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Yesterday the Internet simultaneous orgasmed over the news that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel would reprise their roles as Cory and Topanga in the Boy Meets World  spin-off Girl Meets World. After years of watching adults plan their lives around season premieres and season finales, I got it.
While you might read this and get angry with me at dredging up trivial issues from the show, I’m telling you this all for your own good. Well yeah if you go into it expecting the same magic it held for you at 11, you’re going to be disappointed Also, I think the fact that Topanga dropped her college standards to be with Corey was a well established plot point.
I watched a ton of Boy Meets World earlier this year, and I enjoyed it as much as I did when I watched it the first time. I’m scared to rewatch anything except youtube tribute videos for fear of ruining it for myself.
Personally, I still watch Boy Meets World and love it for all the reasons you mentioned how dumb it is as you get older. That’s because at 11 you were ruled by the Tristan and Iseult legend which was predominant for 800 years since the 12th century. Methinks abbeysbooks forgot she is on a pop culture website and that nobody gives a shit how many CliffsNotes she’s read. Eric, is not the stupidest person in the show, nor is he the stupidest person in the world that has been accepted into a good school.
You break down some points that are naive at best, for the show and for ANY show in general. All TV shows and movies require a suspension of disbelief to get the art and story to the viewer.
Bottom line is, for all the reasons you will boycott this new development, I’ll give it a shot. I think the most important point of this is that Homeward Bound was the best movie ever I must have watched it 500 times…and now I know not to go ruining my childhood by watching it as an adult. I definitely agree that we should have low expectations for the new rendition of this old classic!

Tell me how you think you escaped it since it has permeated western (not asian) culture for 800 years.
I mean sure, it is a tad cheesy, just like it was when i was younger, but that magic of the show is still there. This show wove all of that perfectly, and even included fourth wall breaks at times, because it’s funny. I was just gabbing about it with a few ladies from my office at DISH, and we agree that nothing can be as great as the original.
I re-watched the entire penultimate season of Boy Meets World hungover with my roommates this weekend, and it was still hilarious. Because in exchange for planning your days around new episodes, you got to experience love and friendship and fights. And while they spend their nights watching the show and falling in love with the characters, we can spend our nights watching videos like this. It’s fun to watch them over again and remember what it meant for you when you were younger, and how you can laugh at it now. That show wasn’t good because we were 11, it was a good show because it was a damn good show! No Disney Channel show nowadays is ever going to attempt to get anywhere near issues like that, issues that are actually relevant to real, live adolescents. But you’ve also got me thinking about whether BMW was great because we were young, or because it was legitimately awesome. Boy Meets World could never be cheesy, although I’m not so sure about Girl Meets World. I saw Chicken and Plum by Jarjane Satrapi an Iranian educated in Paris, and it was Dante with his Beatrice, Tristan with his Iseult all over again. I’m confident that it’s the latter, but now I’m going to have to re-watch BMW and see for myself!
My roommates—who hadn’t watched the show as kids—were laughing at all the same moments I was.

Look at and read these funny and witty anger quotes and eventually the laughter and good mood will win. I rewatched them years later in hopes they would make me feel just as warm and fuzzy inside. The characters still evolve and grow and you fall more in love with them everytime you watch it. I guess Hannah Montana dealt with Multiple Personality Disorder, but that’s besides the point.
And where Eric even fought with his dad over intellectual discussion instead of mindless activities. But as an eleven-year-old who thought sex immediately followed french-kissing, ish was enough.
Did she completely drop her standards or did Eric get smart during Pembrooke entrance exam time.
Remember it for what it was and don’t Homeward Bound yourself into believing that Girl Meets World will be your new Homeland. Not only does character development necessitate the continuation of a character, his progression throughout the show actually makes real world sense. So when I punch you in the face, remember I have a reason.Anger is a feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind.Ohhh! Given that Michael Jacobs is coming back as showrunner, I don’t see any reason to expect different this time around. But we are the people, all united by this variety.NewsletterSubscribe to our newsletter by Email.

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