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This encounter is the subject of just one chapter in The Hobbit, in which Bilbo, lost in the caves after escaping the Goblins, wagered his life against guidance out of the depths in a riddle-game with Gollum. After a few years, Gollum left the Misty Mountains to search for Bilbo and the Ring, but following more than 30 years of journeying he was captured near Mordor and tortured by Sauron, who released him almost 40 years later. Analysis: In The Hobbit as first published, there are no indications that Gollum is physically like Bilbo, and some early illustrators assumed he was more monstrous, and large enough to eat Bilbo at a sitting, as the text implies. Gollum actually meant to give Bilbo his magic ring in the first edition of The Hobbit, as a prize for winning the riddle-game. This site is maintained and updated by fans of The Lord of the Rings and the name and mark ONE RING is used under license from The Saul Zaentz Company, which hold the title thereto. Ask most 3-year-olds how old they are and they'll proudly raise the correct number of fingers.

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Bilbo won, Gollum tried to renege on their agreement, but Bilbo, having found the Ring without at first knowing its nature, was able to use it to escape. He was quickly re-captured by Aragorn, who was seeking him for Gandalf to question, and held by the Wood-elves in Mirkwood. When Gollum could not find it (because Bilbo already had), he apologetically showed Bilbo the exit.
He is believed to have been in his early twenties when he murdered Deagol (presumably a relative, though this is never stated) to get the Ring, which Deagol had found in the Anduin.

This was changed for the 1951 edition, and the original story is explained in LOTR as being Bilbo’s invention, meant to justify his ownership of the Ring. He journeyed from there to Moria, whence he followed the Fellowship on their quest to destroy the Ring, eventually serving as Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee’s guide to Mordor. Those Little House on the Prairie shoes with the bright orange shoes aren’t doing anything for me either. His family expelled him from their dwellings, and he made his way into the Misty Mountains, where he lived by a subterranean lake for more than 400 years, until he met Bilbo Baggins.

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