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Young people who move to Philadelphia sometimes ask me how to get better connected in Philadelphia.
Attend Young Involved Philadelphia events — The group is a great hub of smart, hungry, young Philadelphians.
Join the Philadelphia Sports Network or another recreational sports league — These groups are great at bringing people together around sports, and most cities have something like them. Join your neighborhood civic or block group — Most neighborhoods that are attracting new Philadelphians have active community groups that improving the city and connecting the civic minded. Find an online community that fits your interest — Whether it be sports or technology or drinking or your part of the city, someone is probably writing and hosting events that will attract people like you. Volunteer — Find a nonprofit, political group or mission group that has value to you.
Margaret Runbeck says it best when she said, “Silences make the real conversations between friends. If you need help with making friends, an advice that can help you is to accept the fact that whether you like it or not, you will have to meet new people.
Compliments Can Go A Long WayIn my experience, compliments are a great way to plant the seeds of a new friendship. Source: Shutterstock Invite Them To Different ThingsCasually mentioning different events you're going to is a great way to kick off some bonding time. Source: Shutterstock Some Things Might Not StickThat person you've been hanging out with after class might end up just being your friend you hang out with after class. Source: Shutterstock Small Talk Can Work WondersAnybody who thinks that small talk is pointless needs to take all of the seats.

Source: Shutterstock Food Is The Great EqualizerWhen in doubt, suggest going out to grab some food.
Fanpop It's Normal To Be NervyI'm as extroverted as can be, but I can still get intimidated from time to time when I'm in very unfamiliar surroundings and around people I know don't. If not, find a museum, advocacy group or another institution that has a young friends group or something else. Not the saying but the never needing to say is what counts.” Indeed, the best things about friends are the elimination of the need to say things because what is more important is the goes without saying. For example, you transferred to a new school and have no friends at all or you have a new job and you need to adjust and mingle with your new office mates.
Whether you’re feeling a little lonely in your art history class or you just feel like branching out, even for the bravest among us there are a lot of insecurities that arise when we open ourselves up to new people. But hey, if your new friend or acquaintance suggests going or doing something that you normally wouldn't do, take them up on their offer! Sometimes things don't really move beyond the boundaries of your classroom or a study spot. There are many friendship SMS messages that can help remind you of the special friendship that you have. Another thing that you also need to avoid to be able to be more successful in making friends is the notion that you have to look for friends who are like the ones you have already become comfortable with. It could be a great bonding experience or an eye opening one that tells you that this new friend might not be your cup of tea. Ok, honestly, I've never really understood that phrase but listen: Unless your other friends are the worst people ever, don't dump them in your quest to make new friends.

Such messages can include the one that goes, “While everyone shakes my hand, you hold it.” This is a cute friendship SMS that is a perfect reflection of a great friendship. It is a mistake to look for the very same qualities that your other friends have in the new people that you are hoping to become friends with.
Common interests are also a factor that can help you find the people you could be friends with. There are a few things that you can do to make this process a little easier and a little less stressful. If you're afraid that your friends won't get along or see eye to eye or that they're just very different people, you'd be surprised by how much they can still manage to get along.
Sometimes, it is not very easy at all, especially for someone who is not very sociable and who is not comfortable striking up some conversations with other people.
When you join groups that share your interests, you are likely to find people who you can get along with and start friendship with. If that person was anything like me, they'd take your ignorance as a prime opportunity to share new music with you! Don't go shoplifting crappy stud earrings at Claire's just to get cool points with some chick in French class, girl.
Whether you're complaining about an upcoming essay or making a funny observation, this is a fun way to test to waters of a potential friendship or, at the very least, an acquaintance.

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