeras, as lawyers call one another in the Philippines, spend a total of eight years in college by completing both a prelaw degree and a law degree. Three out of the five presidential candidates in today’s elections are lawyers, namely Rodrigo Duterte, Jejomar Binay and Miriam Defensor Santiago.
Three out of the six vice presidential candidates are also lawyers namely, Leni Robredo, Francis Escudero and Alan Peter Cayetano.
Eight out of our 15 presidents from Emilio Aguinaldo to Benigno Aquino III were lawyers, namely Manuel Quezon, Jose Laurel, Sergio Osmena, Manuel Roxas, Elpidio Quirino, Carlos P. But lawyers actually provide solutions to problems that cause misery in our lives, in much the same way that doctors provide treatment to illnesses that cause suffering in our lives. Because lawyers hold so much power in determining the fate of their clients—liberty or imprisonment, bankruptcy or prosperity—there are lawyers who abuse this power to the prejudice of their clients.
A lot of people misunderstand the role-playing function of lawyers in our system of justice.
Under our system, it is not the role of the defense lawyer to judge the guilt of his or her accused client.
The role-playing performance of lawyers—their blind advocacy of their client’s position, and their zeal in magnifying loopholes in the opposing party’s evidence—is usually resented by the opposing party.
I grew up enamored of the lives of two lawyer-uncles, Querubin Rasiles and Ulysses Butuyan, who both inspired me to become a lawyer myself. Ulysses Butuyan is now a retired regional trial court judge, but he continues to visit and pester working judges with his jokes. SINGAPORE—“May mas malaki tayong kalaban… ang ating sarili (We have a greater enemy… ourselves),” declared Heneral Luna. The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) decried “frenzies of hatred” and a “‘pattern of harassments’ perpetrated by supporters of poll frontrunner Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte,” the Inquirer reported. Strikingly, her lawyer is University of the Philippines law professor JJ Disini, who led the Disini case against the cybercrime law.
A gender rights scholar, just accepted into one of the world’s most prestigious universities, described to me how she received rape threats over a Facebook post. An anti-Duterte friend posted a video of vice presidentiable Leni Robredo and her daughters. UP freshman Stephen Villena received anonymous death threats, including mock photos of his tombstone, after interrupting Duterte in a UP forum.
And friends of all leanings are understandably unnerved at seeing children deployed to the political frontline in the anti-Duterte ad. Roughly half our newspapers and news websites failed to make clear that Duterte did not sign a bank secrecy waiver. How else can a lawyer feel when he sees a half-page document waved on TV while a lawyer says words that contradict its text, and media focus on what he said instead of how the words on paper say the opposite? He feels like Pilosopo Tasyo, consigned to writing in hieroglyphics for future generations to decipher.
GMA News reported Duterte is “planning to form a revolutionary government” and jettison the Constitution. We can laugh off many things as par for the political circus, such as the last-minute plunder case against Duterte or the rumor that Poe’s husband is a US spy. After sampalan, we are now scheduling May 10 Facebook events for group hugs and refriending everyone unfriended over political posts. Since my toddler self watched my parents walk out of our living room and to Edsa in 1986, I believed that the collective wisdom of democracy is the best form of government. Too many friends now quote not Heneral Luna, but Queen Padme Amidala: “So this is how liberty dies.
For the past several months, these last few days in particular, you have been bombarded constantly by all sorts of propaganda about the various candidates running for the presidency and the vice presidency. We need to improve the peace and order situation not only in our respective communities, but also around the country. The slow and uneven pace of our criminal justice system is part of the problem of law enforcement. This is one reason why many of our people from the poor and marginalized sectors of society respond to the call of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who promises swift action against all criminals, including drug lords. Unless the peace and order situation throughout the country improves and this includes stopping the Abu Sayyaf kidnappings in Mindanao, we are not going to attract significant foreign investments that would result in job creation for our people and a more inclusive economic growth for the country. Having stated my main concern, Rodrigo Duterte is the candidate who can address this issue with competence and determination.
Once you have decided on the issue that bothers you most, you can proceed to make your choice. Instead, confounding the pundits, the Conservatives defeated Labor, winning an outright majority although by only a few votes. Perhaps, the best example of how preelection surveys can go so wrong is the 1948 US presidential election.
Using a private railroad car dubbed the “Ferdinand Magellan,” Truman traveled some 22,000 miles, almost as far as the voyage of Magellan, going cross-country in what became famous as the “Whistlestop” campaign. On the other hand, Dewey’s train was called the “Dewey Victory Special,” and the dominating strategy was to say as little as possible.
At the start of the campaign, a survey report showed Dewey leading Truman by a resounding 51-37 percent.
One year after that extraordinary, unprecedented reprieve that saved Mary Jane from the valley of death, we pause to ask: When is she coming home? In the distant Wirongunan prison, Mary Jane, a young, poor mother of two, pushed by her own government to work abroad because she wanted a decent life, is—though steeled by fortitude—still forlorn, all alone and pining for home, a victim not only of unscrupulous drug and human traffickers but also of circumstance. But the legal process in the Philippines where she pins her of hope has presented challenges.
Multiple motions, extended arguments and denials of matters of public knowledge coming from the accused illegal recruiters delay the resolution of the case. But we ask those who aspire to lead this nation of poor, exploited and distressed migrant workers and their families who prop up the economy: Beyond the rhetoric and promises, how do you concretely address both the root causes and the immediate needs of forced migrants?
