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To help you assess if your body composition is good or bad, here are the commonly accepted levels that define the minimum, maximum and average body fat percentages of a healthy person. Even though measuring the lean-to-fat ratio is tricky (your body composition constantly changes), and comparing ratios over time is only relevant if the weigh-ins are made in the same conditions, it is still a good indicator of how healthy your weight is. It basically tells you if you have an unhealthy level of fat.
A normal body composition includes fat, but beyond a certain percentage, you start to be exposed to weight-related diseases (diabetes, coronary problems…). A low level of fat mass is also critical.This is why your fat mass is a valuable information.

If you track it through time you will also see how your efforts are paying off, and if your physical activity and diet really have an impact on your condition.Healthy levels of fat mass for a fit person1.
Average 15 to 18% for men, 22 to 25% for women.What does a healthy fat mass level look like? Athletes usually have a low fat-lean ratio because their muscle mass is bigger than for a non-athletic person (be aware that this rule also depends on what sport the athlete practices). We recommend you use the new Wireless Scale, which does not include an impedance system.Testimonials of happy Withingers Click here to read a selection of comments made by some of our dear customers.Other interesting linksJoin us on Facebook!Follow us on Twitter!

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