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Links in email sent before the 27th (through our old email service) will no longer function. Alright, so just to make sure none of you are missing out, I am still gathering your ideas for stories. Well, since the season is over, I figure it's time to poll my favorite few episodes we got out of it.
Well, I have to say that this finale has to be one of my favorite, if not my favorite episode of this season. The staff of the show really seemed to be making a big deal about Lena Hall being in this episode, and even some of the fans as well. Okay, so over these past few months in college, I've been occasionally writing, well, just random, creative snip-its that come to mind, whether that be thoughts, poetry, or short stories. From the minor snippets I had seen and heard about this episode before it was released, I was contemplating not watching it at all. When the Metal Gear gag showed up I had to do a double take, I didn't believe that it was real at first. The kindly Facedeer has now created a Goodreads page for most of my fics, including Non-Entity. Everytime someone tells me Discord should never be portrayed as someone with a sexual history or bisexual or pansexual I picture him singing this complete with dance moves. They can be pony related or not and as mature or as all-audience friendly as you like them.
I was originally planning for this to be another free verse, but as I wrote it, my mind quickly began developing a rhythm along with a rather simple rhyme scheme. I don't know if you guys had the same feeling as I did, but to me this season was rather mediocre, you know?
There were moments in the beginning of this episode that had me expecting a bit more out of this one than we got, and I think that may have been what did it in for me.
This poem, although it has some rather dark undertones is hopeful unlike the last, and is actually about the same person. This sort of came about as a way to simply release my urge to write or express my thoughts whenever it came about, and I didn't have time to start on some major project or fic. The sleep paralysis was a clue, but I'm also in a lot of pain from my endo, feeling paranoid that people hate me, depressed and anxious.
Feel free to skip.Next week I will need to go to a recruitment agency and my anxiety has kind of kicked in because the last time I went to one was in 2008 and that was before the recession happened. None of them are rated or reviewed yet, but if you liked (or disliked) any of my stories then I would love to know.Also, regarding NE, thank you all so, so, so much for the lovely comments.
They hate the idea of Dislestia or Fluttercord (Read: Shipping in general) but are immediately pairing up Fluttershy with Tree Hugger. Along with that, with an upcoming semester of college on its way, this will most likely slow me down even further with less time to work on them. I've seen a Rarity and a kinda sorta Twilight one, but it would be interesting to see one with Fluttershy or even Applejack start falling for a pony only to find out who they really are. I have enough inspiration to do it, but for whatever reason, I just don't have any ideas on what to do. The main thing that I was hoping to see were some good interactions between Fluttershy and Twilight since it's already something we rarely ever see. Well, to me it felt incredibly similar to a classic Twilight episode like Feeling Pinkie Keen or Lesson Zero. So, all of these pieces tend to be fairly short (there are some longer than others) and very raw, as in what I've written is pure expression, emotion, and thoughts, most of them fairly unrefined. I've been reading patient experiences with withdrawal online and most of them say it takes months for withdrawal symptoms to dissappear.
That's not thoughtless because she obviously had thought of him and assumed he was already going.
The style I wrote this in is quite a bit different than the one I usually use for my fanfics. This episode put them together, and, of course, that made me expect to see some of these interactions, but in reality, I felt like the two were never on the same page at all. I guess in a way, this series will portray the darker side of my thoughts even though that's not what I was intending for it to do.
As an example, the poetry I write is extremely free form and although my mind sometimes does develop a pattern, rhythm, or beat, I basically just let the words flow out. My condition tends to act up especially in the morning, so that normally prevents me from going to any of my morning classes.
Something about the way the story played out reminded me of a season 1 - season 2 episode which of course are some of the greatest, along with having the new style that the past two seasons have brought in. Without her (and Celestia) he'd likely have his butt in concrete for another thousand years. Even though Discord is a baby in terms of friendship and especially in relationships, he's still an adult. Thanks for all the ideas, and honestly, like I said, I had a hard time choosing just one out of these. Twilight was doing Twilight stuff throughout the episode, and Fluttershy was doing Fluttershy stuff. Reorganizing the library, staying in all weekend, not leaving the house for three days, now that's the old Twilight I know and love.
So, for those of you closer and more dedicated fans out there, or for anyone who would find an interest in this for whatever reason, would you like me to start posting some of these in the form of blogs?
I have always been a fan of Discord from the start, and he is even better when he's jealous. I have moving to do and commissions to draw and right now I feel like I'm not in control of my own body and if I get out of bed I throw up. I tried living off my savings I had from my last job (which are now running out), because last time I went through the welfare system I nearly became suicidal. Somehow all of my professors managed to make their due dates for major assignments on the same day or at least incredibly close together.