Or have we forgotten the horrific pain and lessons of the “execution island” in Nusakambangan? Opposition parties and Filipinos should unite to thwart the Liberal Party plan to hijack the elections via massive electronic fraud. The present administration, knowing fully well that President Aquino will be made accountable for his various crimes against the people once he steps out of office, is growing desperate. The LP administration has the machinery, the money and control of the Commission on Elections and Smartmatic, which is set to deliver “auto-daya” votes for Roxas. The Comelec’s deliberate failure to have the source code of the machines verified, to not have the digital signatures embedded in CF cards, and the failure to provide verifiable and valid vote receipts, and now the canvassing errors in Congress, all these point to a grand plan for electronic fraud. The D’ Strafford survey which is so obviously fabricated and made-up is a desperate effort to mind-condition the public for a Roxas victory. Assemblies should be held in various places during and after elections in protest of election fraud. Let us fight for change, and not allow the corrupt and criminal administration to hijack the vote.
In reaction to reports about persons with disabilities (PWDs) being ridiculed during political rallies, the Department of Social Welfare and Development once again reminds the public that all acts that tend to diminish the self-worth and the sense of dignity of PWDs violate the rights of PWDs and the law. Adhering to the guiding principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons, the DSWD is one with the state in strongly advocating and encouraging respect for PWDs.
As the lead agency in providing directions to empower PWDs, the DSWD calls on everyone, especially those in public office and those who want to become leaders of this nation, to demonstrate utmost propriety and sensitivity in dealing with the members of this sector. Let us be more sensitive to their needs and enable them such that they become contributing community members. The most recent allegation against Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte—bank accounts containing millions of pesos—shows how inconsistent and hypocritical he has been in his statements.
It may be recalled that after admitting the existence of the bank account, Duterte said he would sign a waiver if Sen.
However, even after Trillanes presented the affidavit at BPI’s Julia Vargas branch last May 2, Duterte did not issue a waiver that would have legally and effectively allowed the opening of his bank accounts.
It’s kind of ironic, given that Duterte had called rival LP presidential candidate Mar Roxas “bayot”—a Bisaya word for “sissy,” which also denotes cowardice—reportedly, for not being open and transparent with his financial statements. No wonder, Roxas says, Duterte’s “true character”—“a coward and as corrupt as the officials that he (and his supporters) denounce”—is now slowly unraveling before the public. Supertyphoon “Yolanda” survivors, to the neglect and deterioration of Metro Manila’s rail transport systems when he was the transportation secretary.
However, there’s one difference: Roxas tried, repeatedly, to reason with his critics, showing them concrete evidence debunking their charges. Duterte, on the other hand, seems to have opted to hide behind legal “wordplays” to divert public attention from the charges against him.
Today, we could all do well to heed Roxas’ admonition for the people to be more circumspect, objective and observant in choosing  their leaders. Let us remember, as Roxas himself has put it, that as the Bible says, no secret goes uncovered—which is exactly what is happening now to Duterte. After watching the third presidential debate where a fisherman from Pangasinan, asked about the presidential aspirants’ stand on the sea dispute between the Philippines and China, I was motivated to read up again on the 15th-century “imaginary line” dispute between Portugal and Spain. Rodrigo Duterte replied that, if elected president he would order the Philippine Navy to bring him there and he would personally plant a Philippine flag on one of the disputed islets. Spain dispatched Christopher Columbus to find a shorter route to India, but his voyage took him to San Guanahani and to the coast of Cuba.
China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have overlapping claims to the South China Sea.
The role played by Pope Alexander VI in resolving the Spanish-Portuguese dispute is instructive in the search for a solution to today’s maritime dispute among the above-mentioned Asian countries.
The good professor also asked how the church of “San Pedro Macati” was taken over from the Franciscans by the Jesuits who built the church in 1620. As we know, the different regions of the country were assigned to specific religious orders in the first years, obviously to facilitate administration and, perhaps, to lessen competition and stress as much as possible.
But then the Franciscans also took over the town of Bay in Laguna from the Jesuits, when, perhaps, the whole of Laguna was assigned to them. Lastly, with the indulgence of Professor Ocampo, may I add that “Poblacion de Macati” is not translated into Old Makati.

She was the first casualty to die in detention under the autocratic regime that killed Philippine democracy in 1972. Liliosa Hilao was a graduating student of communication arts at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.
How often must we be reminded that the vulture called dictatorship devours even the innocent and that one of the innocent victims could be your next of kin?
FIRST MARTYR Liliosa Hilao was the first student leader to die while in detention during the martial lawregime of Ferdinand Marcos. Under the pretext of establishing “law and order,” serial rights abuses would become the order of the day.
Those of us who lived through the two decades of Marcos rule know very well that with authoritarianism, corruption was not far behind. It is true that we now groan with grievance and exasperation from six years of an inutile president.
The share of end-April releases to this year’s P3-trillion budget, which also included continuing appropriations under the 2015 national budget as well as other automatic appropriations, matched the 83.5 percent released during the first four months of last year. Automatic appropriations—programmed over a period prescribed by law through outstanding legislation requiring periodic action by Congress—worth P865.7 billion or 93 percent of the allocation for this year were released during the first four months. These automatic appropriations included retirement and life insurance premium, internal revenue allotment for local government units, pensions of former presidents as well as ex-presidents’ widows, grants and donations, special account in the general fund (including motor vehicle user’s charge fund), net lending, interest payments and releases under the tax expenditures fund for customs duties and taxes to be paid for government importation.
