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Please fill out the form below and tell us why you're bringing this poster to our attention. Studies suggest that we decide how close a relationship we’ll have with a new acquaintance within the first ten minutes of meeting that person, and that in evaluating people, we weigh early information more heavily than information acquired later.
Please follow our Community Guidelines and understand that we moderate comments and reserve the right to delete comments that don’t adhere to our guidelines. You see, as a man, I would like to get as many girlfriends as I can in my lifetime (may not be exactly the same for a woman but I believe there is this need for them also). I aint goin’ to sit here waiting for women to tell me how much of a gentleman I am before going out with me.
All in all, I believe everyone should just keep in mind that every single human being on this earth is unique and has something to offer, even though at the beginning, or on the outside he or she seems to have almost none of the traits mentioned in the article. I would agree with others, it’s not exactly article about how to became a friend with someone.
I hhate to say it, but Gretchen’s advice, although well-intentioned, seems exactly what extrovers always expect of introverts!
What bothers me about Gretchen’s many-step process is the enormous amount of psychic energy it would involve.
Instead of listing all these steps one has to do every time one wants to connect with some other person, why wouldn’t it be enough for someone simply to show the social graces, to be nice, to be pleasant and then just to leave it at that? I’ve never been good at face-to-face interactions, or at projecting a confident exterior. Thanks, Annette, for your support, although I know that when I go out into the world, I am still going to berate myself for not being sociable, or likable, or confident enough. After you’ve decided that you want to create broader ties and a stronger sense of connection, you’re still left with a major question: What should you do?
Trying to behave like an extrovert while desperately wanting something else to happen was not fair to my friendly extroverts.
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Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. Now, this is no shock, but studies do show that the amount of time you smile during a conversation has a direct impact on how friendly you’re perceived to be. Most people get more pleasure from wowing you with their humor and insight than from being wowed by your humor and insight.
Because of the phenomenon of “emotional contagion,” people catch the emotions of other people, and they prefer to catch an upbeat, energetic mood. We have to admit that most women nowadays are completely in for the “nice-talker” types, extroverts especially, and not the silent types as we introverts.

The tips, as I interpret them, are valuable for an introvert seeking to engage the extrovert’s world. I can’t recall– the phenomena whereby we tend to eventually like people who seem to like us? Quiet Revolution has many quality articles that are meant for Introverts but also many articles that aren’t. She sounds like yet another happiness guru regurgitating the same old motivational bromides from the last 40 years.
I initially hesitated to voice my concerns, worrying that I might be labelled socially inept. However, I think it is good for everyone to avoid a lot of self-deprecation and negative talk. If I were, say, actively involved in some intellectual activity, such as reading a book, or writing some piece, I know if would be very hard for me to switch gears suddenly and adopt Gretchen’s very extroverted posture.
I actually clicked on the link to the article… excited to find recommendations about friend-making that were tailored to introverts, only to find myself becoming progressively depleted of mental energy as I imagined myself doing them. How could they know they had overstepped any boundaries when I refused to communicate what they were? This is the best place to make new friend, thousands of Pakistanis come here and chat live and make friends. Also, people mimic the expressions on the faces they see, so if you smile, you’re more likely to be smiled at.
Don’t turn your body away, cross your arms, answer in monosyllables, or scan the room (or look at your phone! If you describe a co-worker as brilliant and charismatic, your acquaintance will tend to associate you with those qualities. Even if you pride yourself on your cynicism, biting humor, or general edginess, these qualities can be conveyed with warmth. Even if it takes me out of my comfort zone, so be it, I don’t care if I’ll be depleted dead at the end of the day as long as I can have what I want. Some people promote their site by casting their material out to as wide an audience as possible.
I’ve had bad first impressions of people that I later changed once I got to know the person. Even the injunction to make oneself more likable implies that one isn’t likable and has to become so.
I never know how to respond properly to someone who’s always putting themselves down. I can see why you might say that though, and #6 did rub me the wrong way, since radiating energy seems to be an extrovert thing, but what I think she really meant is being warm and genuine. Conversely, if you describe a co-worker as arrogant and obnoxious, those traits will stick to you.

When I call my daughters’ pediatrician with some health question, she always says “Hello!” as if she’s genuinely thrilled to hear from me, and I’ve really noticed what a difference it makes on my feelings of warmth toward her.
This post would be better headed a list of things an introvert should consider when going to a job interview.
Maybe he’s the type that needs more time to get to know people before actually giving them genuine smiles and warm open body gestures. My biggest problem is to figure out how and when start asking and telling more personal things. As I’ve already state in this forum, why can’t a person simply be pleasant and observe the social graces? But what if you’re a serious, thoughtful person like myself who isn’t necessarily warm all the time?
Yes, I can try to smile, try to show interest, try to radiate charm, exuberance, energy, et. I met a guy who kept saying things like, “I’m an idiot,” “I have the most boring job ever,” etc. Point is, it is not that easy for introverts to be all those things mentioned in this article, in my point of view. Isn’t the small talk something that Susan Cain told us we could skip and not feel guilty in doing so? He was trying to be self-deprecating, but it was hard to know how to respond to that kind of comment from a stranger. What I want to say is we like others because they’re nice, but to became friends we need to let some guard off and see what happens (I think we introwerts can be charming when we get out our shelf).
Others are socially stiff but have an inner warmth and humor that’s difficult to see at first. You can’t press some button, or turn some dial and instantaneously start radiating warmth, energy and vitality. Introverts must keep in mind the gazillion benefits of having close friends whilst they are meeting new people, or just whenever there are people around. But, as you said yourself, we can manage the radiating charm and exuberant facade for a time, but then we’d be exhausted.
But if the only close relationship I have as an introvert is the one I have with myself, well that’s enough happiness for me.

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