Great, unique, incredibly lovable characters, nice slice of life episodes with happy endings and morals, and songs contained within a good amount of episodes. This one ended up seeming the most interesting and inspiring to me, along with being something that I think I could do a good job with. I am simply just getting as many of your ideas as possible before going through them and picking one out. I just don't want anything extremely detailed as that is reserved for commissioning, just base ideas, so to speak. But what I am asking for is just simple ideas, as in: hey, you should do a story about this pony and that pony, or you should do a story based off of this episode, or try doing something like this or about this. Anyways, this one is a question of what comes after we die, along with how confusing and frightening that kind of unknown can be.
The only issue that I did really have throughout the whole episode was that whenever Twilight returned to the alternate presents, she was still an alicorn. It seemed as though they weren't even trying to work together right up until the end, and even then it was barely anything. Then of course, one of Twilight's oldest personality traits was triggered in this episode as well, the fact that she has such a hard time admitting that she is wrong, that something is wrong, or in this case, how jealous she has become of her friends and Discord.
If I don't get 10-12 hours of sleep in a day, it affects my condition and I feel absolutely exhausted. The amount of Discord shenanigans in the episode made me grin: I mean come on, we had a Metal Gear reference, got to see his home, got to hear some terrible jokes, and that portal to another dimension, yes.
I need to catch up on a few things since I've been away and Canterlot Castle has one of the biggest libraries in Equestria. She was assertive, straight to the point, and laid it all out in a way Discord could understand it.
Once again, I don't want anything extremely detailed or laid out, as that is reserved for commissions. I'll pick the one I like best and possibly ask you for more details if I happen to need them.
Considering these alternate timelines, Twilight would never have become the princess of friendship in any of them.

Anyways, onto the episode.I liked it, certainly not the most amazing episode ever, but it was indeed a good one. I guess that was the main issue I had with this episode, and it's still bothering me to this moment.
It's about someone special to me and how our fights can so easily affect my anxiety riddled, self-doubting head.
This trait is something that has always caused Twilight troubles and will always make for a good episode when put into use. It's most likely just a part of the healing process, but still, it takes out so much of my day.
It used to be to help people, and now they just make you feel like the scum of the earth for even daring to ask for help that yor own taxes from working subsidized. Not to mention several closed stacks.” He waggled his eyebrows at her at this last comment. I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't died or anything, and am actually doing fairly well.
I think I put a lot more time into writing and planning your stories for you than you think, along with trying my best to give you exactly what you want out of a story rather than just going for the basic idea of what you want. It's not going to be anything incredibly long so depending on how things go, it should be up in the next couple of weeks.
There was so much potential for some great, sweet, and funny moments between the two, and this episode just wasted it.That being said, since the two were so separated, we did at least get some nice individual moments out of them.
No matter how many lessons she learns, this trait always seems to persist, and I'm so glad that it does.
Ah, also remember my job I told you about, how my boss was pissed about me missing so much? It reminded me of an innocent, sweet little puppy dog that had no idea it was doing anything wrong. And instead of the effects fading away and tapering off they just got WORSE AND WORSE as time went on like a staircase of hell.No way am I doing that again. When I had a job I loved I ate, breathed and drank that job, even doing extra work at home and reading up everything I could about the subject, not because I had to but because I was completely obsessed and wanted to. My theory that Discord would totally lose his shit if he lost Fluttershy was indeed correct. It's not as if this Twilight was a separate entity and there was another Twilight in each of these timelines.
Although she seems to have some issues with naivety along with letting others push her around for the sake of fame (but hey, every good character needs flaws) she's kind, charitable, friendly, and seems to be a truly great pony in general. She made their lives seem less hectic, more important, and much more livable, even when her own was a mess.
As I said in my review of the previous episode, I absolutely love Twilight being Twilight, and we saw quite a good amount of it in this episode too. Even though Twilight is now a princess and so knowledgeable in friendship, we still get to see how imperfect she really is, and I always love when the show portrays that. There are plenty of alternative anti-depressants out there that don't make you dependent. When I worked on animation as a student I'd stay up until 3am drawing every frame while I downed a bottle of red wine. As I mentioned in my review of it, not only were they fun, unique for the show, and just plain interesting, but also are a gold mine for the fandom. It's obvious, especially after that dinner dare comment in the episode, that you want to go out with her. I discovered quite a bit about the characters through her mentioning them while playing the game, and then watched a few episodes of the show with her.
