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Perhaps the easiest way to make new friends is to hang-out with the people with whom you spend most of your time anyway. If there aren't any built-in opportunities for socializing at your office, try sending a casual email to see if anyone wants to meet up for lunch or knows any good places for after-work drinks. Many dating columnists advise making a list of what you want in a potential mate before you begin dating, and, likewise, a list of what you want in a friend. You never know where you might meet a potential friend: the grocery store, a yoga studio, your university's alumni association.
As much as you would like to make new friends, however, don't befriend people who will ultimately cause you more distress than joy.
You looked around the classroom, located a kid whose jumper you liked, bonded over a shared hatred of math, and voila -- you were BFFs, or at least BFs until the next grade.

So is finding people with whom you hit if off, especially when you've moved to a new place. If you work at the same company or have similar jobs, then you already have something in common -- and studies have shown that having at least one work friend reduces stress levels and increases productivity significantly. Of course, everyone hopes to find friends who are caring and honest, but try to be more specific: What do you envision yourself doing with your new friends?
After chatting with someone, don't just walk away; make an effort to exchange numbers or email, or at least give her yours.
As fabulous as a potential friend may be, if she is passive aggressive or if she criticizes you, even subtly, then it's best to avoid her -- because, most likely, it will only get worse, not better. If you don't want to give her your work email or phone number (especially if your boss isn't so keen on you making personal calls during the day), make up a personal business card with just your name, cell number and email.

This time of year can feel really hopeful, and many of you talk about what you'd like to accomplish come September.One of the things that gets mentioned a lot is the goal of making new friends. Maybe you're going to a new school, or feel like you've outgrown your current friends, or maybe you just want to expand your social horizons from last year. Of course, all that's easier said than done; making new friends takes effort for most of us, and a decent amount of self-confidence too.

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