Also released as of end-April were P19.03 billion from continuing and automatic appropriations for departments, special purpose funds, as well as for grants and donations, the military camps sales proceeds fund and the Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Act trust fund.
TODAY’S election could set a global record of sorts for having the longest paper trail in the history of all elections in the Philippines, if not the world. Laid down one after the other, 55 million paper ballots measuring approximately 50 cm each and 2 million rolls of 20-meter long thermal paper are enough to circle the globe 1.5 times. While the whole world is going paperless, the Philippines seems to be heading the opposite direction, at least elections-wise. With regard to the VCM software, Comelec gave all political parties more than enough time to get their own IT experts to review the machines’ source code, or human-readable instructions that tell the system how it should work. But how would voters know that almost 70,000 kilometers of printed paper trails won’t go to waste and actually match votes cast? ENTERTAINMENT has been a core part of ABS-CBN Corp.’s business for decades so it might have been a bit awkward for the company’s management to face a less-than-entertaining query from one its shareholders at its recent annual meeting.
During the open forum part of the meeting, one shareholder asked ABS-CBN chair Eugenio “Gabby” L. It’s no secret that the Lopez family suffered greatly under the regime of Marcos’ father, the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos. Apparently, the ABS-CBN chair was expecting such a question and responded with a non-committal “wala lang” (it’s fine).
While not unusual for top officials to head off to another event, the ABS-CBN chair in previous years always made it a point to attend. THE IMPLEMENTATION of a new tollroad project that will link the southern part of Metro Manila and nearby provinces to Circumferential Road No. This makes it among the last few infrastructure deals to start before the term of the Aquino administration ends in June this year.
The P12-billion, six-lane project is a joint venture between the Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA) and Cavitex Infrastructure Corp. It aims to help decongest traffic by linking major business districts in Makati and Taguig to the southern cities of Paranaque, Las Pinas and Cavite, targeting high-value trips such as cargo trucks, vans and buses.
The C5 South Link will run from the end of C5, just before entering the South Luzon Expressway, to Cavitex near the Paranaque Toll Plaza.
The first phase of the Cavitex C5 South Link construction starts in 2016, to link C5 and Merville, Paranaque by way of a flyover. Bautista said that aside from decongesting traffic in the south, the toll road will help increase productivity and economic activity in the area. Cavitex Infrastructure is a unit of Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), a subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investments. The construction, operation and maintenance of the project is projected to generate at least 1,000 jobs. Barring any major change in the voting pattern, it is likely that, with five presidential aspirants and six vice presidential candidates, the new president and vice president will be elected through plurality votes. It would be ideal if the country’s chief executive officer were elected by a majority vote because that would show that he or she has a clear mandate to lead the country. Unlike in other countries, our Constitution does not provide for a run-off (or second round) election between the two presidential candidates who garnered the most number of votes when none of the candidates get the majority vote.
All the presidents who came after President Cory Aquino were elected by less than 51 percent of the votes cast. Whether or not President Cory Aquino won by a majority vote in the 1986 polls is difficult to ascertain because the canvassing of votes in the then Batasang Pambansa was marred by fraud and irregularities. Between now and June 30, when the new President is sworn into office, the country’s business executives are expected to adopt a wait-and-see attitude with guarded optimism.
They will analyze the new President’s inaugural speech and Cabinet appointments to figure out his or her plans for the country in general and, in particular, the economy. If the Aquino administration’s candidate, former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, wins the election, there is a strong possibility that, despite his admission that the administration suffered from some deficiencies, the present economic policies will remain in place. The same cannot be said of the other candidates who have taken sharp issue with some of the administration’s economic policies. But considering that many of her economic advisers are cut from the same cloth as their counterpart in the administration, there is reason to believe that the existing economic policies, except for some tweaks, will be substantially similar. Definitely, there will be a new economic or financial ball game in case the Vice President, Sen. They all repeatedly expressed displeasure with the way the administration managed (or mismanaged) the economy and the failure of the much-vaunted economic gains to find their way to the less privileged members of our society. Among the three presidential hopefuls though, Duterte may be considered a “wild card” considering that his economic program is still a big question mark.
In his speech before the Makati Business Club, he rambled with his usual spiels on peace and order and corruption, but did not say much about his economic program.
He cracked jokes with sexual innuendos that were not only inappropriate for the occasion but hurt the sensibilities of the women who were in the audience.
And because he arrived late and many of the attendees had prior engagements, there was no opportunity for them to ask him about the other aspects of his program of government.
Worse, for business people who consider political stability and adherence to the rule of law essential to their operation, Duterte’s statements about shutting down Congress if it impeaches him, declaring a revolutionary government if he cannot have his way, and breaking diplomatic ties with two of the country’s staunchest military and economic partners do not inspire confidence and optimism that his administration is something to look forward to. The new president will be assuming the duties and responsibilities of the presidency under extraordinary domestic circumstances.
