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This is a community where INTJs can meet others with similar personalities and discuss a wide variety of both serious and casual topics. Studies show that falling in love decreases men's testosterone levels while increasing women's testosterone levels. About your theory: how do you know about the testosterone levels in INFP men and INTJ women? By the way, INFPs do generally have a good connection with INTJ's but I supposed it depends on what you're looking for in a man; personally they're not masculine enough for me generally speaking. The personality trait 'dominance' may be defined as influential, ascendant, prevailing, authoritative, or high in control. Of course, I could be limited in this perception, since it comes out of my own social and cultural experience. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Myers-Briggs, and MBTI are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Trust in the United States and other countries. Well strengths are (if you have the same interests) you will definitely have plenty of intellectual conversation and if you are willing to put your emotional biases aside the conversations will be VERY interesting and engaging.
Overall, I LOVE INTPs, oh my god they are always instantly the people I'm attracted to because of their superior rationalising and skepticism. Study up on the differences between extroverted feeling (INTPs), and introverted feeling (INTJs), and you can liberate yourself from a lot of confusion regarding some of the problems you'll run into.
Strengths: Witty, a deliciously fun and interactive sense of humour, intelligent, open to new experiences, enjoy equal partnerships, give plenty of needed space after the initial courtship phase, calm, independent and non-intrusive. Weaknesses: When they finally lose it, they have a Fe-Ne freakout where the initial subject of the argument disappears and they're bouncing all over the place, totally unfocused.
One curious issue with INTPs is their quizzical relationship with anger, where they're sometimes uncertain of whether they should be angry or not. Both responses serve rational purposes where for some, they bleed off aggression through immediate action. I've read about studies that showed that supposed 'venting' actually stokes anger, though I'd have to check to find the source as it was in a magazine, a long time ago in another country and besides the wench is dead. If you consider the INTP composition, prior to action of any kind, most often requires full understanding of all aspects including personal internal response. Uncontrolled anger can be useful, particularly in its unexpected and irrational state when confronted by the threat of physical violence.
Anyways, there are perks and drawbacks to both fight and flight reactions to anger, where the composition of the individual will define what works or can work for them.
Yeah, just be prepared for the emotional retardation, that's an INTP's greatest hurdle in any relationship. It can also diminish the specialness of first encounters if you have too much, or make people feel like they are taking advantage of their partner, or feel that they have been taken advantage of by their partner.

I understand the notion, but my personal preference is to find it within myself to do those things which scare me without any external help. If the guy runs from sex I cant imagine playing hide and seek would be fun on their honeymoon. If he went for the hug, and you know he isn't seeing anyone, you should totally just kiss him next time you see him. If you aren't an INTJ, you're welcome to join anyway if you would like to learn more about this personality type or participate in our discussions. It is speculated that these changes in testosterone result in the temporary reduction of differences in behavior between the sexes. I've always been very interested in Meyers Briggs typing and psychoneuroendocrinology, respectively, and your post combines both. It must be discriminated from aggressive (hostile, angry, violent, quarrelsome, argumentative) and domineering (overbearing, bossy, dictatorial and high-handed) (Sadalla et al., 1988), neither of which is relevant.
Can anyone with any first hand experience with INTP males tell me what a relationship with an INTP looks like?
It's like having a personal think tank who can deconstruct any idea you have to the essentials making your ideas literally infallible. Most INTPs I know are so detached from emotion that they analyse it first before they allow themselves to feel it.
But if you mean a lot to them they won't mind you invading this personal space so long as you don't distract them from their thinking.
They love to know the hard work they put into their thoughts is being recognised and appreciated.
Remember that INTJs and INTPs have completely inverted functions, and that on top of having differing feeling functions, INTPs have much weaker feeling overall than INTJs. An INTJ and an INTP just approach emotional situations in very different ways, and both are pretty much emotionally retarded, but the INTP will literally detach all together.
Some INTPs don't even know how to roll down the window, they know someone is back there but they have no idea who, and a lot of times, just plain don't want to find out.
They don't recognise that they are being emotional, and most other people don't recognise that they are being emotional, but underneath all their defenses and restraints they actually have very intense emotions, and to the well trained eye they are obvious. I think using it to move the relationship forward is a crutch and doesn't build a strong foundation for the future. That would be a reason for me to start thinking about ending the friendship, if you couldn't control yourself.
If you make an opening for a date or more, and he has thought about it and wants it, unless he's 100% socially inept, he'll rise to that bait.
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And if you find a healthy INTP (believe me, just stay the fuck away from immature INTPs) they will become very devoted partners To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 2 or greater. Immediate perception of threat leads to withdrawal to evaluate if I'm perceiving correctly and eliminate other possibilities. Once you do roll down the window you can talk to him, but there is no guarantee he even speaks English, or that he'd be willing to talk to you even if he did. Not while you two are alone in an apartment watching a movie or having dinner, and it would be super awkward if he wasn't into you. An INTJ will deliberately suppress their feelings, until that suppression sort of kicks into autopilot and they don't have to think about it anymore, but its still there in the back of their mind somewhere, and if they relax their grip for even a moment they could very well loose that control.
Its not that INTPs suppress their emotions, in fact, when they have any emotions at all it is almost always ridiculously obvious, but we are completely cut off from them all together unless we make a concerted effort to access them.
Not all worked out in ways we could stay friends, but none of the ones that were pushy about it are still my friends.
He'd feel like scittering under the couch or faking a call that his mother died so he could leave. Its kind of like driving a car, after you do it long enough it becomes like second nature, so that you are not consciously thinking about it, but you are still aware of what you are doing, and it still requires your attention on some level because you would go careening off the side of the road if you really did ignore it completely.
You could literally roll up that window and take a nap, and the car would keep rolling without any intervention whatsoever.
A friendly outgoing teasing personality can pull off a lot of direct stuff without it hurting the relationship.
If you are direct at the end of the night, when you're parting ways, he could either briefly say he doesn't like you like that and can leave, or it's time to stay a little longer and make out. Do you think that it is best to let him make the first move if there is going to be any movement and for me to just make a joke here and there? The problem is that every so often you wake up from your nap to the sound of an 18 wheeler's air horn and realize that you have suddenly switched bodies with the driver, but you don't know how to drive and you are going 60mph in the wrong direction on a one way highway. Bottom line is that you need to make it clear that you're interested in going out, and at the same time make it casual enough that he can turn you down if he wants.
But let me tell you, what grabbed his attention right away was that I showed interest in his interests.

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