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Sera que traz algum maleficio para essas pessoinhas ainda em fase de crescimento?
Voce controla o que seu filho ve na internet ou prefere deixar que ele escolha o conteudo que quer consumir? Estamos vendo meninas de 6, 7 anos com perfis no Orkut, Facebook e Twitter, e o mais engracado e que elas sao extremamente ativas, debatendo com as coleguinhas de escola, e muitas vezes, influenciadas pelas maes, postam fotos de maquiagens que compraram.
The pressure of looking good these days have affected the minds of innocent ones, teenagers and young adults.
The teen looked like a real anime, transforming herself from simply looking like a normal girl to looking like a real cartoon character.

I can imagine them when they are out on public, people would be looking at them with judgment. It was this spring of 2012 when a Human Barbie Anime Girl named Valeria Lukyanova became an internet sensation.
It’s no secret that in this generation we are living in, we are driven to follow all these popular people to want to look like them and become like them. Using plastic surgery and photo retouching, the 21 year old looked as real as it gets as a Human Barbie Doll! Anastasiya has admitted that her Barbie looks is natural and can be created through spending hours at the mirror transforming herself to look like one.
Although she admits to that in the near future she might go under the knife to achieve a slimmer waist, and God knows what else.
Not that I’m judging for girls that are underweight, but Anastasiya and Valeria are both open to their diet lifestyle. O Do!Falo delas por que estao mais proximas a mim, porem tenho notado que isso e geral.Moro num condominio fechado e vejo que as meninas de um modo geral, nao brincam mais na rua como antigamente.

All these teenagers dreaming to go under the knife, eating like a rabbit to look thin in hopes to look good is a big mistake.
And I hope that it isn’t too late for these young girls to change their ways of living before it is too late. Naum sei se alguma de vcs ja viram, a mae dela deve ser nikkei e naum lembro o nome da menina.
Ela eh bonitinha e talz, se for somente brincadeira q passa maquiagem e logo tira, tudo bem.

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