Climate change has made life miserable for hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who depend on rainfall to nourish the crops or products that feed them and provide for other basic necessities. With the Asean Economic Community now in place and expected to be fully operational in a couple of years, the country will have to compete toe to toe with the Asean countries for patronage of their respective products and services. Unless the appropriate measures to make our products and services competitive are immediately implemented, we may find ourselves at the shorter end of this regional trade arrangement. His or Her Excellency has to look after the welfare of more than 100 million Filipinos and counting, the majority of whom live below the poverty line and look to the government for their physical salvation. Today is going to be a long day for the exercise of one of the most important rights in a democracy. Regardless of your political affiliation or lack of it, it is your moral obligation to go out and vote for the next leaders of our country. In separate disclosures to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) last Friday, EastWest Bank said it had acquired Assurance Solutions Insurance Agency Inc. Asia provided marketing and sales services exclusively to the bancassurance clients of Standard Chartered Bank’s Philippine branch while Pspi was a 100-percent owned subsidiary of SCMB Overseas Ltd. Both Asia and PSPI will become subsidiaries of EastWest Bank, pending approval of the policy-making Monetary Board of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Standard Chartered Bank Philippines chief executive Anirvan Ghosh Dastidar said their agreement with EastWest Bank was aligned with the global strategy to focus on retail markets where Standard Chartered had scale.
THE EFFECTS of El Nino are expected to let up by July, but the dry conditions and high temperatures are forecast to persist intensely through the remainder of May and in June, according to a United Nations monitoring body.
The Agricultural Market Information System (Amis), which is administered by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, said in its latest monthly report on the global market that in Southeast Asia, dry conditions would be accompanied by above-average temperatures that, in turn, would increase the impact of the dryness. Even then, the Amis warned about the increasing odds of a transition to La Nina conditions by November. In areas where El Nino brings below-average rainfall and increased temperatures such as the Philippines, La Nina is often responsible for above-average rainfall and cooler temperatures. As for global rice production, Amis kept the forecast volume for 2016 at 495 million tons, the same as in the previous month’s projection. This means that the production outlook maintained a modest 1-percent recovery from the reduced output in 2015 when the estimated worldwide output was 490 million tons. Based on the latest FAO Food Price Index, global food prices have been increasing marginally for the third month in a row. Still, the FAO observed prices of rice declining marginally, with the forecast output for the entire year being stable, at least for now. Last week, Economic Planning Secretary Emmanuel Esguerra said that with the El Nino phenomenon likely to last until July, appropriate timing of rice importation remained critical to avoid supply disruptions that could result in unstable rice prices. FINANCIAL markets will be closed Monday due to the national elections, the outcome and credibility of which would help determine the market’s direction for the rest of this week. The benchmark Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) slid anew on Friday and on a week-on-week basis, stocks sank 2.34 percent to 6,991 as worries about the health of the global economy persisted and as investors took a more cautious approach ahead of voting on Monday. The presidential race is led by a tough-talking local politician, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who has kept a big lead in pre-election surveys against administration bet Manuel Roxas II and Sen. While healthcare demand is still driven by traditional factors such as aging populations and consequences of modern urban lifestyles that lead to increased incidences of disease, there are other factors that are stimulating exciting growth and innovations. The business process outsourcing (BPO) sector, estimated to have generated about $21 billion in revenues last year (from about $19 billion in 2014), has contributed greatly in improving the spending power of an expanding middle class, as did the almost $23 billion remitted by overseas Filipino workers in the first eleven months of 2015 (compared to $27 billion remitted in 2014).
With the Philippine Health Insurance Corp.’s (Philhealth) mandate to cover 100 percent of the population, demand for quality, affordable and accessible healthcare is on the rise. Queen WAGs: Victoria Beckham (left) started the WAG nightmare and Cheryl Cole followed a similar career pathThe ubiquity and adulation given to the few who do make it on just luck belies the millions who fall by the wayside.
Cashed-in: Coleen McLoughlin (left) and Abigail Clancy have become famous faces thanks to their football-playing partners 'If I'm honest, we became a bit of a circus in terms of the whole WAG situation,' he mumbled.
WAGs: (From left) Jamelia, Elen Rivers and Sheree MurphyWhat particularly annoys me is that men, all men - young, old, intelligent, stupid, ugly - buy into this rubbish, too.
Post-recession WAG: Carly Zucker Engaged to Joe Cole (Chelsea and England) Carly Zucker just can't get the hang of this whole WAG thing. Student WAG: Melanie Slade Girlfriend of Theo Walcott (Arsenal and England) She is the perfect example of the corrosive effect of football stardom. New girl in Liverpool: Claudine Palmer Married to Robbie Keane (Liverpool and Ireland) Watch out, Alex Curran! In fact, the Garden State star revealed the relationship advice his publicist once gave him, which has proved incredibly helpful as he navigates the difficult waters of dating in Hollywood. According to Martin Finucane of the Boston Globe, Hernandez’s lawyers want to know if such a deal exists. They are here until after I leave and I haven't yet gone sightseeing so I really want to do that," Lochte said. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. If that’s the case, then why is he dating Karina Smirnoff, a Russian professional dancer who looks more masculine than Mr.
We also have two standby VCMs per town and four in Surigao City,” she told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
Hindi naman ako makikilala ng ating mga kababayan kung hindi dahil sa kanya, kaya nga hinahandog ko rin ito sa kanya,” she said. Voter preference surveys put him near the top of the senatorial candidates, recovering from an earlier drop in his ratings due to his remarks about same-sex marriage. He also challenged election watchdog groups and the Commission on Elections to inspect Novotel.
It turned chaotic as LP standard-bearer went inside the small precinct room as supporters and members of the media swarmed around him and tried to get near him. Roxas chatted with the media too and asked them, “So what are we going to do after voting?
