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Given the nature of these interviews and how some parts can easily be misunderstood, especially when filtered through other sites, I wonder if I might be reading too much into this, if perhaps he was joking about certain similarities between the games. Perhaps it is presumptuous of me to think so, but I do believe I qualify as a person, and as a Mario fan at that. What drives me nuts is the idea that Bowser kidnapping Peach is something we actively want, something that we desire to make us happy.
In reality, though, the sheer number of ways they seem to come up with for this simple event to take place seems to call on more creative energy than mere laziness is likely to afford.
It happens so much that the series has even taken to poking fun at the premise and making jokes about it. Part of the problem, perhaps, is that as of late, the games have pretty much kicked off with Bowser kidnapping Peach, essentially making that the core premise. I’ll admit, I feel a little weird going on and on about what basically amounts to the only story in most of these games. Of course, I can see why they would want to retain the core gameplay, though the 3D games manage to add some new twists, and there has been interest in a new game like Super Mario Bros. But before Bowser made his triumphant return (outside of Japan, at least), a third villain arrived on the scene to cause trouble.
Tatanga the Mysterious Spaceman conquered the four kingdoms of Sarasaland, and even kidnapped a new princess in the process.
The funny thing is, the UFO seemed rather high-tech for Bowser’s black magic, but would never be explained either way.
The game was accepted as a more traditional Mario game than its predecessor, yet it still had a unique flair all its own. And since Bowser seems to have eyes for Peach and no interest in Daisy, that might call for a new villain. Strangely enough, The Legend of Zelda seems to have little trouble breaking up its Link & Zelda vs. Of course, many of those non-appearances are on handheld systems, a distinction which once kept Mario and Bowser apart, letting them see new people and all.
Well, almost… Bowser seems to pull triple-duty as a villain, being the big bad in the Yoshi games and even in Super Princess Peach.
They say a hero is only as good as the villains he faces, and with that, many of the greatest heroes have entire galleries of rogues.
Having learned this lesson, though, Nintendo has since locked Mario in some kind of bizarro time capsule, and has ceased to expand the world of Mario. A love the NSMB games, but the strict formula risks running stale (the air of disappointment surrounding NSMB2 indicates this). In all fairness, Bowser tends to wind up the lesser villain (and even occasional begrudging hero) in the RPG games.
Oh, and even if she does have to be the damsel in distress, I really want to see her take her turn in platforming as a post-game bonus if nothing else.
I think there is some benefit to Bowser’s exclusion, namely having more impact when he does show up, rather than being expected. I also, with childish naivety, took it to mean that Wart would be the villain for “Super Mario Bros.

The cake gag was great, I give them credit for that one, and hope that they can match or top it with the new sequels. Mario games, the core ones at least, are hardly known for their story; however, it sometimes feels as though Nintendo is being lazy about it, with all of the constant kidnappings of Peach.
However, the joke is beginning to wear a little thin– especially among those who wished to see her playable in New Super Mario Bros. And truth be told, I don’t think people care if Bowser steals Christmas, so long as the game is fun.
And like Bowser and Wart before him, he brought along his own army of bad guys in a unique new land unlike any we had seen before (though not as different from the Mushroom Kingdom as Subcon). He would only appear once more to try to exact his revenge, but he undoubtedly made his mark.
Unfortunately, the extent of his conflict with our hero does not seem to reach beyond the confines of a party game, a tennis court, or a racetrack.
New enemies, stage ideas, and power-ups alike would appear here and only here, alongside some of the classics. People like the idea of him and Princess Daisy as a couple, and it’s practically canon anyway, so why doesn’t he ever get to rescue her?
I suppose we can forgive that last one, though, since she finally got a turn to lay into him.
Before NSMB became a thing, Nintendo seemed to think Mario was popular because of Mario himself.
Galaxy to some degree had this as you were repairing the Comet Observatory, learning that Bowser had attacked Rosalina and co.
I mean, really, I don’t know a single person who is happy with Toad recolors in the console NSMB games. Super Mario 3D Land even teases the prospect by… well, maybe that’s a bit of a spoiler still?
Bowser is great as a villain and all, but it would be nice to see some games sans Bowser and more of Wart, Wario or Tatanga as antagonists again. As such, I feel that I am qualified to give a statement of what I want, and maybe what some others want, too.
Instead, she asked for Mario and Luigi’s help to go rescue seven other monarchs who were rulers of their respective lands, turned to animals by the Koopalings who stole their wands.
Bowser was a suspect, but there was a thin veil of mystery which was soon augmented by a second goal: To free the Yoshis which the Koopas had kidnapped from the seven fortresses scattered across the land. But I do think that people would like a little more variety in their story, perhaps even their villains, as they run and jump through eight worlds to reach the end.
In fact, I’ve seen several people express their disappointment that New Super Mario Bros. Why else, when it was revealed that our plumber protagonist would explore the cosmos in Super Mario Galaxy, would people be asking for Tatanga?
And who could forget the final encounter with a boss who could use all of the same powers as Mario (to say nothing of his own unique abilities)?
In the 15 main releases (not counting re-releases), he is in only seven of them (not counting cameos)– less than half!

But in Mario’s case, it feels more like his gallery of great villains has turned into a shrine for one arch-enemy.
They must have been baffled that games like Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine weren’t selling as well – after all, Mario was in them!
It was only upon the completion of World 7 that you learn that while you were busy helping the kings, Bowser made his move! Particularly when a mysterious flying saucer would appear in the opening to help Bowser enact his plan? Why not let him occupy Bowser’s castle for a Princess Daisy rescue mission after Mario beats Bowser?
And in the case of Twilight Princess, there are those who think he shouldn’t have even been in that. Use other villains when it fits– wouldn’t Tatanga have been great in Super Mario Galaxy, even if he was working with Bowser? With NSMB, they seemed to learn that it’s more the type of gameplay and world that people liked. I don’t object to Peach going missing at the beginning (and I LOVE the whole giant cake gag in NSMBWii), but I admit there is a valid point in asking for some other goals to be fulfilled.
You raise good points on Super Princess Peach and Super Paper Mario, but then those are met with Super Mario Bros.
Granted, the direction likely played little if any role in the stage’s popularity, but I digress.
At least in the latter, Bowser took over another land, expanding the Mushroom World in the process. Mario is just a vessel (a charming guy, sure, but not so fundamental to the series’ success on his own). It gets tiresome when Peach appears and is yanked away at the end of every fortress in the game. 3, Wart essentially had equal villainous footing with Bowser outside of Japan, as they had one game apiece to their name. They already have the whole coin-gathering thing as the game’s main attraction, yet somehow shoehorned Bowser kidnapping Peach in there anyway. 3 revealed the return of Bowser as the villain, I figured that Wart was a lock for Super Mario Bros. Mitchell Deaths 1979 - Talcott Parsons 1975 - Abram Fischer 1880 - Jones Very 2012 - Mourice Sendak 1985 - Theodore Sturgeon Share with your friends Quote of the day Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success. We have categorized all quotes with different topics and tags like love quotes, inspirational, motivational, life, friendship, success, smile, achievement and belief quotes. Everyone love good meaningful quotes so share famous picture quotes with your friends and loved one.Our mission is to motivate, boost self confiedence and inspire people to Love life, live life and surf life with words.

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