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Women have always been considered protective human beings with motherly instincts that help them ensure all those whom they care for are protected. It is this strong love for their families that has seen them do anything to make sure that their husbands or spouses are kept in check by all means necessary — away from the prying eyes of their competitors. It is for this reason that women will do anything, including use of magic charms, to not only con their ways into men’s hearts, but also protect those they love from straying.
Ever wondered why some men, despite their high academic achievements and social class, end up marrying the most unlikely, lowly characters? Or how men from Nyanza, Western and other far-flung places, despite the numerous temptations, remain faithful and loyal to their wives whom they left back in the village as they flock to Nairobi, Mombasa and other urban centres to look for employment? A school of thought has it that most of such village wives cast protective spell on their men, which allegedly protects them from the charm and wiles of hot and tempting city women. This spell is supposed to hold the family together despite the fact that the husband and wife are not together! The Mama Mboga even came to know James’ girlfriend who used to spend occasional nights there. This started weighing him down and to make matters worse the girlfriend packed her few belongings in the house and left.
Later on, his cousin narrated the story to his father who had been in the dark all this time.
President Uhuru Kenyatta with Somali Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke (left) when he called on him at State House, Nairobi. Somalia Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke was yesterday detained for several hours in Nairobi for breaching protocol. Sharmarke could not be cleared in Nairobi because his plane had not been inspected at Wajir Airport, as is the requirement for all flights to and from Somalia.

The chartered plane carrying the Somali top official and his delegation touched down at 10.30 am, and left for Hargeisa in Somaliland. Mr Sharmarke was in a 20-member delegation of top officials of his government, including three ministers.
Some Somalis view the pursuit of the militia inside their country as an unwarranted invasion, a possible link to the recent mass-casualty attack staged in a base in El Adde. Many other women who know how to go about this charms are now using them to ensnare men to marry them.
People who know him still can’t wrap their minds around the fact that, despite being a university graduate, he ended up marrying a primary school dropout mama mboga who used to sell vegetables outside his apartment. The friendship between James and the vegetable vendor grew such that whenever he expected his girlfriend to visit, he would leave the key with her to hand it over to his lover. Within no time, Mama Mboga even started cleaning James’ house anytime he left the key with her.
One day his girlfriend came to spend over and for the first time in his life James could not rise to the occasion.
Frustrated, he chose to share his problem with a close cousin who advised him to go to his rural home in Bungoma and seek the help of traditional medicine. After trying his herbs too, the old man advised his son to pretend that he had forgiven the woman and woo her back. The embarrassing incident that could test diplomatic relations between Kenya and war-torn Somalia happened mid-morning yesterday at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.
The delegation was to early today make a connecting flight to an unnamed Middle East country, after a day-long stop-over in Nairobi.
Somalia has dragged Kenya to an international court where it is demanding that international borders be re-drawn to grant it most of the Kenyan coastline.

James was a bachelor in the sprawling estate and would buy vegetables from the woman every evening after work. Given that he would, on a number of occasions, fail to prepare a meal in his drunken stupor, she would, out of kindness and love, cook for him and then go to her place, which was just a stone throw away from his.
He recalls the lady politely offering to prepare a meal for him, promising to leave once the rain subsided. His numerous trips and many glasses of different herbal concoctions touted to be potent did not help.
By 2 pm, security and foreign affairs officers had not agreed on how to handle the Somali leader. Kenya has enjoyed rather cordial relations with unstable Somalia, and is leading the fight against Al-Shabaab militia group that has ravaged the country. They had the meal together and the lady wanted to leave but he talked her out of it, since it was still raining heavily. Security officers had demanded that Mr Sharmarke be sent back to Mogadishu, notwithstanding that the plane he had arrived in had left immediately after the entourage disembarked. But the department of protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had already provided the visiting head of government with a fleet of cars — which would remain parked at the VIP arrivals gate for several hours.

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