He then granted the request of photographers to pose beside the framed photographs of his late forefathers and brother Dinggoy Roxas. The Ombudsman said it would file charges against the vice president at the end of his term. He voted for survey frontrunner Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte instead of the vice president, who served as the city’s mayor for over two decades. Of course, I’ve already been a victim of winning the elections and losing the counting,” Marcos told reporters at his campaign headquarters.
That has always been the fear because especially after towards my campaign where it was clear that the support towards my candidacy was strong,” he added. Syempre meron pa ring human element nandiyan parin, alam niyo naman sigurong lahat na sa mga nakaraang ilang araw eh bumabaha ang pera para sa vote buying sa buong Pilipinas kaya’t syempre magiging concern ‘yan kaya’t binabantayan nang mabuti ‘yan,” Marcos said. Kaunting pasyensya lang pero pilitin n’yo na hangga’t maaari kayo ay makaboto dahil importante na marinig ang boses ng bawat mamamayang Pilipino dito sa halalang ito,” he added.
Law graduates then embark on a grueling five months of review seminars, before taking the physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting bar examination during the four Sundays of November. This likewise means that there’s a 50-percent chance that a lawyer will be elected VP today.
Life has become so complicated—with problems arising from the moment of birth to the moment of death and even beyond—that the guidance of lawyers has become indispensable in our lives. In order to arrive at the truth, our justice system requires a strong clash of arguments between the plaintiff and the defendant in court cases.
As little kids, my cousins and I sat around our uncles as we played a game: We took turns blurting out a word, any word, and the uncles alternated in narrating impromptu funny stories based on that single word. Reacting to Duterte’s rape joke, he joked Duterte wanted to rape one of her daughters next. Students told me they no longer felt safe in their own school—in UP, where not even martial law stifled free speech! How can one attack Grace Poe’s husband as a foreigner when he was born to Filipino parents, albeit in the United States?
No one even compared the half-page’s wording to presidentiables Mar Roxas’ and Poe’s waivers. However, should not death threats, rape threats, threats to close Congress a la martial law, and children used as media attack dogs push us to be Filipinos first and partisans second? But we cannot simply forget the horrible side of the Filipino we have seen, no matter how notoriously short our memories are. Do not accept hook, line and sinker everything that is said, positive or negative, regarding these individuals. We may have other doubts and anxieties but for this moment as you fill in your ballot, concentrate on the one issue that worries you most. Criminal elements are aware that the so-called “long arm” of the law may be long and far-reaching but unfortunately, it is also painfully slow and, in many cases, favors the rich and affluent who are in a position to delay and frustrate the implementation of decisions reached by the courts. But if you listen to politicians they believe in surveys only when they are leading such survey. Preelection poll surveys and political commentators predicted that the outcome would be “too close to call,” resulting in a deadlock with the Conservative Party under Prime Minister David Cameron having to govern in coalition with the Liberal Democrats.
He carried 28 states with a total of 303 electoral votes, while Dewey won in 16 states with 189 electoral votes. There is also the frustrating difficulty of having to attend to hearings in a remote venue and to deal with conflicts of schedules in the court calendar due to previous professional commitments. We do not want to be forced to apologize for failing Mary Jane, her family and all migrant workers for not bringing Darren and Daniel’s mom back home alive. His party and his kulelat candidate Mar Roxas cannot possibly win the election, except by rigging it through predetermined, electronically fabricated vote results. D’ Strafford recently released a survey showing LP bets Roxas and Leni Robredo on top of the presidential and vice presidential races, respectively.
Let us continue to fight for their rights and push for their total development so that they become more productive citizens of this country.
Agoncillo, Filipino historian and author of the “History of the Filipino People,” narrated the root of the 15th-century rift between Portugal and Spain, the two world powers at that time. The voyage was seen by King John (Jono) of Portugal as an incursion into the sphere of influence of Portugal. The traditional fishing ground described by the fishermen from Pangasinan is within the 200-kilometer exclusive economic zone of the Philippines. The effects of China’s enforcement of the nine-dash line are already being felt as made clear by the fisherman who probably understands the significance of the panunumpa sa watawat and “Lupang Hinirang” better than the presidential aspirants. General guidelines were given and each group went to work: roughly, the Dominicans in the north, the Franciscans in the Tagalog region all the way to Bicol, the Augustinians and Recollects in most of the Visayas, the Jesuits in parts of the Tagalog region and Mindanao. Juan de Oliver, OFM, evangelized there, where he must have written the first catechism on the Ten Commandments (from which I took the topic for my doctoral thesis on the Ten Commandments in 1978). It is interesting how Calamba was skipped and remained with the Dominicans, while the Franciscans had most of the towns around the lake, on to Tayabas (now Quezon) and to Bicol, skirting Cavite and Batangas that were already mostly under the Jesuits.
Ana, which meant that the Franciscans were in charge of the spiritual needs of the people of those places, until a different arrangement could be made. She was not the last and only victim of that regime, and more will suffer a similar fate if we forget that even freedom is defended as we cast our ballots today. Drunken security men had barged into the house where she was staying, looking for her brother. She was the editor of the school paper Hasik and was a member of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines. Aged 23, Hilao was allegedly tortured after she was abducted byConstabulary troopers in 1973. The strategy of using police and security forces to establish law and order becomes a tool of repression. Because she was asthmatic, she was not a constant presence in student rallies that had by then emerged.