They provided a setting, a slight background, and a bit of a story, but otherwise it was all white space. The only time we saw another Twilight was when she was a filly, but that was past Twilight, not present, so that made sense. As for Fluttershy, we had some classic caring animal moments with her as well, which of course, is always comforting and heartwarming to see. Yes, she acts quite a bit differently now, but the old Twilight is still right behind that, and I love seeing it. The funny thing is, this whole thing could have actually quite possibly been caused by stress, physical and mental. Still, some money is better than none I suppose.The depression is making it hard to get motivated, and my room is a mess. At first I was fairly hesitant about it, most likely because I didn't start from the first episode, but I was still intrigued. I've always been willing to lower my prices slightly if you have good reasoning behind it or are just happen to be that good at persuading me. White space that the fandom can have all the fun they want with, whether it be fiction, art, etc. Still, it would have been so much better to see these moments mash together rather than be so separated between the two characters. Besides that, this episode had plenty of other great Twilight moments as well, along with some classic Twilight and Spike moments too. So the fact that I quit working at that little hell hole of a coffee shop is actually probably helping me in more ways than one.
It's in a state of half-packing and half still living here with dirty tea cups and wotnot, because I feel like my life is in limbo. I become utterly and wholly absorbed in something when I work on it, and that currently seems to be the case with this story.So, here we go! To them, she was a tool, ignored, unless, needed, and then used only to put back in her lonely drawer. Minus the whole Discord aspect, this episode was almost that of nostalgia to me, but that doesn't mean the new was a nice touch as well. But being the Lord of Chaos, it's going to take him a while to adapt into a gentlecolt version of himself for Fluttershy. Onto the good stuff.First of all, I was honestly glad that this episode was focused on Twilight and Spike, rather than the mane six. I mean, seriously, he could technically be considered a minor villain for all that he did in that episode. We tend to mainly only ever see country ponies in the form of the Apple family or on the rare occasion that an episode is set in Appleoosa, so, in a way, it was nice to see some new ones, especially the more mountain fairing hillbilly types. She literally invited Discord for the purpose of fucking the Gala over because she wanted to spice things up a bit.
So I hope this will not only improve the creative skills that I already have but also expand them, especially into this multitude of platforms and formats.
My favorite aspect of this episode was the that we got to see the impacts of the old Twilight's decisions along with her sudden move to Ponyville. Considering the finales have been like this since season 3, it's definitely starting to become a pattern. There were plenty of new characters introduced and just seen in this episode, so I'm sure there will be plenty of fanfiction or at least ideas about them thrown out in the fandom. So yeah guys, not begging or anything, but if you're feeling kind, you could always throw a couple dollars my way.
I figured the show would never look back on that moment, yes, the Nightmare Moon aspect would be something that would be looked back on, but Twilight's life in Canterlot, no. It's become a way to not only test what Twilight has learned throughout the entire season and show that in action, but also to show how much farther she herself has developed as a character while also portraying how much she still has to learn. She associated herself with no one in realization that she was the tool, but still did her duty when she was pulled from the drawer. They all seemed interesting and quirky enough, and plenty of the characters had distinctive features and looks as well. He always has ulterior motives, but sometimes it can be rather confusing as to what those are.
So yeah, you could say I'm already verging on my love for it turning into an obsession, and considering how much content I have left to explore, it most likely will happen.
So I was surprised and happy of course when this episode did it, and it did it quite well too.

We were led to believe that Discord was purposely attempting to make Twilight jealous, which considering his actions, seems to be the case. Surely not all your enemies are going to be of the kind wielding spears and shields.”“We have a mage among us,” said Celestia, who was still on edge. I have no idea how long it will be until I end up pumping out another fic on here, or for that matter start one.
Besides that, the story of this episode was just really sweet and I loved getting to see Twilight's old friend group in action.
Throughout the years this show has been on, I've seen plenty of speculation on exactly what would happen if the mane six never defeated so and so, whether it be through art, fanfiction, or just discussions in general. Anyways, onto the moral, this is one that we hear quite often, especially in shows intended for a younger audience. Deep inside though, her heart was still as pure as the day she was born, and her soul still kindred, but she no longer wanted to be the tool. While this could easily be Discord attempting to get the other ponies off of his back and believe his actions were all for the greater good, it is a fact that this helped Twilight learn this lesson. Although the show brushes it off as friendship, I know for a fact that the writers are hinting at more. Honestly, this season did well in this episode genre at least, and I had a hard time picking for this last one. We all want to be famous, but if you do end up getting that far, you can't let that fame change who you truly are. Equestria at war is something I think this fanbase has dreamed of for a very, very long time, but I honestly thought we would never see this happen in the show due to the intended audience. The whispered words only grew louder, less informed, and crueler, all because she would not let them use her.
I did like the fact that Twilight once again figured she'd know exactly what she was doing and was more than wrong.
When looking at Discord, I always try to see his actions and words as much more complex than what is simply happening, and considering he is chaos incarnate, I'd say there definitely has to be quite the complexities in there.
