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We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. Sometimes I feel harassed by Schumer myself, when I log onto the internet and am bombarded with endless Mashable clips of her ‘hilarious’ shows. As a result, Brewer has been targeted by angry Amy Schumer fans (probably cheesed off that they’ll never get to say “cheese” again with their idol). We all have bad days, and perhaps Schumer was having one in Greenville - but I’ve noticed her becoming a bit of a diva recently.
This whole incident doesn’t show how bad Brewer was – only that there ain’t much humour in Schumer.
My hubby asked me how the episode was and I described Matt as having morphed into Ronald McDonald by the end.
Did anyone else catch the photos Alex showed of she and Matt when they first started dating?
This episode made me uncomfortable because it was clear she was going to keep the baby when giving it up for adoption would have been a lot better for the baby. I noticed as well, but I don’t think those were bruises on her neck, but something pregnancy related.
How about when he was high as a kite when she picked him up and yet nobody has yet to notice the look on the baby’s face and lets just say if McDonalds and the dance studio dont work out once she hits 18 she can go work full time at sans strip club and let every guy out there thats a possible stage 2 maybe 3 see her gentleman greater and then she can afford child care. There were so many people I wanted to punch in this crapisode, I can’t even begin to list them!! At first, I thought her mom was good–she was one of the ONLY ones to say, I’M NOT RAISING YOUR KID!!! It’s mean, but I was laughing when she was trying to dance while knocked the hell up, beside all these graceful, svelte dancers. Last night while watching I kept having the urge to grab the clippers and shave his hair off. If only I had known about all of this when I was pregnant I never would have gotten an education, a job and got married first. These teen moms should def have to take a class before leaving the hospital on how to hold their babies and how to properly buckle them in a car seat.

Surprised no one mentioned that big ass dog jumping up on the couch while Alex’s mom was holding the baby!! Here is how to use this I Love You This Much Comment Image: Right-click the above code box and select "Copy" from the dropdown menu, then paste it where you want it to appear. A lot of people around the world have ideas of what America is like, possibly thanks to Hollywood, or their local news channels, and maybe from what they’ve heard from families and friends.
I am originally from Bangladesh and here are a few things that I find hard to explain to peeps back home.
A lot of couples adopt children, sometimes in spite of having their own, and treat them exactly like their own. That you address your boss (and some of your professors) by some abbreviated variation of their first name. A name as common and as easy to pronounce as mine is almost invariably incomprehensible to most Americans. In spite of the society being openly hedonistic and liberal, the social norms and standards still have very strong conservative religious influences. Earlier this month, she got grouchy with Glamour after it put her in its plus-size issue and referred to her as such. People like that she doesn’t look like the conventional Hollywood Barbie, and that she can crack a rude joke. There are so many celebrities who constantly get asked for photographs and autographs by their fans – requests which they deal with gracefully and tactfully. I have a two-year old, and I yell her name all the time but that’s when she is about to shove her finger up my dogs buttonhole. What about at the end and the girl watching the spawn of bricks the expression on her face. Once, in 8th grade, I had to watch a child getting shot out of a vagina, and on that day 8 years ago I swore to myself I will never ever have children.
This poor girl actually thought her heroin -addicted boyfriend was going to step up, find a job, and be a dad. Which is why it came as somewhat as a surprise to see comedian and actor Amy Schumer get so crotchety about her lack of privacy this week.

In fact, my sympathy lies entirely with Brewer, who – in footage of the incident – doesn’t come across as particularly threatening; just someone who got a bit giddy about his favourite comedian.
In general, she reminds me of the phenomenon Stockholm Syndrome – because she kidnaps unsuspecting audiences and inflicts herself on them until they surrender by becoming fans. If someone with two brain cells left is telling you its not going to work out, believe him.
And yes Meth is one hell of a drug cant wait for one of those cross overs of Intervention and I gots to see a vagiola and all I got in the end was 18 yrs of human. It seemed she was totally oblivious to the fact her daughter was doing the nasty with THAT! While Schumer was out and about in Greenville, Leslie Brewer – a male fan of hers – spotted the star and tried to take a video.
But this latest debacle shows a rather sharp streak to her personality, implying that she doesn’t really want to be friends with Joe Public. I’d also like to inform everyone that this girl Alex puts her 5 month old in a foward-facing car seat, as seen on her Facebook page. No thanks to social media and advances in technology, it’s never been so easy for the public to keep watch over their favourite celebrities. I understand that celebrities have the right to be cautious about people – but nothing about Brewer indicated he meant to harass or harm her. If you do drugs you will morph into a 50-year-old lunch lady with hair the color of V8 tomato juice.
Posting on social media after the event, she wrote that Brewer had “scared the s**t out of” her and that she would not be taking any more fan photos.

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