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Reconnect with your Sagittarius man on a new level and show him you have what he is seeking!
You should never try to win him back with the jealousy game as this is not the way to his heart.
You need to be subtle and make him see what he has lost, why the relationship is or was special and give him a reason to hold on. Dona€™t be too clingy or even bossy; they like being independent and also seek that in a woman. The Sagittarius man will not be pleased if you bother him all day, every day, with constant messages or gifts and more.
If you are no longer clingy, you love yourself and become independent they will become interested again. I love spending time in the outdoors, riding motorbikes, reading good books and watching old movies.
Being in your twenties may seem like the golden years as a teen, but your mid-twenties are far lessa€¦pleasing. People Just Want To See You Miserable, But You Can’t Give Them That Opportunity Nor The Pleasure.
This hot zodiac sign can leave you feeling incomplete, but dona€™t despair as you can get him back. If at any stage during a relationship he feels trapped, caged or isolated, he will back out.

This cannot be achieved with jealousy and you will not get a Sagittarius man back this way. If you are planning to make big changes, they love to be involved, but dona€™t just come out and ask what they think. They are quite set on their finances and if you can prove to him that it is cheaper to stay together than splitting up, he may very well stay. You will both be saving money and also benefit from the other plusses of being in a relationship. If you want him to stay or come back, you have to consider his feelings and how they may have changed. If you show you are strong, happy and independent, he will be willing to try and work through things. Keeping a Sagittarius man takes intrigue and he will stick around to learn who you truly are. If you are constantly worried about what other people think, this may be the reason he left! On the other hand I love cooking, clothing, fashion and fitness, therefore I spend hours researching and writing blogs, articles and more on these subjects. Prove Them Wrong By Even Wrong By Even Surprising Yourself That You Can Do Better Than They Thought You Could.
Appeal to his logical side and allow him to feel as though with you by his side, he is on top of the world.

Rather, gently ask for their opinion and dona€™t make them feel as if their decision is the deciding factor.
Never look at these as start-overs or first-dates, but rather a bonding experience between two close friends. Making him feel secure, loved and warm will keep him happy, but he also needs adventure, excitement and to be social. However, if you keep all aspects of life interestinga€”meals, dates, outings and even your alone time hopping with funa€”he will always have something to look forward to. Show him that you are optimistic and love fun things in life; living is what it is all about.
He needs a woman who loves and respects herself, who can have fun and fit in, not someone who is lost without him. This does not say you arena€™t allowed to be a little flirty, but it is better to strengthen the friendship before trying the relationship again.

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