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Behind the Story: Here is yet another popular fairy tale that nearly everyone has heard more than once. Story Scripture: Even my best friend, the one I trusted completely, the one who shared my food, has turned against me. Behind the Story: A cat and a mouse considered themselves such great friends that they decided to live and keep house together. A passage in the book of Acts tells the story of how Philip the evangelist had the opportunity to witness to an Ethiopian eunuch and lead him to faith in Jesus the Christ. Behind the Story: When we give of our money or time or some material possession do we give expecting to receive something in return? Behind the Story: Once there was a woman who had a daughter who was very idle and would not spin. There are many different variations of this story, but I particularly love the original because it features a house made of sweets with windows of clear sugar. They bought a pot of fat to store up for the winter when food would be scarce, and decided to keep it underneath the church altar because it would be safe from thieves there. In a dark forest, they came to a small house, where a maiden warned them that her stepmother was a witch who disliked strangers, but unfortunately, there was nowhere else for shelter.
For the majority of this year, the Holy Spirit has been drawing me back and back again to this dream that I had nearly eight years ago. But look back and you will also see the joy of victory, the challenge of the climb, and the presence of your traveling Companion who has promised never to leave you nor forsake you. After some time, the cat had a great yearning to taste the fat, so she told the mouse that her cousin had asked her to be godmother to her new-born kitten and she had to attend its christening.
Tradition has it that when the eunuch returned from Jerusalem, he witnessed to his queen, and she too came to believe in Jesus.

In the fairy tale story of Mother Holle, one girl (pretty and industrious) helped an old woman because she had a good heart and was not looking to gain anything from her kindness. The prince and his servant reluctantly entered the witch’s house, but before they went to bed, the maiden warned the prince and his servant not to eat or drink anything the witch gave them because it might be poisonous. He spoke to me this morning and told me it's time to address it and display it to His Body once again.
As the ruler of a country, no doubt her Christian faith impacted hundreds of people for years to come. It just so happened that the queen was driving by, and when she heard the girl crying she stopped her carriage and went inside the house. There is a particular emphasis on a specific portion of the dream that He wants me to highlight to disclose the hour we are in.
In reality, the cat had no cousin, was not asked to be anyone’s godmother, and there was no christening to attend. After cutting one of the snakes in three pieces, the second snake revives it with three green leaves. When he told the prince what had happened and they came to the dead horse, a raven was already eating the corpse. The woman was ashamed to tell the queen that she was beating her daughter because she was idle. I remember the first time my youngest brother and sister watched a cartoon version of Hansel and Grethel and they were so frightened of the ugly witch with her crooked nose zooming back and forth on a broom and cackling about her plans to stuff the poor children in an oven and roast them whole.
Deciding they may not find better food that day, the servant killed the bird and took it with him.
Instead, she lied and said that she was beating her daughter because she was such a good spinner and would not stop, but because the mother was poor, she could not afford to buy flax.

Instead of being grateful for being restored to life, the princess no longer loves her husband and while on a voyage, she and her skipper lover murder him by throwing him into the sea. Words escape many Christians as they seek to explain the challenges they are facing, so they blame one thing or another. But before we get to the witch, there are a few things we can learn from the other characters.
Thankfully, the prince’s faithful servant saw everything and used the three snake leaves to bring his master back.
However, the reality is, everyone who calls themselves a Christian has been, is or will be in a classroom controversy.
When the king found out the evil actions of his daughter, he had her and her lover placed in a ship pierced with holes and sent out to sea, where they soon sank amid the waves.
Immediately after eating a few bites of the raven soup the innkeeper had prepared, the robbers fell down dead from the poison that the raven had in its body. We can choose to draw near and soak in His presence, basking intimately in the manifest presence of God, sharing our deepest heart needs, or we can choose to give up, walking away, to become lukewarm and fainthearted, having lost our first love.
If we fall in love with Him again, we will be able to endure and choose obedience, so that we can be His overcoming bride in the kingdom.

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