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Now conclude your worship by sincerely asking the Yantra, in spoken words, to grant you whatever your heart desire. This festival corresponds to a nine-day Taoist celebration beginning on the eve of 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, which is observed primarily by the ethnic Chinese of Min Nan linguistic group in Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and also the Riau Islands called the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.
The beginning of spring and the beginning of autumn are considered to be important junctions of climatic and solar influences. Navaratri or Navadurga Parva happens to be the most auspicious and unique period of devotional sadhanas and worship of Shakti (the sublime, ultimate, absolute creative energy) of the Divine conceptualized as the Mother Goddess-Durga, whose worship dates back to prehistoric times before the dawn of the Vedic age.
A whole chapter in the tenth mandal of the Rigveda addresses the devotional sadhanas of Shakti. Lord Brahma is cited in the Markandey Purana as mentioning to Rishi Markandey that the first incarnation of Shakti was as Shailputri. Since the Vedic Age of the Rishies, the devotional practices recommended during Navratri are primarily those of Gayatri Anushthana.
In the Vedic Age of the Indian Culture, the religious philosophy and devotional practices were focused towards true knowledge and ultimate realization of the supreme power of Gayatri (Bram Shakti). Maran mantra used to kill your enemy and punished your enemy.most of Professional tantrik using this  maran mantra(Crow Feather) are used to destroy someone.

Hence, the Vashikaran Yantra is worshipped and used to attract the person you desire and bring him or her under your influence. If you are unable to read Sanskrit read Hindi or English Translation, all have equal effect. These two periods are taken as sacred opportunities for the worship of the Divine Mother Durga. Further incarnations of the Divine Mother are: Brahmcharni, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidatri in that order.
In fact, before the beginning of the legendary war between the Kauravas and Pandavas in the Mahabharata – a foundational Sanskrit epic in the Hindu tradition – Lord Krishna worshipped Durga, the Goddess of Shakti, for the victory of the Pandvas. Gayatri has been the source of the divine powers of the gods and non-goddesses in the heavens and their angelic manifestations and incarnations. Giantess powers are used in these spells and they possess the mind or body of “The Target”. The fifth chapter of the Rudra Sanhita of Shiva Purana also vividly describes the various Divine Emanations of Durga. Gayatri sadhana was also paramount in the higher level spiritual endeavors of the yogis and tapaswis.

Such spells are very common these days and people use them particularly in jealous feelings to destroy someone.
If your Saturn is bad then you can use together with NavGrahaYantra to maximize the benefit. Gayatri Mantra was the core-focus of daily practice of sandhya-vandan (meditation and devotional worship) for everyone. Vashikaran Yantra concentrates the energy of your mind waves to influence the woman or man of your dreams and within a period of 40 to 90 days attracts her or him towards you. By this way, he gets nothing even after his best efforts and ultimately become unsuccessful.
The more intense your desire, the faster the results – provided you perform the ritual worship of the Vashikaran Yantra with sincere devotion and single-minded purpose.
These spells create dire consequences before you and destroy peace and harmony of the family.

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