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Safety Tip: Please be aware of Scammers - will try to get Money from you after relation is developed.
So we heard from the guys last week and found out what kind of girl they are NOT looking for. And by the way, if you are a guy reading Visionary Womanhood, first of all, congratulations.
Another young lady sent me a comprehensive list of amazing qualities she was looking for in a man. My mentor has often told me that I need to stop looking for the complete package and start looking for potential. To be a Godly man, be like Jesus, because Jesus was everything that God made man to be, and he fulfilled every requirement that God commands of men. There is a lot of true teaching in the church about how men should protect, provide for, and lead their wives and families. There are a lot of truths left out on this list that are important to ANY Christian, male or female.
I hear that We-The-Girls are a little more sentimental than guys, a little more emotional, a little more on the feelings side.
I want to affirm Godly men that in loving God and others they do not in any way have to produce some soft, female, emotional feeling. And then when you can’t live up to the standards on that checklist, (hint: no-one can) humbly rejoice that it is not red-ink, but red-blood, that is etched across the page.
And then when some girl you “kinda like” screws up [perhaps she expects you to be a spiritual giant in order to consider you worthy of a relationship] humbly forgive her. Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are affiliate links.
I’m a guy, and have been reading along on this blog ever since a couple posts ago, when the single guys in their 20s shared their thoughts about girls they did not want to pursue. December 5, 2012 by Guest Author 7 Comments Do you ever feel like your mind wanders off in different directions as you are praying? With these words, I am reminded to entreat the Lord for strength when I am facing temptation.
Robin Martin and her husband Randy are members at the South Twin Cities Church of Christ in Rosemount, MN, where Randy ministers as an elder. It’s unreasonable to expect that guys in their twenties are going to be as godly or accomplished as the men we look up to (our dads, pastors, other leaders and married men, older brothers), but we still need to have assurance that they will become one of those men one day.

Checklists like that only lead to frustration for all involved if We-The-Girls are overly precise on a “Godly-man” list. For all men who are following Christ, the word “godly” must be broad enough to live out in the myriad of circumstances in which they live out the gospel. But if we are sticking strictly to the question, “What is a Godly man?” the answer needs to be broader than the man who has a wife, broader than the man who has children. However, loving God and others leads to so many other truths that I decided that was a good place to stop (start?!).
This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. As a single guy, in my late 20s, I agree with them, and with much of the analysis that followed in succeeding posts.
As a Christian woman, I want my prayers to be focused and purposeful, yet still pour out my heart to God. Are we humbling our hearts before God and letting Him know that we are “on board” with whatever He wills to be done? We will fall short (we’re human) but again, this is when I ask for forgiveness when I stumble, and for the strength to forgive others when they have hurt me. And if I’m not clear on a passage that I think answers the questions, God ALWAYS provides an elder, or much wiser individual to help me get some answers.
I have a positive and cheerful character, I`m kind and interesting person, my motto – follow your dreams with one step forward. My hope is that by looking for a Godly man who keeps the commands to love God and love others, it will mean that those truths are reaching into all corners of his life right now, and those truths will grow and reach into all corners of his life if he gets married and has children.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. It’s funny how when I think back to when I was a younger teenage (and even just a couple years ago ?? ) how the things that I wanted were so shallow and so unimportant- some were downright hilarious. Well, at least at first; they got on board and gave us a beautiful wedding 13 months after we met. I don’t know why people are so quick to say that we young guys are so immature, are not worthy, and etc. When we think of how the Lord has washed away our debt of sin, we, in turn, should not withhold our forgiveness from others.
They have seven children together, four of whom have married Christian spouses, giving them eight grandchildren!

Today we make our tomorrow, so no there`s no need to doubt in vain, to waste time on little misunderstandings or to seek pinks of perfection.
And if she does, she’d be sorely tempted to worship the ground upon which his perfect little (sweet smelling, of course) tootsies tread, which is just plain bad.
I have to come to learn that it helps to dig into the Word of God, and see what He says is important. The things I remember writing in my journal that I loved most about him was that he is strong and gentle. No one is worthy, and certainly not us, but you also can’t expect us to be a finished product either.
Sometimes I will even talk out loud so I can keep my train of thought, as if I were talking face-to-face with the Lord. I tell Him how I would like the prayer to be answered, but then that I understand that He knows what is best for me, and that I will accept whatever He wills be done.
I need to tell Him that I know He is the “way out” of the trial I face-every time!
Robin enjoys running her in-home licensed daycare, teaching the baby and toddler classes for the church, leading ladies’ devotionals, and has had the privilege of speaking at Ladies Days in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Iowa.
I’m hoping to get across, both to myself and men, that maybe we just can’t be as specific as we’d like with these lists. This may sound silly, but I am less inclined to let my mind go to the next thought before I have finished one thought. If you have had opportunity to go on a mission trip and visit an underdeveloped country, you’ve likely seen people dig through garbage heaps for food, or the homeless eating scraps left behind by others. And I`m here to find a person for sharing my whole life.I`m seeking kind, reliable and positive guy with sense of humor and with place for me in his heart. The man who`s tired to be lonely and who would like to settle down in snug place with his family.
It is time to realize we are all saved by God’s grace, no one is perfect, and we should extend a little grace of our own to others, as we are all called to do.

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