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Wiccans and ceremonial magicians have traditionally used the moon phase and the energy created by the rhythm of the moon to enhance their magical workings. During the waning and the new moon phases the elemental spirits most affected are air and fire.
During the full moon elements of water and earth feel the pull the power of the women the most there stronger during the waxing of the full Moon cycles than in any other moon phase so these are great times to work on emotional spells or financial spells are usually represents gain and being paid well for your work.
Knowing how the moon phase is going to affect your energy can help you create and store magical focuses as well. This may be biased but being a woman I think women are more affected by the phases of the moon and that our energy is more in flux than men, so in my magical workings during the next year I plan to really pay attention to the moon phase and storing and releasing energy within the rhythm of the moon.
When considering what spell to do with the phase of the moon look to the heavens and ask yourself what’s going on. Good luck with your magic and don’t forget to check out our article on moon phases to see where we are in the cycle for 2012. Many people sync their magic to the phases of the moon and I am working on some moon magick myself this weekend my honey and I will be dedicating a new wand for our grand daughter. Chinese elemental theory was developed in 300 AD and is the basis for just about every other magical theory out there. The Wu-Hsing model is used to describe the flow of Chi along the acupuncture meridians of the body and the seasonal flux of heavenly and terrestrial chi described in chinese astrology astrology and geomancy.
The flow of chi through the seasons means different reactions of different elements during the year.
In looking at these relationships, you have to remember that this was a system taught to people who may not necessarily read and write very well so everything was made very picturesque so that it could remain within the oral tradition.
When a westerner first studies feng shui all the causes and cures and balances can be very confusing to the Western mind.
The Chinese have a very particular sense of balance and flow of the universe I think the Western mind recognizes the balance that we sometimes have a hard time not overemphasizing one element or the other maybe because we love individuality and personality so much and Chinese are much more in love with the collective. If you’re going to take on any occult study at all this theory of the elements and how they interact with each other is integral to 90% of the systems out there.
It’s hard to say there is a standard tarot card deck anymore however the traditional size stack is usually 78 cards and those cards accrued into the major Arcana of 22 cards trumps and the minor Arcana of 56 suit cards.
The great thing about tarot card deck is that the symbols it presents will relate to many different systems of esoteric knowledge that you can relate to.
We do know that tarot cards in their modern form appeared in Italy and about the 14th century.
Tarot card decks were invented at a time when very few people could read so the vivid imagery in them helps people relate to the cards and keep them in their memories. Many of the images in the modern tarot deck that we see are actually based on biblical stories. We are very lucky today because many many many different permutations of tarot cards now exist and there has been some incredible artwork portrayed in various decks. Some of my personal favorite decks are a shape shifter tarot mostly because of the images I see in the shape shifter relate very closely to how my spirit guides appear to me.
If you’re interested in studying tarot I encourage you to use the link on this site to pull up the free tarot reading generator.
I love my individual tarot card decks not for divination necessarily, although I’m I think it above average tarot card reader. In 2001 I was and a very very bad car wreck due to driving angry and reading my, very quickly but I in fact broke both legs which really sucks.
It was a perfect opportunity to meditate since I actually couldn’t get up and go anywhere so I used that tarot deck to focus on the theme and to visualize myself into the scene and to see interact with the characters on the card to see what message they had for me, what was the message that I was supposed to give to someone if I got that card for them. Once  you learned that 78 card or cold backwards and forwards for one deck Gilby able to translate it when you get other decks that are structured the same way the are will will speak to you easily if but one that live with that meditate with that go into the scene meet the characters here the story and know that is your story. The British wrote the book on suave interesting secret agents but this book goes back a lot further than you might think.
He taught navigation to many people in Elizabeth’s court and while we take our GPS devices for granted, teaching people to navigate by the stars in a ship propelled by wind had to be one of the most magical pursuits on the planet in his day.

