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She’s got such a great cleavage, you can almost forgive Ryan for what he did, or maybe not!
Im Not Looking For A Boyfriend Pinterest Pictures, Im Not Looking For A Boyfriend Facebook Images, Im Not Looking For A Boyfriend Photos for Tumblr. Selena Gomez Dating: Looking For A Boyfriend Similar To Calvin Harris -- Taylor Swift Approves! Selena Gomez Dating: Looking For A Boyfriend Similar To Calvin Harris — Taylor Swift Approves!
Selena Gomez is ready to date again, having set her sights on a man just as ambitious as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Calvin Harris. Fortunately enough, Taylor is reportedly helping her on the hunt for a new boyfriend, since Selena tends to think her pal has a rather great taste when it comes to men.

The twosome eventually decided to part ways, well aware that their romance wasn’t going to work any longer.
While the hunt may have already begun, Gomez plans on keeping herself busy until the right guy does end up finding his way to her heart, planning her forthcoming tour in support of her latest album, Revival. With all the success Selena Gomez has experienced in the past 12 months, she is content where she is in her music career and tends to wish that that her personal life was going just as great. Nonetheless, fans are convinced that once the singer finishes her tour, she will have already found somebody new — a Justin Bieber reconciliation is definitely out of the picture.
Beyonce and Jay-Z have added a second concert at San Francisco’s AT&T Park this August after quickly selling out their first one. Calvin is also said to charge anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million for private DJ gigs, giving him the freedom to work whenever and wherever he wants.

This would give somewhat of an understanding as to why Selena Gomez is so hesitant on dating another man directly linked to the music industry as opposed to an executive who is established, focused on his career, and lives a relatively private life. Selena Gomez is certainly not planning to move backwards, having come so far to leave the upsetting past behind.
5 show went on sale May 1 and as of today, all but a few expensive tickets near the stage had been sold.

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