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Get Well Soon Messages for Boyfriend: Helping your guy feel better when he’s down and out is all about making him smile even when illness has taken its toll.
2) I know I can’t kiss you because you’ve got the flu, but that doesn’t stop me from expressing how much I love you. 8) Even the doctor knows that medicines are useless until I brighten up the smile on your face with my kisses.
10) If your doctor doesn’t mind, I would like my hugs to be a core part of your treatment and daily dose of medication. 12) Worry is chewing me up, stress is biting into me and tension is nibbling my heart away. 13) Facebook is waiting for you to post something while twitter is longing for your tweets.
14) No matter how dark and dull you feel, always remember that you are the sunshine in my life.
15) Sickness may keep you away from me for a few days, but I promise we will make it up in every way. 16) I hope my wishes add a bright ray of sunshine to your day, just like how your smiles light up my life. 18) Don’t worry, my sweet hugs and kisses will wipe away all the bitterness of the pills you are taking right now.
19) Just remind your doctor that he will face the wrath of an angry girlfriend if you don’t feel better soon.

25) I can literally feel your sickness because our bodies might be separate but our hearts beat as one.
28) While you are getting your treatment I am missing you so much, that I am on the verge of feigning a sickness so that we can be roomies. 29) I am sure that your sickness is just one of those life’s curve balls which you will hit out of the ball park. 30) I know there is no substitute for my hugs, but I promise we will more than make up for it once your health is free of sickness’ bugs. 32) With your sickness you have found a great excuse for… your friends to miss you, your family to fuss over you and most importantly, your girlfriend to kiss you.
33) Be strong because no matter how many injections you have to take during your illness, I will always be here to nurse you back to happiness. 35) Just like how nothing can replace the role of medicine to help you recover, nothing can replace your hugs to make me feel happier.
38) I googled ‘How to help your boyfriend recover from his sickness’ and the first search result was ‘Kiss him until he feels better’ So here I am. 39) I wish I was a doctor so that I would get to treat you, fuss over you and pamper you endlessly until you feel better. 40) Your illness has created a void which can only and only be replaced by long drives and romantic cuddles after you feel better. The badge will automatically display on your web page with the 5,000 Love Messages - Romantic ideas and words for your sweetheart iPad app's current Qualityindex rating.

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Apart from hugs, kisses and wishes, bombard him with flirty texts, cute tweets, funny Facebook posts and sweet messages on Snapchat.
Our selfie on your hospital bed will be yet another addition to our relationship’s awesome memory bank. But now I am slowing breaking into a smile, after finding out that you will recover in just a short while. From romantic dates to the cutest of selfies, we will make the most beautiful of all memories.
If your boyfriend is in the hospital, write a romantic quote on a get well soon card and put it by his bedside. Be careful that you don’t overdo it because guys are not known to like an overdose of mushy talk. Make him realize that your relationship is much more than just superficial – it is a deep bond that held together by love, hope and care.

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