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We have decided to draw on this excess of Romantic Love energy, to channel and to use it to customize Love, Sex & Desire Spells just for you!
For some vessels we have chosen lovely fine jewelry pieces set with Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies-all stones of strong 'love' energies themselves! A BEAUTIFUL rosy pink red faceted heart stone set in Sterling Silver and accented with genuine Diamonds! The Love spells include those to stregthen and deepen a present relationship or to work on one that might develop. We do not have this listed yet but are making a special pre-order offer to our newsletter subscribers of $189.00 including a customization added on Valentines Day!

Through Time Immemorial, True Love enriches the World and is without Beginning and without End.
Choose THREE Spells (or multiple castings of one or two spells) to be custom cast onto this charm on Feb.
Choose from the list below and you may also specify Magick Type or Path if you have a preference.
14th and add to spells we have already bound to these lovely enchanting pieces pictured below. Please note, We will use mainly Celtic Fairy and Wicca Magicks in the castings for this piece!

It is bound with over a hundred French & Eastern Gypsy Magick Spells of Love, Desire, Attraction, Captivating Glamour, Sexual Enhancements and more. Layers and layers of spells including a touch of Voodoo Love Magick dedicated to Erzulie the Voodoo Love Loa! Available to have your choice of customization from a list of our most popular love spells!

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