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I’m thinking of actually posting again, since I found a a way to do it on my phone now :) but is it okay to just do plain old quotes, not from witty? In one episode where Twilight sees her own future self, she was wearing a bandana, an eye-patch and a worn-out skintight suit. This isn't the first time Andrew Francis has been captain of the guard, nor is it Kathleen Barr's first time voicing an evil queen commanding a horde of insectoid creatures. This isn't the first time Cathy Weseluck has voiced a young boy who has a crush on an older woman voiced by Tabitha St. The Flim-Flam Brothers' field of work makes a lot more sense when you consider Flim at least has had plenty of past experience.
With the reveal of the cast of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes voicing the Japanese dub of FiM, it's been noted that not only some of the characters but even their color coding has been adhered to (Rarity shares Hercule's hair color, and Nero and Sherlock are quite similar to Applejack and Pinkie Pie respectively).
Also for the Japanese dub, Celestia's voice actor has some experience as a physical goddess. In the episode "Simple Ways" Rarity has a crush on Trenderhoof and tries to change herself to impress him. In the Italian dub, Fluttershy is voiced by the actress for Cure Pine, who is also shy, kind, soft spoken, and loves animals. Cathy Weseluck as Spike as well as the mailpony in "The Last Roundup" and Truffle Shuffle in "Ponyville Confidential", Tabitha St. In the Polish dub, Little Strongheart is referred to as male, but is still voiced by a woman.
Derpy, Mane Goodall, Babs Seed, and Photo Finish are voiced by the same man in the Hungarian dub.
The voice grunts that Featherweight makes in the Japanese dub were provided by Izumi Kitta, Rainbow Dash's voice actress. Dawson Casting: Averted with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, whose voice actresses were ten when they first started recording. Do I Really Sound Like That?: According to this interview, Andrea Libman, the voice of Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie (non-singing), Daisy (in "The Mysterious Mare Do Well"), and Pumpkin Cake, isn't very fond of listening to her own voice.
Irony as She Is Cast: Although Rebecca Shoichet is a professional singer, Twilight rarely sings, almost only singing now in season premieres and finales.
Money, Dear Boy: While he later came to appreciate the role, John de Lancie originally became Discord for a quick buck.

Throughout Seasons 1-3, Sweetie Belle's singing voice is provided by Michelle Creber, who speaks and sings for Apple Bloom. In "Sleepless In Ponyville", Claire Corlett does Sweetie's singing herself, taking Cute but Cacophonic far beyond 11 and into ranges that were previously just theoretical.
According to Andrea herself, she does some of Pinkie's singing, probably on the shorter songs but she hasn't elaborated beyond that.
Also, Twilight Sparkle's singing voice is Rebecca Shoichet, and Rarity's singing voice is Kazumi Evans. The talking Twilight Sparkle Animated Storyteller and Pinkie Pie Animated Storyteller toys have different voices when they speak, but have singing voices (taken from the show) done by Rebecca Shoichet and Shannon Chan-Kent. The staff later regretted making the infamous edits to Derpy's appearance in "The Last Roundup". One Of US: Ashleigh Ball has claimed to be a Shipper on Deck for her characters Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Spitfire's one line during her debut as an unnamed Wonderbolt in "Sonic Rainboom" is provided by Nicole Oliver instead of her usual VA Kelly Metzger, who wasn't cast as Spitfire until "The Best Night Ever". Background ponies generally have different voices from episode to episode, even when they're consistently named (as with Rose, who's been addressed by name in "Bridle Gossip" and "A Friend in Deed"). With the exceptions of the Gameloft app, The Hub's commercials for the show itself, and the app's trailer, anything outside of the show that requires voice acting (toy commercials, talking toys, the live show, etc.) and isn't using audio ripped from the show itself doesn't use the original voice actors. Princess Luna in the Japanese dub was voiced by Yumi Uchiyama in the second episode but was voiced by Takako Honda, the voice of Nightmare Moon, in "Luna Eclipsed". In the Italian dub, Spitfire has three different voice actresses: Debora Morese (Princess Luna and Diamond Tiara) voiced her in "Sonic Rainboom" and "The Best Night Ever", Gea Riva (Silver Spoon, Derpy and Daring Do) took the role in "Hurricane Fluttershy" and Tania De Domenico (Spike) is her current voice since "Wonderbolts Academy". Several other works could be credited with the inspiration as well, but this one most clearly. This isn't the first show she's done where her character has had an antagonistic relationship with someone named Trixie.
In the Littlest Pet Shop (2012) episode "Sweet Pepper", Pepper has a crush on a Polecat and also tries to change herself to impress him, both Rarity and Pepper are voiced by Tabitha St. This is an accidental example, as she was originally only brought in to sing the theme song. The trope is averted as of the Season 4 episode "Flight to the Finish"; Claire has taken over Sweetie's singing full-time and is doing an excellent job of it.

According to Daniel Ingram, Pinkie songs sung by Andrea include "Happy Monthiversary" from "Baby Cakes" as well as "You're a Cranky Doodle Donkey", the "Welcome Song" and "Cranky Doodle Joy" from "A Friend in Deed".
They folded to Moral Guardians into making her less offensive, sparking flame wars all over the internet.
He later admitted he had no recollection of ever working on the series until he discovered how much fan mail he was getting. Tara Strong has said she'd be more than willing to voice any and all Twilight Sparkle toys, seeing as she's voiced toys before. The only major characters to have not been recast (as of season 4) are Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Spike, and Discord. Both of those games' main protagonists were Naked Snake (Aka Big Boss) who also has a bandana and an eye-patch. Then when Tara Strong opted not to record her lines in Canada (and therefore could not do the singing), they noticed Rebecca Shoichet's voice sounded similar to hers.
The explanation is that Daniel Ingram had Shannon, a friend of his, do some of the original demos (including the main theme) and Hasbro liked her Pinkie voice so much they insisted on keeping her as the singing voice. In Season 4, for example, Spitfire was voiced by a man, after being voiced by women in the first 3 seasons. Although it is played straight in the second Equestria Girls movie where the cast have formed a band and the character Shoichet voices (Sunset Shimmer) is the only one not a member of it.
For Tara Strong at least, this is due to her recording her lines separately (she?s based in a completely different country after all), and the ensemble songs require the actresses to be recorded together. Aber die eigentlich wichtige Info dreht sich um sein brandneues Album, dessen Release-Datum er verkundete.Am 19. Germain are female, Tabitha later revealed that at the time she was recording the episode "The Last Roundup", she thought Derpy was male and voiced her as such. Juni 2012 bringt Justin Bieber sein dritten Studioalbum „Believe“ in den Handel! Es wurde aber auch Zeit, die Fans scharren schon ungeduldig mit den Hufen.Auf der Platte will der 18-jahrige Sanger mit erwachseneren Sounds uberzeugen, als es in der Vergangenheit der Fall war.

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