That same mantra has become a familiar refrain in this long, hot period of our electoral campaign, reaching proportions of some kind of mass hypnosis. But if we saw how a president who had claimed he was straight created a monster called DAP (Disbursement Acceleration Program), how much worse shall we see under an autocrat? This stems from some Pinoys’ skepticism about automated elections that, ironically, is in stark contrast when it comes to entrusting money to Internet banking or, say, riding planes flying on autopilot.
Receipts would also serve as basis to ensure that losers (who always claim they were cheated) can go back to the marked ballots and 2.7 million copies of election returns during post-audit. There are, of course, a plethora of other security measures that give voters a fairly good assurance that whatever votes are cast would be counted correctly and transmitted securely.
After a battery of tests and public demonstrations, the Comelec and its partner Smartmatic-Total Information Management Corp.
Their business interests, including ABS-CBN, were seized, and Gabby’s own father was jailed. Too bad members of the press had no chance to elaborate since Gabby Lopez skipped the traditional briefing following the meeting. Grace Poe initially looked favorably at the accomplishments of the administration, she later became critical and declared that her program of government will be different.
We expect this agreement to be value accretive as we further enhance our retail and consumer banking scale. It cited the Bank of Japan’s unexpected decision to hold off on more stimulus, thus weighing on risky assets. Among other opportunities, this allows the private healthcare sector to collaborate with public counterparts in providing improved services to Filipinos. I am on my sofa on Saturday night with my 18-year-old god-daughter, who has been sent from her home in Glasgow to spend the weekend with her (and I quote her father here) 'successful, hardworking, surrogate auntie'. Even Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss have had to work for what they have, but young people fail to realise that. Yes, this 23-year-old fitness instructor sports a A?50,000 engagement ring, has been known to display her spectacular physique in front of the odd camera, and attracts a vast amount of publicity that would never be hers if her man were a regular Joe.
On the surface, she's the anti-WAG, the 19-year-old girl with three A-levels whose hat-trick-hitting boyfriend is football's Mr Respectable. Jenkins isn’t communicating with them and is just working with the prosecution one can safely assume she has turned on her fiance Aaron Hernandez. News before adding, "I mean, I just gotta find the right girl."So what's the right stuff for Ryan's perfect gal? It resumed three hours later amid grumblings from voters, some of whom were senior citizens. Maraming salamat sa PPCRV sa kanilang pagbabantay,” Poe told reporters after casting her vote at Sta. Proof of the admiration is the fanfare that attends the release of the bar examination results—front-page news coverage complete with pictures and profiles of the top passers. No lawyer has been elected president for the past 30 years since the ouster of Marcos in 1986.
The role of the plaintiff’s lawyer is to passionately present the one-sided arguments of the plaintiff, while the role of the defendant’s lawyer is to vigorously present the one-sided defense of the accused. And it is only through the vigorous conflict of evidence and the passionate clash of arguments that a judge is enabled to separate truth from falsehood which, in turn, equips the same judge to decide guilt or innocence. Even at the dinner table, they regaled everyone with unending jokes and funny stories, mostly about their courtroom experiences. During Poe’s case, people vocally proposed rules that would restrict the residency of returning Filipinos or our dual citizenship law. In an election campaign, part of the problem voters face is how to separate the grain from the chaff. We often read of higher penalties being proposed for certain criminal activities when actually the problem is the lack of enforcement rather than fear of heavier penalties.
His Republican opponent was New York governor, Thomas Dewey, making his second attempt to win the White House. An Elmo Roper poll (a widely-respected outfit sampling public opinion) showed Dewey leading by an unbeatable 44-31 percent. And how and when Mary Jane can fully tell her story in a legally permissible and most practicable way remain a big question mark. Many have questioned the outfit, with virtually unknown officials and newly-registered websites and social media accounts. Defending our country’s sovereignty is a duty of every Filipino, a duty of which we are reminded every time we recite the panunumpa sa watawat and sing our national anthem during flag-raising ceremonies. The rift started from an imaginary demarcation line drawn from the north to the south poles of the world. The rift between Spain and Portugal was, however, settled when Pope Alexander VI mediated an adjustment of the imaginary demarcation line to 370 leagues farther west, thus assigning Brazil to Portugal. China’s encroachment on the Philippines’ EEC prompted Philippine officials into filing an arbitration case against China before the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague.
Considering how small the religious groups were at that time, unbelievably they managed, driven by the Spirit of the Lord, no doubt. In the graduation ceremonies that she was deprived of, the university honored her with an empty seat and she was posthumously awarded cum laude honors. In “Modernizing Repression,” Jeremy Kuzmarov relates how authoritarian regimes create the pattern of using societal reform rhetoric in luring the masses.
But she was apprehended during a supposedly antinarcotics raid, a pattern that Kuzmarov maintains, was also used by other repressive regimes elsewhere. These include accuracy tests, international certification, 256-bit encryption and the like. ABS-CBN resumed broadcasting under the Lopezes after a popular revolt in 1986 ended the dictator’s rule. Perhaps the elder Lopez just wanted to make room for his young cousin Carlo Katigbak, who started as ABS-CBN’s president and CEO in January this year.
So during rush hour, there is a large volume of vehicles that travel daily, resulting in traffic congestion on Edsa and C5,” Cavitex Infrastructure president Luigi Bautista said in a statement.
