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What do you get when you pair a man who is bold, brash and seemingly very confident, with a woman that seemingly has her act together? Normally, you would think that such a combination would lead to a very mutually supporting and rewarding relationship.
However, when it comes to the Cancer woman and the Leo man, and many other signs of the horoscope for that matter, what you see is not always what you get.
They feel that they have to compensate and project a tough exterior, while inside they have their doubts, insecurities and inadequacies. The Leo, on the other hand, is actually going through the same thing, but in a very different way.
As you can probably already tell, this kind of thinking and this way of behaving often means that the Leo is not enjoying the kind of success he or she deserves, whether it is in the realm of relationships, career, education, health and other aspects of the human experience.
Interestingly enough, Cancer woman and Leo man love compatibility can produce a lot of sparks in a positive way. Compared to these characters, which are quite numerous actually, the Leo male personality really stands out.
The downside to the Leo is that, he is so brash and so bold that he is bound to step in your toes. You might have a particularly sore spot or a sore memory and he might bring it up carelessly, and worse, you might feel that he is judging you in a very unfair way.
In fact, they could clam up so well that they end up emotionally walling off the person that is making them uncomfortable.
When you shut off people emotionally in your life, that relationship basically starts to die. Real relationships grow, not because everything is a bed of roses and everything is nice and happy, no. Unfortunately, Cancer women may be so sensitive and so petty that they feel that the only to deal with negative input is just to shut it out. This is really unfortunate and this is the core of Cancer woman and Leo man love compatibility. To put it more specifically, the relationship is all about avoiding this particular coping mechanism. You have to understand, that open communication does not necessarily mean that you always hear the stuff that you want to hear. Cancer woman and Leo man love compatibility to a higher level, open communication has to be there, and most importantly, emotional honesty.
At the other end of the equation, the Leo man really needs to mature and understand how you say something is just as important as what you have to say. When both partners are able to commit to a relationship that has an open channel of communication, both partners can mature in the relationship. This is the biggest hope and the biggest project when it comes to Cancer and Leo relationships and compatibility.
I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. Here’s a hint, to maximize Pisces woman and Aquarius man love compatibility, focus on empathy.

We’re also looking at somebody who is genuinely looking to make his relationships better and make his world better.
You have to remember, the Pisces woman is one of the most emotionally authentic signs in the horoscope. She looks at the world in terms of emotional give and take and she maps her world out in terms of emotions. If there is one word to describe Pisces woman and Aquarius man love compatibility, it would have to be passion. This is all well and good, but you to understand that the way the world should be are often different from the way the world actually operates. It means that you still have to have both your feet planted on the ground, but you are doing in your little way to change your surroundings. Don’t throw that away by basically judging your relationship based on this ideal that doesn’t really exist.
As I’ve mentioned earlier, the secret to Pisces woman and Aquarius man love compatibility is really to give each other time. Just like in chemistry, there are many cases where you take a liquid and combine it with another liquid and nothing happens. However, if you take that combination and you put it under a heat and the heat boil the solution down, it becomes really hard. Just because you have a set schedule or you develop a certain pace doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner would adapt the same time line. Many horoscope signs and horoscope combinations would be quite jealous of this combination. You have to always give yourself the space, the time, and the opportunity to fully mature into your relationship. A crab has a very hard exterior, this exterior is called an exoskeleton and it can be quite tough.
In other words, they are just like everybody else in that they have challenges to deal with internally, but they choose to cope with it by projecting the very opposite.
Even in a non-sexual way, this is sexy and appealing because it makes people gravitate towards the Leo.
He can either invade your emotional space unwittingly, or he can basically just blunder into emotional spaces that you do not want other people to touch.
Real relationships grow because there is a lot of commotion, there is a lot of hurts, there is a lot of challenges, there is a lot of pushing back and forth, there is a lot screaming, but at the end of the day, with every down turn, your relationship keeps going higher and higher. In many cases, you have to be threatened with loss, for you to realize what you are about to lose, so you could realize the value of your relationship. In many cases, it is not even a coping mechanism at all; because coping mechanisms help you survive a particular situation. In many cases, open communication means that you end up hearing stuff that are unpleasant, you end up opening your ears to things that might hurt.
You can either get a forward motion and exciting times or you can get a very nasty explosion. Since such ideals are pretty much in short supply nowadays where everybody is pretty much looking to benefit themselves and put themselves ahead, this really turns on the Pisces woman.

When you put that person together with a person who is emotional about his ideals, you can get a very interesting relationship driven primarily by passion.
What people don’t get, even when sexual passion or physical passion disappears, that passion is often transformed into emotional, mental, and spiritual passion that sustains the relationship once the physical phase is less important. It doesn’t necessarily mean that that ideal will never exist but it takes work, time, effort, and mutual maturity to make that ideal become a reality.
Time is what’s needed for unpolished and immature people to go through those mutual challenges together so that they can grow together. The key here is to respect each other enough so that we can grow each other and give each other the time and the space needed for the relationship to mature. However, the great gift that your relationship has can also be its biggest stumbling block.
They think that the Leo is a leader, because a leader is always willing to lay down his life for his followers. If you are looking for somebody who seems to know where she is going, the Cancer woman can definitely give you that impression. With that said, the Aquarius is quite different from the Pisces regardless of the fact that water is involved in the Aquarius sign.
We’re not just talking about a person rattling on and on about how the world should be. The problem is when you judge other people, when you impose your values in other people; you basically end up pushing them away. Don’t push her out of the relationship by imposing this ideal on her and judging her based on that.
You have to let that challenges, traumas, and hurts of basically living with and living around a person that is fundamentally different from you work its magic.
There are also other men who are a little bit stronger and independent of their mothers who are basically just grown up brats and they are so wrapped up in themselves and so self-absorbed, that they are basically fearful of the world stopping to revolve around them. You have to remember that the Aquarius is a water bearer and this Aquarius symbol is often depicted as a person carrying water like a jug of water and the jug is interestingly up in the air so there’s a lot of idealism involved.
The secret to Pisces woman and Aquarius man love compatibility therefore, is to let the passion arising from emotional authenticity and emotional idealism to not just grow but to take many different forms. You might have this ideal lover in mind, but guess what; the ideal lover is already in front of you. It’s those challenges that change the relationship from simply feeling good sexually, physically, and emotionally to something much higher. You cannot just look at the passion that you have and assume that it will always take that same form and will always be at that same level.

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