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Popular PostsThe 23 Rarest American Cars Ever Produced!27 Worthless Vehicles These Auto Makers Will NEVER Live Down! The Best Little Steakhouse in Texas would have on staff a Christina Hendricks, this generation's Dolly Parton, but Sherwin-Williams blanches at the logistics required. The smart forfun, a smart forfour with monster truck ambitions, caused quite a stir at the Athens Motor Show in November 2005.
DaimlerChrysler has always had an unusually large range of off-road vehicles – from the M-Class to the G-model and the Unimog. This is what makes it so fascinating: the combination of two vehicles, each of which has achieved cult status in its respective segment. But first things first: once the platform for the smart forfun2 had been decided, in January of this year Stefan Attart started working on the first designs. Based on technical drawings of both vehicles, a design was created that for the first time clearly showed the direction the new vehicle was to take. The designers wanted to give the smart forfun2 maximum off-road mobility – and the platform of the 406 offers optimum prerequisites for off-road driving. To optimise the vehicle for off-road driving, in addition to special shock absorbers Stefan Attart fitted manually controlled air suspension. As with the real smart fortwo, some people are sure to find the concept of the smart forfun2 too radical, whilst others will love it – with not many opinions in-between.

All of these Toon clipart illustrations are instantly available to download after checkout. Brooke is a 23-year-old stunning blonde model and broadcaster holding it down for city of Salt Lake City, Utah.
To help you make ‘Murica's Independence Day more ‘Murica, here are some TRUE American brews. Gloria is a beautiful brunette model and DJ, currently spinning for the Seattle crowds at Foundation Club.
Wonder how our old friend Frieda the Feminist would feel about thisSame as any feminist, V - horny as hell! Following the extremely positive response to this, the decision to develop a further vehicle with a similar character was a logical step.
One look at the smart forfun2 (pronounced smart for-fun to the second) and you see straightaway that it is based on a Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 series. So it’s no wonder that the smart forfun2 awakens the inner child in everyone who sees it. It goes without saying that there’s more to an off-road vehicle like this than simply screwing four wheels under a smart fortwo. Stefan Attart laid down the design that was to connect the vehicle with the platform, and precise attachment points were defined on the axles and the chassis. The OM 352, a six-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 5,675 cc, was given a prominent and clearly visible position on the front axle.

Not to mention ground clearance of 65 centimetres and an unbelievable total height of 3.7 metres. The off-road character is further emphasized by oversized wheels and the safety cage made of aluminium tubes. This enables the driver to specifically influence individual springs – a particular advantage on extreme downhill gradients.
Two vehicles, which each represent an uncompromising vehicle concept in their respective environments, and yet remain unique. However running apart from the herd is probably the best prerequisite for achieving cult status.
Actually may have been as close to a flawless victory as drunken soccer fan brawls can get. Some of us more adventurous types, need a ride that can do the job of a camry during the week, but have no problem getting to our favorite fishing spot on the weekend. He took the extremely compact and gas sipping Smart ForTwo and slapped on some 26-inch wheels.

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