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As you can see, Colgate’s face is pretty much a perfect confluence of various Western Standards of Beauty.
According to researchers Florence’s youthful, feminine features, such as her large eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips, are subconscious tell tale signs of fertility, health and good genes.
A beauty contest is a beauty contest and whether or not you find them inherently problematic is up to you. Florence Colgate is truly a natural born beauty but what makes her special more than her face is that she is not consider and that in it’s self is the key to the sparkle of her person.
I am presently lying in bed eating a doughnut while my wine bottle and 711 nachos from last night sit on a table nearby. Yes she is very nice looking indeed but we happen to have girls like Florence in the hundreds in Scandinavia. Seriously, this chick should rob a bank cos people would have difficulty describing her face, it’s so clear and unremarkable.
First, you mean *subjective*, and the woman pictured is just a contest winner, she is not making any sort of scientific claims, that was a separate group of actual scientists who analyze data and create mathematical formulas in an objective manner. The ladies who exclude those nasty trappings of modernism and live according to our moral traditions exude a natural beauty and earthiness. Normally she would be much darker, have black, tight, frizzy hair, possibly a wider nose, carry much more weight etc. All her songs sound the same and she really can’t sing very well, as is evidenced by her refusal to sing live for the african presidents inauguration.
It is a well known fact that africans in the USA spend millions each year trying to look white.
Yes, she is very pretty, even prettier than lots of celebs & symmetrical, but her face is also terribly uninteresting. You can’t use science to define beautym Beauty is an art and an abstraction and trribly subjective, and so it should be. Also, yes, Angelina Jolie is beautiful despite large lips, but the rest of her face fits nearly ideally with the marquadt phi mask, which is why she is beautiful, while many many other women with similarly sized lips are not as beautiful (the rests of their faces are not scientifically as beautiful).

Not only are these signs of female fertility, but men who do not see these things as subjectively alluring and objectively attractive are not as evolutionarily fit as men who do.
There is subtle makeup, probably mascara around her eyes, or else her eyelashes are bleeding color. Prince Harry and Prince William arrive at Tedworth House to meet with wounded veterans and their families. After a public vote, Colgate beat out 8,000 applicants in a contest organized by Lorraine Cosmetics, which sought the most perfect makeup-free face. As for why she won, rather than assuming youth, symmetry, full lips, high cheekbones, blonde hair and clear, light eyes… there is an actual explanation.┬áTake it away, soft science! Yes, she’s gorgeous, but the ratios used to determine her beauty also fit the face of a baby. I am not surprised UK people are enthusiastic as it is a fact that girls from the UK are seldom very attractive.Sorry the truth is allways painful. She has an oddly-shaped upper lip; her teeth are showing through the hole in the middle of her smile.
The softness of her features and natural sweetness and serenity of her expression also contribute to her beauty. Just wow… All the comments on here in response to some poor girl winning a stupid contest make me sad to be a part of the human race.
It contributes to the sexualization of children and can be very harmful to… all women who lose their youthful looks due to time.
There is nothing captivating about her looks, its balance bores me & does nothing to draw me in. She makes Lara Stone look like a freakish wild animal (not that Lara doesn’t look that way on her own when she opens her mouth). Her eyes, hair, skin, and face shape are clearly superior to those of Jennifer Connelly (don’t get me wrong, Jennifer is very beautiful). So the girl that the majority of people believe is not stunning is objectively the most attractive girl in the world?

I live in a state with a lot of child sexual abuse and I’m always creeped out by grown men liking the extremely young faces. What they are saying is that statistically speaking, those are the proportions that are the most often considered desirable or beautiful. The writer of the article says themselves in the final paragraph that these mathematical formulas cannot encompass the beauty of one’s uniqueness, which I would guess is probably even more captivating than the beauty of symmetry to most. The western ratios of beauty are indeed racist, as they often do not include the facial proportions of other skull shapes or face shapes. If you look at Beyonce as a kid she has always been quite light skinned and her hair was almost like it is now but times change. Of course everyone is different and finds different things beautiful, they’re not denying that. Generally speaking, it is a person’s individual striking features, such as beautiful eyes or a warm smile, that makes them stand out to someone as beautiful. They often don’t even include a diverse amount of caucasian face shapes, let alone face shapes commonly associated with other races.
Actually don’t even bother, because as previously stated countless times, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just like why white people tan, it’s like that nice medium shade is best, just depends what they like.
Most people disagree with your opinion, so wouldn’t that make YOU the one who is evolutionarily unfit?), and I can name off a hundred women who I think are more beautiful than her, some that I know.

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