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Delrieu became enamored with Claudette's story, so much so that she decided to document her life in photographs. Born with both male and female genitalia, Claudette's parents assigned her a male gender when she was born in Switzerland in 1937, when being male was a clear advantage. To fully play with the possibilities and ramifications of gender roles, Claudette turns to prostitution.
Though her unconventional gender identity and choice of profession are commonly associated with trauma and shame, Claudette wears both aspects of her life with pride and joy. Glimpse into the daily details of Claudette's radiant life below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

She dubbed the stunning series "La Vie en Rose." The images chronicle Claudette's daily life, from eyeing lingerie in a shop window to hugging Andree, her wife of 52 years and the mother of their three children.
Throughout her life, gender has played a major role in Claudette's identity, though not a defining one. Refusing to be pitied for what other people may be uncomfortable with, Claudette displays the immense power that accompanies a deep love for oneself. Because Claudette’s parents declared her male at birth, she was able to marry the love of her life, Andree, with whom she has three children and has always loved her for who she is. Those who stay in the business the longest are those with a different gender identity, transexuals or hermaphrodites.

With honesty and bravery, she creates a life for herself on her own terms -- a life that, despite the more unconventional details of her existence, is made up of the universal components of work, family, memories and love.

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