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The brown part, which appears to be the top of the snake's head, is actually the caterpillar's undersideIntimidating: The elephant hawkmoth caterpillar Deilephila elpenor has two pairs of false eyes on the top of its head which make it seem larger than it actually is and serve as a display to frighten away predatorsWho you looking at?
The spicebush swallowtail butterfly caterpillar also has two pairs of false eyes to frighten away predators. The species range from southern Canada to FloridaFurry: A Metalmark butterfly caterpillar disguises itself with a shock of white hairDo not stroke!
This Flannel moth caterpillar may look harmless but its hairs are coated with stinging poison that causes sudden inflammation and pain.

Found in the high Arctic, it survives sub zero temperatures by hibernating during the cold season and producing anti-freeze proteins that stop its cells from freezingPainful: Saddleback caterpillars have urticating (barbed) hairs that secrete a toxic venom.
Touching the hairs results in a painful skin reactionA Slug Moth caterpillar (Limacodidae), which also boasts urticating hairsThe caterpillar of the saturniid moth Hyalophora cecropia has brightly coloured protuberances bearing black spikes on its body. The spines have a painful venom released by the slightest touchScary: A Walnut caterpillar (Datana integerrima)The spiniest of them all? Saturniid moth (Pseudoautomeris pohli) caterpillars are covered with venomous spinesPsychedelic: The stinging rose slug caterpillar (Parasa indetermina) lives up to its name as its body is covered in irritating bristlesCaterpillar of pale tussock moth (Dasychira pudibunda), left.

However, when disturbed it will puff up its upper body to reveal a huge red 'head' complete with false black eyes. Meanwhile, two fork-like tentacles at the end of its abdomen are extended over its back, and red tubules are pushed out from the tips which carry a sharp-smelling odourNolid moth caterpillar, front view: This species of caterpillar grows an enlarged, green coloured, section of abdomen which overlaps its actual head.

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