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If you plan on attending Comic Con, or just looking at some pics, you should have this field guide handy to identify the various species of nerds you’ll come across. What to Look For: Life long nerds are oddly easy to spot – the awkward gait, the eye that looks ever so slightly askew, the disheveled hair and the penchant for lashing out with an inappropriate amount of anger when faced with mockery due to a lifetime of cruel torment that has left them with misplaced rage towards any perceived slight.

Niche Nerds tend to travel in packs and are oddly dismissive of different flavored niche nerds.  To assume a group of Star Wars nerds placed in a room with Trekkies will be friendly to one another is terribly faulty.
What to Look For: Their costume making skills could run the gamut from intensely detailed to terrifyingly simplistic and craptastic but whatever the case, they will not see any of the humor in it because they are Iron Man.

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