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Even if you live in a city and have an amazing life out there with your family and kids, still, nothing can replace travelling.
When you go outside and travel to a completely different city or country, you meet people whose lives do not revolve around McDonald’s or MTV.
You must have often seen that while you are in the train or the plane, you often start a conversation with the person sitting right next to you and at the end of the journey you realize that you have made a very good friend. When you visit a new country or city, you are bound to come across some food that you have never eaten before.
If you are travelling with your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband this might be the best way to reconnect with them. When you go out for a vacation you are more likely to indulge in activities like rafting, rock climbing, playing on the beach etc.
If you are going on an adventure sport holiday and you are afraid of certain things for example fear of height or fear of water, this might be an excellent time to face those fears. If you are travelling alone at a peaceful place for example a hill station of a place which has beaches, it might be a good way you to get to know yourself and reflect upon yourself. When you travel, you are away from the boring daily routine of your life and you see new things which give your mind peace. Your mind will change accordingly and you will start accepting the different cultures and people instead of criticizing them. Yes, going out and travelling has more chances of meeting new people and thus making new friends. Sometimes the new food that you try is so amazing that you end up asking the recipe for it. When you are out and are travelling with them, you get to spend some quality time with them which you otherwise would not, considering you busy schedule.
You can learn how to skydive with proper training and once you do it, you will feel that there was nothing to be afraid of. Today we live in a world where becoming bilingual or multilingual can benefit you very much.
You might write a journal while you are travelling and you might be amazed to find out some characteristics about yourself.
Even if you’ve already packed a brown bag full of your favorite left overs, it’s a good idea to accept these invitations regardless.

You might be on a vacation and find a group of people who are going to the same destination as yours and you end up having a good chat. You will see different places together, you will have food together and you will dance together.
Even if you don’t indulge in all the activities mentioned above, you would at least be walking more than usual. You can relax as much as you want and give your mind some time and see what you want from life and what the purpose of your life is. Even if you are on a business trip, the fact that you are in a completely different city can take all the stress out. You realize that there are so many different cultures in the world which are equally enjoyable. Travelling involves a lot of hectic work and will lead you to go from one place to another. It may be even possible that after coming back, you will be more active as a result of the travel. When you go into the calm and serene ocean, you will realize that all this while you were uselessly afraid of water. It will give you a direction to your life and its journey and will help you in moving forward. We all deserve that one break where we can do whatever we like and not have a single worry of the world. This book holds many nuggets of wisdom and advice, but here are some of the best tips summarized for your convenience: Become genuinely interested in other people.
You may either return home with an appreciation of your own country or the country of city you visited.
Of course the travel stress will be there specially if your visit involves a lot of sightseeing and outings, but travel stress is positive stress.
New friends, new people new cultures, they all leave a positive impact on your personality. Instead of fighting over whose turn it is to clean the bathroom, you will be relaxing in a hot tub in the bathroom. Do not hesitate in taking breaks; it is the best way where you can regain your energy and get revitalized to come back in your daily lives. If you are living in the city, a week out on a hill station will fill your lungs with fresh and pure air which is needed for your body.

Your taste buds will enhance and you will start eating different types of delicious food once you come back after travelling. If your relationship is going through a bad phase, travelling a trip together would be the perfect way to bring about happiness and joy back to your relationship! More specifically, be prepared to answer every inquiry with a smile and a question in return. There’s no worse way to start a job with a new company than to learn why the current employees are not happy with said company. Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
When you are in a new city or country you may face many problems in adjusting, but soon you break out of your shell and that’s where you develop as a person. You might even surprise your loved ones with the new words you have learnt from the other language. Although there’s much that could be discussed in regards to starting a new position, one topic that shouldn’t be over looked is making friends in your new work place. Even if someone brings up a sensitive subject, keep the conversation light and remember that everyone’s favorite subject is really him or herself. Travelling gives you live experiences which are far better for your development than watching travel shows on the television. Perhaps making friends comes naturally to you and you’re used to being the most liked person in the office. Use lunches and break times to learn the names and interests of your fellow coworkers and develop a sincere interest in other people. Here are some reasons why you should pack your bags straight away and more out for a little adventure! This will help you avoid an awkward situation and will easily help you win some new office buddies.
If you don’t like befriending workmates in this way, then we suggest having a graceful answer or alternative.

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