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When she is spawned she will walk around quietly for a while before starting to exchanging some words.
I made a shoutout on Twitter to a few Minecraft PE modders asking them to make an update of the mod.
The creator of this particular mod has disappeared and I am trying to find someone who can fix this mod.
Why she didn’t reply when i say hi to her?Need change the skin from steve to another?
Big problem in rural parts of third world countries where they usually let the baby die because of the deformity which is sad as shit cause it only takes plastic surgery to fix. My mom took a picture of my baby sister and step-dad in front of a rainbow, but something nifty happened while taking the photo!

My mom sits for hours trying to "decode messages" that her boyfriend leaves for his "other girlfriend" in the toilet paper and plastic bags. At least you didnt go into school as a kid and ask your teacher if there are really teeth in your butt that cuts your poo into pieces.
Hey guys, it frost, i dont do blogs often but today i am.this is like an update of my pmc and life!so first sorry about the christmas skin contest, ill be setting up a forum thread soon and ill psot a blog linking to it.next!
The girlfriend can walk around and say some words from time to time but other than that she’s quite limited to what she can do. You can respawn her again using another red poppy flower to make her have her original skin.
I can't believe the words, " I like sausage because it busts in my mouth" was the cleanest thing I wrote in it.

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