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Most Chinese are ugly flat faced chin-chongs and wished they had beautiful Somali noses, they are jealous of us. OH ZSA ZSA bumalik ka na sa kulungan mo masyado ka ng nagkakalat dito DIRTY ADUNGISBABOOOOOOOOSHHHHHHKKKKAAAAAAA!!!! Gryffindor_prince wrote:OH ZSA ZSA bumalik ka na sa kulungan mo masyado ka ng nagkakalat dito DIRTY ADUNGISBABOOOOOOOOSHHHHHHKKKKAAAAAAA!!!!lost ang chakang chinese pati ksi brain made in china Culpa a tus genes! WAWA naman si DIRTY ADUNGIS sige pahinga ka na BAKLANG BOBITANG CHAKANG DUGYOTipagtitimpla mo pa ng kape ang mga KAPUSO starsCongrats sa STAR CINEMA tagumpay ang FOUR SISTERS AND A WEDDINGmabuhay ang pelikulang pinoy sa ibang pelikula diyan sa tabi tabi BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME na langBAWI BAWI SA BOX OFFICE PAG MAY TIMEBBBBYYYEEEEE!!!!! Purpose: This is set of guidelines we use to manage this forum and the Shanghai Expat website. Sections 2 and 3, below, contain a non-exclusive list of activities that are against the guidelines of this forum.
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My favorite Chinese bird, I had lunch with her and er agent a few years back, when she was getting reall popular. Here are three photos of the same model, Liu Wen, one of the worlds top 50 according to some website with ratings, for models, like tennis players getHow does she rate against Chinese standards of beauty? Somalis honestly look so much better than East Asians, especially when well-groomed.Chinese people are ugly motherfu*ers.
She was 15 years old when she started acting in the show Lipgloss.[1] Prior to her TV career, she has won beauty contests including Ms.
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The most beautiful woman I've ever seen in person were from Northern India with fair skin a blue eyes, like Aishwarya. When Lagerfeld first went to Chanel he has the absolute worst taste in models, but they were edgy, which carried his edgy vibe really well, with class, consequently reviving the house of Chanel.
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