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Kid mentioned that he has not yet downloaded Tunechi‘s Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape and he did reach out to Tune to try and get on the project, but he was 2 days late. You can watch Kid Ink‘s full interview with DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God, and Angela Yee after the jump below.
Exactly and as soon as she decides to get on a track it becomes a hit cause it’s so rare to ear features from her these days. I see what you’re saying, but check this out, Wayne is a more genuine artist, he values money, yes, but he wants it known that he can and has collabed with everything possible, a better advantage to Jigga, Em, or Ye. Imagine how many artists will show up to his funeral compared to the other GOATS, look at it thag way. Idk, Charlemagne has been stating often that he strongly feels Birdman is fucked up, and admitted Wayne was the gas behind YMCMB for ages.
HollyWeezy Official Video (Sorry 4 The Wait 2) not really official ,but its good.and good quality too.
They def didnt listen to HollyWeezy, TrapBouse, and Used To….oy, why tf are even editors? Or nah because them fucks there always putting things out of context and fucking up the truth. Christian recording artist Mike Lee, recently released a new music video for his song Different. KINGSPORT, TN – Earlier this month we had a story about a mother trying to sell her kids to get her boyfriend out of jail. Last Thursday, the grandmother of 27-year-old Jessica Carey called police to report that her granddaughter had abandoned her two children at her home and she’d been caring for them for almost a week. The woman activated her speakerphone and police listened in on three separate conversations where Hughes repeatedly offered to sell the 6-year-old child, signing over legal custody of the girl in the process.
Shawn Hughes has been charged with illegal payments in connection with the placement of a child and two counts of drug possession for some pills police found in his possession.
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Granny may be 75 but sharp enough to handle the situation in such a way as to save her granddaughter from harm.

Yea but I’m guessing he tried to sell his kid the first time when he took her from the house. Never miss a friggin' article by checking our daily RSS feed or subscribing to our daily Newsletter! Top to bottom I could listen to that shit all night & still wouldn’t get tired of that shit ! To being this humble dude saying he don’t wanna be remembered as that great, but more like a humble Willie Nelson type. The editors say it wasn’t D2 or No Cellings of course it wasn’t no Cellings or D2 !!!! Nigga if the mixtape is getting 4 millions in 4 days than people don’t even mind his voice !
Now we have a story about Shawn Hughes, a 32-year-old man from Tennessee who tried selling his kid to get his girlfriend out of jail. Carey was located and arrested on an outstanding warrant for aggravated child abuse and neglect.
After bonding out on Monday, Hughes went to his girlfriend’s grandmother and asked the 75-year-old woman for $2,000 so he could bail Carey out of jail. Hughes left and then returned a few hours later to get his 6-year-old daughter and beg for more money before leaving again. Instead, this genius thought selling his child to his girlfriend’s grandmother was a better option. Ok scroll back up and take another gander at snowflake and then try and convince me he has the kind of work ethic involved in making gin ? Help us continue to deliver terrible news terribly by donating a few bucks to our fundraiser above, or through Paypal. Nigga wasn’t even trying on that mixtape he sound so effortless & great all at the same time !!
It’s a different Wayne from that time to now & we live in different times musically from then ! She refused to give him the money and Hughes never made any attempt to retrieve the couple’s children.

Fed up, the woman called police again and was on the phone with them when Hughes called with an offer.
They were the ones waiting for Hughes when he showed up to make the exchange, and Hughes was taken into custody. Can you image how horrible this is going to be for that child once she gets older and takes in what really happened? Try listening closely and paying attention to what the fuck Tune says and have an open mind. But you niggas sleep on this nigga hard & as much as you hate on him the nigga still relevant as fuck so I know the haters are just fronting just for the net !
Like these haters be switching up there flow, they be like ahhh I fucked with Wayne before but now his shit is trash, nigga you didn’t fuck with Wayne before stop lying ! You were probably hating on Wayne when he was making classics & now u just switching up your flow to fit in !! Not all songs need to be lyrically on point too, having songs just to get hyped to are nice too. If you see any editors compare Wayne pervious work to his current day work his the biggest fooool ever !!! Niggas be saying Wayne lyrically content don’t change its only pussy, pussy guns, Weeed or whatever ! Nigga Wayne got a whole lot of lyrically context & if your true fan you will know that !!
This nigga is a legend, Wayne should be in the majorities of people’s Top 5 on consistency alone nigga been hot for like 18 years & still is !!!
Just had to have a rant cause I seen the article & the comments of some hating as people !!!

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