From there, Segment 2 covers another seven kilometers and ends in Kawit, Cavite, where it will connect with MPTC’s future expansion projects in Cavite. Thanks to automated voting, we knew, at least unofficially, within two days from the closing of the polls the results of the 2010 national elections. We look forward to future opportunities to assist Standard Chartered in serving the retail banking needs of its corporate and institutional clients,” EastWest Bank president and chief executive Antonio C. Moreover, several economic indicators in China pointed to a further slowdown in its economy. Her father wants to see if I can knock some sense into her beautiful head (that's aside from the layers of make-up, scraped back, over-dyed hair and huge, spherical earrings).
That then transposed itself into the team.' Gordon Brown commented earlier this year that WAGs were, in fact, good role models as many of them have GCSEs and A-levels, but what he failed to add was that, yes, young women in this country get an education, but the point is they waste their potential.
Rather than having a combative, intelligent woman as their mate, who might challenge them and make them share the load of childcare and cushion choosing, they have a pliant little girl at their side, who they can boss and disregard and cheat on, and ultimately abandon when the Botox no longer works and the fake tan starts to look leathery. However, most of the time she's seen in regular sweat pants and singlets, not tarty designer trash, and her idea of extravagance is a A?160 Wolford T-shirt.
Yep, Steven Gerrard and recent transfer Robbie Keane may be teammates, but how long will it be before the claws are out and the fur flies between Alex and Claudine, 25, the Irish model who married Robbie this summer? Proof of the widespread ridicule is the number of lawyer jokes unequalled in any other profession. The opposing lawyers are also encouraged to highlight the weaknesses and loopholes of the other party’s evidence. But after stating his Bank of the Philippine Islands account held “a little less than 200 million,” he refused to sign a waiver.
As we exercise prudence and caution in making judgments, let us also consider that many of those running for office do possess high ideals and are often motivated by a genuine desire to serve. Depending on the leadership, greater police presence in the community could lead to better enforcement of our laws. Three weeks before election day, a poll of 50 highly-regarded political writers was taken on who they thought would win the election. Some note that the outfit was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission only last April 11.
However, Chinese leaders have openly said that any decision by the arbitration court will not be honored by China. Ana Church) at the end of Herran (now Pedro Gil) Street; “de Sapa” was used then because the church was erected by the banks of a small tributary of the nearby Pasig River. The Marcos mantra, for example, of “Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan (To achieve national development, discipline is needed)” was repeated in print and broadcast media day in, day out.
Kusmarov notes, Marcos was known to have used the methamphetamine trafficker Don Jose “Pepe” Oyson to control the poor.
We do not wish it on others because someday even our own kin may also perish in the dark days of another dictatorship. With challenges up ahead, it should be interesting to see how this new generation of Lopezes steers the company in the years to come.  Miguel R. You have got to be joking.' She is the embodiment of a trend that has infected the teenage and 20-something females of this country like a particularly virulent strain of MRSA. I hate it that looking round my local shopping mall in Taunton the other day, that all the young women were so overtly sexual: they actually simpered when men walked by, an attitude I thought had gone out in the 19th century. We rarely see a policeman walking the streets or patrol cars moving around in residential areas.
Strom Thurmond, who led a group of southern democrats, calling themselves “Dixiecrats.” A fourth candidate was a former commerce secretary, Henry Wallace, who ran under the Progressive Party with strong communist support.
But the state by then had already equipped its antinarcotics unit with non-narcotics related equipment. So cut the bull—even our barangay leaders of today steal, how much more one elected to the vast powers of the Philippine presidency.
While her parents went to university and are active politically, she dropped out of school to work on the beauty counter of a department store. I saw a picture of a group of bikini-clad teenagers in the paper yesterday: they had written their phone numbers on their backs.
CHERYL COLE Married to Ashley Cole (Chelsea and England) In 2003, she was Cheryl Tweedy, the Girls Aloud lads' mag favourite who made headlines when convicted of assault on Guildford nightclub toilet attendant Sophie Amogbokpa. They do not care if he tells diplomats to “shut up.” For one thing, they do not feel that their lives have improved substantially under leaders who were refined and well-bred, who spoke eloquently in perfect English or whose sense of humor was always clean and wholesome. During our weekend she dropped in a request to work with me 'in fashion', but when I told her about the years she would spend as a low-paid assistant, she said: 'Yeah, but I can meet celebrities, right? These women were dowdy, prim spinsters who, due to the dearth of available single men after World War II, became married to their careers. ELEN RIVERSEngaged to Frank Lampard (Chelsea and England) Footballers and WAGs mark their careers by personal statistics. If I'm still having fun in the sport then I'm gonna go for another four years."No complaints here!
That is why bank accounts should matter in sizing up a candidate—they are an undisputable element of public trust. My role model was my English teacher, a woman who didn't care about hair or makeup or even having a family; she cared about books.
Ashley 'Cashley' Cole is a greedy creep who whined when he was offered 'only' A?55,000 a week by Arsenal.
JAMELIA Married to Darren Byfield (Doncaster Rovers and Jamaica) No one could accuse star singer, Pretty Polly model and Boots spokeswoman Jamelia of trading on her boyfriend's fame. The idea of actually beavering away at something (singing in pubs, working their way up) does not even occur to them.
He has since been caught drunkenly cheating on Cheryl with a blonde, interrupting their sex acts only to vomit in her bed. In an 11-year career, Darren Byfield, whom Jamelia calls 'Baby Boy', has played for 12 clubs, but made just seven appearances in the Premiership.
And Spanish model Elen once spent thousands of pounds in a single hour while trolling the boutiques of Baden-Baden during England's infamous WAG-ridden 2006 World Cup campaign.