How would you feel if an all powerful dark, Chaos God had a crush on you and knew he couldn't have you? I'm not fully sure why I chose this one out of the many other nice little slice of life episodes we had this season, but I did. Yes, it was very toned down, and yes we didn't see much of it, but hey, we finally got it, and honestly, I think they did a great job of portraying it. I love seeing her flaws (something I also mentioned in the previous review as well) and I feel as though this is one she may never get rid of. My belief is that, no, Discord is not a truly good character, but at the same time, I think he is trying to help Twilight in some way or another.
Perhaps it's because of the introduction to the rest of the Pie family, which was very enjoyable. We not only just got to see the fighting side of it with a badass Rainbow Dash with a robotic wing and amazing mane cut along with equally badass Pie sisters, but also the domestic side as well which seemed to have a very WWII vibe. This one seemed quite bit more focused on the story and singing than anything else, which I certainly don't mind at all. She always ends up feeling completely defeated when she thinks this way, but she does it no matter what. If they take their time with it, and actually show the two developing their relationship as friends a bit further, then yes, I'll be absolutely fine with it being a thing. This is a being that can tear open portals to other worlds with his talons and lives in a dimension with eldritch beasties flying around. Finally, my favorite little gag in this episode was the fact that Twilight was once again called a spy, and even pointed out the fact that it's happened before.
Or since it's getting close to the Holidays, the spirit of the season could be pulling my vote. Oh, yes, it brings me back to the good old days when a very suspicious Rainbow Dash was under the assumption that a certain purple unicorn that just so happened to show up in Ponyville the day before Nightmare Moon returned, was a spy.
One thing that I did notice though, is that when Discord was in the fishing outfit near the end of the episode when he arrived at the castle, he had the Smooze in a small little jar around his neck. He has feelings for a girl but they are incredibly confusing feelings and some of those are the excitement of having his first friend, but also the feelings of crushing on a pretty girl he likes to make laugh, because in Discord's eyes laughter="woohoo!
She promised herself it would all get better, but it seemed as though her life only grew harsher as she grew year by year, those who surrounded her not helping but only making it worse. With all of these variable timelines which were just barely touched upon and explored, it leaves a ton of white space, and simply just sets up a stage. All she needed was a hand, a hand she would never use as a tool, but appreciate as an equal or greater.
I guess that means drugs are canon because I could tell that somepony definitely smoked way too much pot and probably dropped a lot of LSD.
Anyways, yeah, not too much stood out to me in the little realm of things besides the references that I'm sure you already got. Just think of all the art, stories, even songs and much more that this episode is going to create. Already standing upon the ragged edge of a crumbling cliff, it only took another touch to push her over. I'm excited for it, and I hope that these new timelines will spark some ideas in my head too. She was found surrounded by her purity which she had let escape her, along with her broken but beautiful soul. Onto Starlight Glimmer, we finally got to see her motivation behind the whole no cutie marks, all equal ideal of hers. Then, she was surrounded in false sentiment by all that had used her for many unjustified reasons. I used to think I had Asperger's because of it, but I think it may actually be a symptom of my BP.
Although some cried, although some regretted their actions, it was only for days, even hours, because to them she was but a tool, one of many they could find and use again until broken. If that's the cas,e it simply morphs into something much more as it did for Starlight Glimmer. As per usual, the villain was reformed, and we got to see the good side of Starlight Glimmer, and well, I think I like her, a lot. It looked like there was some pony in his ancestry, but there was also dragon, and an amalgamation of other animals, though the former two stood out the most.
She seems like a good character, and with all this development that took place in this episode, she's even better.
From an ending like that, I feel like this will definitely not be the last time we'll see her, and even Twilight said they needed her help.
She suspected she would once she was ruler and had to travel and cement treaties with neighbouring kingdoms, but for now she was a mare that had just come of age and most of her life involved learning royal customs.
I'm excited to see more of this pony, and I hope we have at least a little bit of focus on her next season. Along with that, she seems to be one of the, if not the most powerful magic user in Equestria.
Being able to take away cutie marks, I figured she was a powerful unicorn since the opener, but I never knew she was going to be something like this. Can't anybody get any peace and quiet in here?” But then he smirked at her and said “Why are you asking?”Celestia thought fast. Considering that Twilight is not only one of the best in magic but also an alicorn with alicorn magic, friendship magic, and all the likes, it's pretty amazing to see just a unicorn be so much more powerful than she is.
He's episodes seemed to be more comedic in focus (Castle-Mane-ia for example, which I believe was his first episode) and I never really enjoyed them.
He plummeted off the top of the book stack, flapping his small wings furiously and hit the ground before he could react with magic.

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