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This past Saturday I have had the pleasure of attending a total life-changing seminar which encounters and encompasses one of the greatest treasures and gifts that God has ever given us…friendship! Could it be because you continuously tell yourself that you simply don’t have time for friendship? This article was written in recognition of the Friendship Rescue seminar that took place on Saturday, December 1, 2012.
Best friends understand when you say forget when you say just a minute.Stay when you say leave me alone. Best friends are the people in life that make you laugh a little louder smile a litter brighter and live a little better.
It’s better to be yourself and have no friends than to be like your friends and have no self.
Best friends are forever you will never let them and they wont let you go even if you get into a fight you will always be best friends forever. Best friends are the people in life that make you laugh a little louder,smile a little brighter and live a little better.
Hold a friend’s hand through times of trail,let her find love through a hug and a smile. True friends are like diamonds,precious and rare,false friends are like leaves,found  everywhere.
A true friend is the only person who never gets tired of listening to your own pointless dramas over and over again.
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Links must be visible, do-follow, and working or use of cartoon on un-authorized websites will be considered copyright infringement. Sure, it’s great to have a wealth of quantitative data, but it still doesn’t really show you why a customer chose one version of your ad over another, or why they didn’t convert.
Now, think about the potential customers who clicked one of your ads and ended up on your site. By running a few tests on their site, they were able to find out that their customers were confused by this link and were unsure about how to complete a purchase.
Think of all the high fives you’d get in the office if you were able to increase conversion rates by making a small change to your site. While your ads play a big part in driving people to your site, your landing pages are equally important to closing the deal with a potential customer. Finding out your landing page approach is particularly important, because as you saw in the StubHub example, one small detail can make a huge difference in converting your customers.
For most internet retailers, a majority of your customers will come from Google search, but there are a number of other ways folks will find your products.
To quickly find out how potential customers are looking for your products, set up a study that starts simply by asking testers to open a new tab in their browser and start shopping for your product.
These are just a few of the things you can expect to learn from your studies, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Just because you start paying more attention to testing, doesn’t mean you have to break up with analytics.

Analytics provides you with the data you need to know where you should be testing, while testing helps you make sense of this data and find solutions to your biggest issues. As a woman, we tend to think of friendship as a way of sorting out our ordeals and getting through life’s unimaginable problems.
Maybe you are constantly working and are married or single and have children therefore you believe that you just cannot add friendship into the mix. The true beauty of a friendship will be the results of the greatest testimony that you can possibly share in heaven on earth. I would just like to say a few words to my beloved Pastor who was a tremendous speaker at this seminar: Thank you for your kind heart, passion and dedication to your church.
She is Co-founder, along with her husband of 13 years, of an international online branding agency, called Empower Media where they 'Work Together to Empower You.' She has a huge passion for helping others and is a huge advocate for True Beauty and surely shows it as she helps many women and teens overcome self-esteem issues and find their passion as a Personal Branding Coach in her own business, Hidden Jewel Consulting. You can probably spend hours sifting through analytics data and analyzing it to death… then applying filters and repeating the process until you realize your work day is over (oh who am I kidding – a marketer’s work day is never over). This is why relying only on analytics for your advertising strategy is like only watching the first half of a movie. At about the midway point, all we know is that the characters are a group of high school students who got in trouble and ended up in Saturday school. With analytics, you can only guess what motivated these customers to click on your ad and why they did or didn’t convert. After completing their study, StubHub changed the link to a bright orange button with the word “Go.” This seemingly minor change resulted in millions of dollars in additional revenue. It would be awesome (unless of course you’re an introverted germaphobe – then it would probably be terrifying.
The last thing you would want to happen after someone clicks on your ad is to have an experience like the one in the video below.
Have them talk their way through the entire process all the way to checkout and leave it open ended. When used together, they provide a 1-2 punch that will help your next big advertising push even better. Outside of the office, he's busy watching sports or trying to convince his wife not to throw away his stash of death metal band shirts.
The funny and unfortunate thing is that it has been proven that most woman feel truly disconnected and don’t have any real and true friends. You of all people have continuously blessed each and every one of us every day through your graciously empowering words. When she's not being her entrepreneurial self, you can usually find her spending time with her two teenage daughters and husband or planning the next True Beauty Gala. You find out who the characters are and see what they do to drive the story forward, but you might never understand why. We don’t know why they ended up in Saturday school, and we don’t know what motivated these kids to get in trouble. Sure, you can make a few educated guesses based on your customers’ actions, but there’s nothing like hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. While getting a customer onto your site is a battle in itself, keeping them on your site and converting them is an even bigger challenge.

The study might take a little bit of refining after your first attempt, but even your initial tests will yield some valuable information. Sure, I have lots of ‘friends,’ but I asked myself this very question…do I have a covenant friend?
Once you find her, and believe me you will, open yourself up to her and don’t be afraid to speak your mind and share your feelings. I can only speak for myself however I know many of us will agree that this friendship seminar was a tremendous blessing for my life as it allowed me to evaluate the challenges that I sometimes need to face without that covenant friend. Now, let me ask you this… do you usually feel alone and disconnected from yourself and do you just feel that something is missing?
Yes, as I said…I do have many close friends, but I am talking about the one that I can share all of life’s little secrets with and one that will be there for me when the going gets rough. I, for one have truly felt disconnected and sometimes alone and now I finally understand why. Could it be that you simply don’t have that one friend that you can turn to when you’re down? One that is honest and truthful to me and simply tells me those four little words: everything will be ok. Someone to lift your spirits just with their caring smile and they simply assure you that everything that is going wrong in your world will be good again. Whoever truly believes that a close friend and a covenant friend is the same, needs to attend this friendship seminar.
Thank you, my beautiful Pastor…you have blessed my family in many more ways than one.
At the seminar, my great and powerful Pastor said something so true… A person who has no friends is missing out on some of the greatest blessings that life has to offer. I could not have done it without your passion for the subject and your empowering words that made us all see clearly. No, I don’t have that covenant friend that I can turn to whenever I am down or whenever I am passing through life’s little obstacles. The wonderful Pastor, whom of which continuously blesses me each and every day with the words coming out of his mouth spoke at this seminar and said “A covenant friend is simply ‘you in a different body’.” Do I have a friend that is that way? Maybe you had that covenant friend whom you met in Kindergarten and you vowed to be friends forever.
When you come across that certain individual, you know that you will do anything in your power to stay friends with them forever…you cannot imagine your life not being friends with them…whom many people in today’s society like to call their BFF. You both knew that you had someone to count on…someone you can turn to when you’re sad and someone you can turn to when something great has happened in your life. I am not afraid to say that I haven’t found ‘me, in a different body’ yet… admitting that I have no fear will only make me stronger.
But, what simply boggles my mind is…why does life need to get in the way of one of the greatest treasures that God could ever give you?

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