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There are infinite amounts of benefits to lifting weights, but some of the ones not boasted about are the ones that really matter.
You may have heard more horror stories about how someone’s crappy trainer injured them.
I think about all of the things that I do daily now that I might not be able to do as an old lady. It’s the little things in life that you forget to think about when debating whether or not you should go to the gym tonight. Not as a means to an end or to look a certain way, but to ensure their daily, perhaps seemingly mundane, tasks well into their 60s, 70s, or even 80s. I can assure you that lifting weights is more than a weird cult that more than half of you refuse to partake in.
As marketers begin to approach women in the market place it is obvious that things are changing.
White people in power used many methods to keep African Americans from voting.  Some of these methods also prevented poor white people from voting. Whites used violence to intimidate blacks and prevent them from even thinking about voting. There are still vestiges – laws and customs – that make it difficult or impossible for many black citizens and other minorities to vote. In these ways, many African American, Latino, elderly and poor white citizens are now forced to pay for their right to vote, as blacks were during Jim Crow. During Jim Crow, blacks who voted – or tried to vote – were likely to be intimidated, beaten, or worse.
African-Americans demonstrate in favor of a strong civil right plank outside GOP convention hall, Chicago, Illinois, July 1960.

This is good information to let ALL people of Alkebulan know of the struggles we have been through, and is still going through to take our rightful place in the world, as earth’s rightful rulers.
Like I said, the benefits of lifting weights are endless, but on the most simple level, it is good for the rest of your life. This was especially true in the Deep South: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.
A few were allowed if they could understand what was read to them.  White officials usually claimed that whites could understand what was read. Sometimes, white owners of mines, farms, and factories simply needed cheap labor, and prisons provided it. Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II. However, during Reconstruction and Jim Crow, they were subject to harsh intimidation and punishments if they tried to vote.
These three civil rights workers were among the many who risked their lives registering voters in the South during Freedom Summer in 1964. Clinton won twice but still no out cry of voters surppression.and now President Obama won big and now there is voters surppression laws trying to be enforced.Why?
Sure Truman was a Democrat and signed it, but it was also a fact and well-known that Truman was STRONGLY against it. The current economic trend for the group that is being marketed to, women 30 or under, is that they are more concerned with saving time and money.
Some whites used violence to punish those “uppity” people and show other blacks what would happen to them if they voted. Often they could not register to vote again until after the election.  Purges more often affected blacks than whites.

More African American, Latino, and poor white families have been affected by foreclosures than white middle-class families.
Or how someone once didn’t have the strength to get anything through a drive-thru but now can. Selling an item on a shelf is no longer good enough for them… selling the item and installation that will save them time is what women of this age group are looking for.
Constitution was amended in 1964 to make poll taxes illegal.  Literacy and property tests are not used today. ONLY after this act passed and most obstacles to voting were removed did the Democratic party become the “minority-loving” party? Obviously if they did not the Democratic party would have came to an end with blacks voting 100% for Republicans. Creating loyalty in both of these groups hinges on convenience, saving time and money, and creating an atmosphere where they feel welcomed.
They have done a perfect job of portraying themselves as the saviors and the GOP as the devil, when it is actually the opposite. Many nations are building fences all over the world…cannot let people just go back and forth across borders. It is nothing against a particular race, religion, etc…it is just unacceptable and no nation in the world allows this. Republicans stand on principles that are built on the rock, which should be respected and supported.

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