He is the wizard Dumbledore is modeled after and was known to work on a perpetual motion machine and a stone purported to have magical properties. The language he developed is called Enochian was supposedly dictated to him and a colleague while they were trying to channel angelic beings, many people still use this language in ceremonial magical invocations today but later linguists think it is a created language based on English and. He was in Spain when the Spanish armada was assembling for its fateful trip across the channel and was able to communicate fleet strength and his astrological prediction for devastating storms before the ships left port. During World War II Ian Fleming suggested Alastair Crowley use it to communicate in code so the Germans could not translate it. Dr Dee started a long tradition of paranormal activities that were used to advance the interests of his nation state and it is a tradition that is still being carried out by modern remote viewers today. In astrology it is fun to know one’s sun sign, but there are many influences that impact the qualities that make up our personalities. Cardinal signs start every season — Aries kicks of spring, Cancer starts summer and Libra begins fall, and Capricorn is the first winter sign.
These signs end every season — and have learned the hard lessons taught by living through those seasons. If you would like to learn more about this subject checkout the 2012 astrological calander from lewellyn, it has subjects like these and your astrological forecasts fo the whole year. Full moons are an excellent time for appreciating thefullnes of life, commemorating the highlights of the month and practicing divination.
The new moon, dark and invisible is a time to plan new ventures and new beginnings, also a good time to start seeds for a magical herb garden if the season is right.
In astrology compatibility is not only a question of individual signs but backing up a step certain signs are grouped together in certain elements. Air water fire earth every element can be combined but some are more comfortable close together and some prefer distance. If you are attracted to the same sign the challenge that relationship is all about self acceptance. 2 Signs Apart = Friendship and Communication This is always a pleasant pairing due to the elemental influences you’ll often have similar values and attitudes about politics family and movies. 3  Signs Apart = Tension Power and Tug of War This is the relationship that lets you work out that stuff that didn’t get worked out in childhood. 4 Signs Apart = Harmony and Ease This is the partnership of people who claim to marry their best friends. 6 Signs apart = Perspective, Contrast, growing up You have more in common with the your opposite sign than you might thing together you make an unstoppable team. When speaking of the topic of astrological compatibility, assuming that compatibility is computable of course, the first question one must ask is what system are we using to analyze the question? Domestication of the human population was happening all across the globe so different systems developed. The western or babylonian system is based upon calculations of wheels within wheels and acknowledges the belt of stars or constellations that move around  around the Earth as it moves around the Sun.
In Hindu or Indian astrology there is much weight given to the aspect of the moon at the time of birth of the couple. Chinese astrology really reflects the longevity enjoyed by individuals and by the culture as a whole that has existed for 3 millennia more or less now. This is a simple way of using herbs to protect you from any negative energies or entities that may be bothering you. It is recommended to create a new sachet every month, preferably during a new or waning moon.
The Essence of MagickThe Essence of Magick is a guide for those of you who want to learn how magick really works, and who wish to use it to create a joyful and fulfilled life. As well as teaching you essential witchcraft practices, The Essence of Magick explains the driving forces behind magick, and teaches you how to successfully focus your mind and cast spells in order to manifest your dreams. Magickal ProtectionMagickal Protection teaches you how to protect yourself against negative energies, psychic attacks and curses. As with most things magical simple in practice and yet you could spend a lifetime learning to do it well.

But consider these basic relationships that every Chinese person new sinse before the time of Christ.
You would do well to study these elements in this place and others and know how to balance them within yourself as well as in the world.
In addition to the trumps the cards are divided into four suits typically 14 cards each ace through King.
Some occultists believe the tarot to be a remnant of the Egyptian book of Thoth which was the legendary repository of Egyptian mysteries since the Romans burned down the great library of Alexandria that we may never know. Apparently those ducks were made to play an Italian game called to Tarocchi,  I have some friends who try to play the tarot card game is represented in historical sources however they found it completely boring and we gave up. We are so well educated now and able to get on our Internet and cruise away we forget that it hasn’t been very long that people have had to rely on their memory and their oral traditions to keep the story. Those early tarot decks were made for a generation of people who learned of his biblical history to stained-glass windows and imagery the tarot cards were a way to disseminate the stories wider and cheaper. Most people I know read tarot cards when retail client’s have several different decks.
Many times my animal allies are somewhat shifted in a half animal and half human form, maybe so we can communicate better maybe so I can relate better but they often appear to me as more than just an animal that you would see in a zoo or on the street. The imagery in its is just so brutal though, that deck very much relates to psychological issues.
It contains powerful protection spells, rituals and meditations to help you stay strong, balanced and protected. It is the very basis of philosophy that was used for the study of alchemy in the Middle Ages. People struggling with addiction usually gravitate to it and it is a deck of cards that is so sharp it will cut you between your your soul and your spirit,  it’s very stark and Asian and very Buddhist and yet very beautiful.
Mix them together well, and then bring the four corners of the cloth together so that you can tie the cord around the cloth, making a little bag to hold the herbs in.
Start at the top of your head, and see it travelling down your body to your torso and then your legs, relaxing each body part as the light travels through. It is actually the source of the pentacle that Wiccans have taken on as their personal Sigil. I have seen some very talented tarot cards readers who use just plain old Western playing cards and do a bang up job of it. When the moon is in an air sign, intellectual work is favored,  And when the moon isn in an earth sign, your magic will be practical and grounded. This may well be about a past life contract and will be a great opportunity to experience what it is like to have a soulmate. This white light represents security and protection, so feel feelings of warmth and safety as the light fills your body. It’s a good time to set an intention and watch the energy of the moon build as the intention builds and see the spell come to fruition almost fluidly. So focus on things you want to increase as the moon is getting larger, and focus on things you want to decrease as it moves away from full. They know your character as well as any star chart and you may be amazed at their insights too. Once the white light reaches your feet, see it travel upwards, through your arms, and into the sachet you are holding. You are now activating the herbs and charging them to keep you and your environment safe and protected.

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