The problem is that the wannabes on The X Factor, or the blingladen girlfriends and wives of footballers, give young people false hope. Young women no longer want to be doctors and lawyers; they want to do something that has a touch of glamour.
He doesn't want to be married to a high-achieving nightmare who's too tired for sex.' I wonder why it has come to this - that fairly intelligent young women are throwing away their equality, their choices, their bodies and their futures, and instead worshipping at the altar of bling, with Grazia as their Bible and moronic, woollyheaded jumped-up housewives (the Coleens and the Victorias) as their role models. Rather than concluding that feminism has been wasted on these trollops, and bewailing that they have thrown away all we fought for, I actually think the opposite.
You've got to be devoted, desperate or as dumb as hell to put up with that, but Cheryl has stuck around. He was accused of cheating in a two-month fling with model Jaclyn Evans, who claimed Jamelia was a 'rude, overbearing, controlling diva'.
They look at Leona Lewis or Victoria Beckham, and fail to see the reality of the situation. When I asked my goddaughter to come up with someone other than Cheryl Cole whom she looked up to, she immediately cited Kate Moss. The WAGs and their mindless ilk are the fault of the women of my generation who made everything - having relationships, fulfilment at work, children, the right capsule wardrobe - appear such a great burden. Jamelia denied the story, just as she vehemently rejected the claims of a street gang, which included her half-brother Kairo Beckford - jailed for life for murder in 2005 - that she had promoted gun culture on a YouTube video. And - after five years of engagement, two daughters, but no marriage - what a humiliated girl, too, as Frank was pictured cavorting in Las Vegas with an East European brunette while on a 'training' trip. Real success can, on the whole, be attained only by years of hard work or by the fact you might possess a one-in-several million talent, or sheer luck. She said that she was thinking of giving up her architecture degree because she wanted to 'go into magazines'. With 18 Top Ten hits and her slot as a judge on The X Factor, Cheryl is now a bigger star than Ashley - the WAG's ultimate revenge.
We told these young women, again and again, that we were tired, stressed, time poor, not having fun, let alone any sex. ABIGAIL CLANCY Girlfriend of Peter Crouch (Portsmouth and England) Just what attracts failed pop star and body-baring lingerie model Abbey Clancy to 6ft 7in mirror cracker and millionaire Peter Crouch? SHEREE MURPHYMarried to Harry Kewell (former Leeds and Liverpool and Australia) Sheree and Harry have lots in common.
She, too, has been seduced by The X Factor culture as surely as if she had gone along to audition. Without plug-faced Pete - which she was when he dumped her mid-way through the 2006 World Cup after tabloid allegations of her infidelity and cocaine use - she's just another pneumatic piece of blonde arm-candy.
He was once a half-decent player before injury and mediocrity made him an irrelevance at Liverpool (he now plies his trade in Turkey for Galatasaray).
The fact her man later signed a five-year, A?151,000 a week contract was purely coincidental. Fashion, over the past decade, has infantilised women to the nth degree, with its predilection for teenage models with the bigeyed faces of babies, endless floral smocks and shoes that render you immobile.
With him, she can demand A?100,000 to appear on Hell's Kitchen and present a fashion show on ITV2, the home of WAG TV.
ALEX CURRANWife of Steven Gerrard (Liverpool and England)Skinny, pretty, blonde Alex Curran has a rich and varied life. Luxury brands and celebrity magazines have brainwashed young women into believing they need to spend several months' salary on an It bag or shoes, with the lie that they are somehow 'worth it', and that to deny themselves would be a sin. I didn't want what my mum had - having to ask my dad for pocket money or to drive her somewhere.
Some days she goes shopping at her favourite Cricket boutique in Liverpool - and other days she goes shopping somewhere else. Yesterday, Barbara Follett, the new culture minister, hit out at 'Barbie doll girls' whose only aspiration is to win The X Factor or marry a footballer. When I worked on Company magazine in the early Eighties, we ran endless features on self defence, contraception and careers. Sometimes, hubby Steve gives her a A?100,000 Merc - and other times he gives her a A?40,000 Mini. Today, a typical woman's magazine cover line in the middle of a global financial crisis is, and I quote: 'Eek! But, because women of my generation made such heavy weather of everything (and men didn't step up to the mark and help, just a little bit), the Cheryls and her ilk have rebelled.
It says it all about Alex Curran that her favourite A?1,500 lizardskin handbag is injected with Botox to make it super soft.
Even England footballer Rio Ferdinand joined in yesterday, admitting that the national team's feeble performance in the 2006 World Cup was in part due to the caravan of over-dressed women who came in tow. One can't help wondering, do pointless, decadent, overvalued bags get their Botox done at the same time? My god-daughter is not interested in my Greenham Common T-shirt; she just wants to take home my original Vivienne Westwood Pirate one, which she will knot under her bust to expose her midriff.
But I do worry that they will end up bored and lonely, resentful that their parents didn't insist they achieve more, and dependent entirely on men for their security and happiness. The very fact that a talentless 22-year-old has that much money to burn - she got the Stereophonics and Westlife to perform at her nuptials - underlines the gross overprivilege of footballers and their WAGs.
She is the marital lottery winner whose story deludes little girls into making WAGdom their greatest ambition. And when upmarket magazines such as Vogue collude in that delusion by lionising Coleen -for what, exactly?
VICTORIA BECKHAM Married to David Beckham (LA Galaxy and England) Posh started the WAG nightmare.
Before she started dating David, footballers had wives, but they kept to their own devices.

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